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Your usage of internet technology more likely than not creates an endless trail of digital footprints, which are gathered and interpreted by companies and their systems to provide and interpret detailed insights on user habits. Data Protection Rights. GDPR is meant to result in transparent and honest interactions between consumers, big data companies, and even social media companies such as Facebook now face the challenge of how to market or rebuild trust with consumers. Though there is still a myriad of concerns amongst consumers regarding how companies will approach this. Implementation of GDPR has caused quite a shakeup for the AdTech industry, with users are being given total control over how much data websites and applications can collect about them. Now users can consent to which cookies web operators have access to, but there are still several ways for big data to continue to profit from your data without cookies. Methods such as incoming IP tracking scripts, Browser Fingerprinting and malware-infected websites are commonplace and could prove more malicious than previous methods. Technology has already empowered websites visitors with the ability to overcome issues such regarding data privacy and invasive advertising tactics. Through these kinds of solutions, blockchain or not, website operators are going to be encouraged to increase the quality and value of content on their pages. 1. Online.io. 2. Peer Mountain. 3. DOVU. Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. Daniel Mitchell. Crypto Capitulation Is Upon Us. As painful as it is, the point to be made here is the capitulation is a good thing. Read on and I will share some thoughts for you to consider. Mass Media Mania.