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How to Fulfill Your Commitments (Diary Entry #7)
Today's video is about commitment. All of us have our experiences where we broke our commitments may it be to ourselves or to others. This leads to lost of trust and confidence with ourselves. A big factor why we break commitments is a lack of a definite and clear reason why we do it. Watch as I share my thoughts and own experiences with regards to having a strong sense of commitment. I hope you'll find value in this video. Thank you and Enjoy watching!
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My Perfect Imperfections Tag (Diary Entry #1)
This video was inspired by Lavendaire, a YouTube channel that helps people achieve their dream life. Since I admire that channel so much I was inspired to make my own. I hope you'll enjoy this video.
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Finding My True Passion (Diary Entry #12)
As promised, I will answer all the questions that are mentioned in the article "How to Find Your True Passion In Life." Here is the link to the article: https://fitzvillafuerte.com/how-to-find-your-true-passion-in-life.html?utm_content=buffer8f989&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer Enjoy!
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3 Reasons Why You Should start Journaling (Diary Entry #9)
In this video I talked about one of the things that I did that changed my life. Keep watching as I give reasons why you should start journaling. Thank you. Enjoy!
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Learn to Communicate (Diary Entry #5)
In this video I got a little bit personal. I shared the lesson that I've learned with my recent experience. Here I pointed out the importance of constant communication in having a healthy and harmonous relationship. I hope this video would help you in any way. Thank you and enjoy.
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How I Face My Fear (Diary Entry #3)
In this video I talked about what I consider as my greatest fear and how I overcome it. Having a fear doesn't necessarily mean you are less of a person. Fear just means you are still alive and you still have something to improve. Facing your fear is not easy. The best thing we can do is just face it and get it over with. It's a journey and it's a tough one but everything is possible if we put our minds to it.
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Me as a Guest Speaker? (Another Story Time)
Hello! Here's a video on my experience as a guest speaker. I hope you'll learn from this video.
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Learn to Appreciate (Diary Entry #2)
In this video I talked about appreciation. I know that a lot of us tend to forget how to be grateful because of all the things that are happening to our lives. Let us always remember to be grateful for what we have. In that way we will always feel complete and fulfilled. Life has more meaning when you can see all the blessings that are around you. I hope you'll enjoy this entry.
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Vlogging! Is this real? (Entry #19)
please bear with me on this video. Vlogging is ten times harder than I thought it would be. The only good thing here is that I tried. I'll just do my best next time. 😃 Enjoy! PS: This is probably the worst vlog ever! Please forgive me!
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5 Quotations to Help You Take Action (Diary Entry #17)
I know taking action is hard that is why I made this video to give a little spark on your dormant motivation. Enjoy!
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Five Lessons I've Learned at 23
This is my gift to myself and to you as well. I always believe that sharing your time, knowledge and experiences are the best gifts you can give to anyone. That is why I made this video to share the lessons that I have learned in the past couple of years. I hope you'll also learn from this video. By the way, thank you so much for supporting my last video. I hope you'll continue sharing it so others can be aware too.
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My Monthly rRealisations (Diary Entry #15)
Here's the first of my "Monthly Realizations" series. This is another way of monitoring my personal growth and to keep monthly reminders for myself. Hope you'll like this. Enjoy!
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5 Quotations That Will Help You Face Your Fears (Diary Entry #13)
It's halloween so this is a perfect time to face our fears. I know facing your fears can be tough. Believe me I am going through the same predicament and I have realized that facing once fear starts with an intention, an intention that is powered by fate and courage. To help you get the motivation to face your fears, here is my top 5 quotations that help in my journey of facing my fears. Hope this helps you as much as it helped me. Enjoy!
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Let's all Celebrate (Diary Entry #6)
Sometimes we tend to forget to recognize ourselves when we achieve something whether it's small or big. In this video I emphasized the importance of acknowledging our improvements no matter how small it is. In this way we can add those improvements to our collection of victories that we can use to boost our self confidence and self respect. I hope you'll find this video valuable. Enjoy! 😀
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The Importance of Having a Goal (Diary Entry #16)
In this video I talked about the significance of having a definite and a clear goal and how it will make a huge impact in our lives. Enjoy!
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How to Find Your True Passion in Life (Diary Entry #11)
In this video I shared my thoughts on the article about finding out your true passion in life. I encourage you to read and follow the article so you can discover something about yourself. Here is the link to the article: https://fitzvillafuerte.com/how-to-find-your-true-passion-in-life.html?utm_content=buffer8f989&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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Hello Again! Story time and the Lesson I've Learned.
I'm back! So sorry for the super late upload. I'm trying to get back on track and hoping to share more of my journey with you.
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Reasons Why People Break Their Commitments (Diary Entry #8)
This video is a continuation of yesterday's topic which is commitment. On the previous video I've mentioned that one of the reasons why people keep breaking their commitments is due to the lack of a clear or definite purpose. Why do you commit to someone or why do you commit in doing something? Is it for yourself, for others or for love or maybe it's your obligation. Whatever reason you have, it will determine how long can you stay in the commitment and how much can you endure just to keep it. Another reason I can think of is making excuses. May it be the lack of time, the overwhelming responsibility or you just don't wanna do it are all excuses. Believe me. I am guilty of making excuses. I'm too busy, I'll do it when I have the motivation so I can do it the best way. I don't have the resources to do it. And all that stuff. That is something that I am working on right now. I know at one point in your life, you can relate to this. I hope this video will help you in anyway. Enjoy!
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Quotations That Will Inspire You (Diary Entry #10)
Today I will share to you the quotations that inspire me the most. I hope you'll get inspired too. enjoy!
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Before The First Vlogging Day (Diary Entry #18)
This a a short vlog about me facing my fear of being criticized by others. In the Philippines people are not use to seeing vloggers walking around the street. I am excited and at the same time nervous. Oh well, this is it. Enjoy!
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5 quotations about courage (Diary Entry #14)
Here's my favorite quotations about bravery. I hope they will help you become braver in facing your fears because it surely helped me a lot. Enjoy!
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Believe in yourself (Diary Entry #4)
In this video I talked about what believing in oneself can do. since I was born visually impaired, I experienced to be in a time where I have lost the ability to trust and believe in myself but as time goes by, I have realized that self pity won't benefit me in anyway. with the help of my supportive family and friends and a bunch of grape experiences, I was able to overcome that. I hope you'll find this video helpful in anyway possible. Thank you and enjoy watching.
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Disability Misconception Tag
Here's my Disability Misconception Tag. The goal of this video is to clear up misconception with my disability. Enjoy watching.
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