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How To Accept Bitcoin as a Merchant - feat. Bitpay & Matador Pizza
Today I look at the simple process of getting set up to accept Bitcoin at your brick & mortar store using Bitpay as a payment processor. Tip address: 14rc4e5LyDArDb2pBoC3frUHAyxRPuGJ1A www.bitpay.com Matador Pizza: Twitter @MatadorPizza Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MatadorPizza/ Website http://www.matadorpizza.com/
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How To Accept Bitcoin Payments
By setting up an account with with Coinbase you can add payment buttons to your website and receive payments from your customers. Click here to open an account with Coinbase. http://bit.ly/1RrPGZj This video explains how you can use Bitcoin as a payment option for your website. Want to earn a full time income from Cryptocurrencies? http://clksts.com/4
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Accept Bitcoin Payments on WooCommerce – Bitcoin Gateway Plugin from TheBigCoin
ACCEPT BITCOIN PAYMENTS IN MINUTES TheBigCoin Bitcoin plugin allows WooCommerce stores to accept Bitcoin payments in a hassle-free way by using TheBigCoin API. By using our service, all your payments go directly to your wallet address. Our WooCommerce Bitcoin plugin integration is fully automated: store owner receives all order status updates, payment notifications, confirmations, etc. Start accepting Bitcoin and join the 3,800+ online businesses that already use TheBigCoin payments solution. Get Started: https://www.thebigcoin.io/accept-bitcoin-payments-on-woocommerce Download The Wordpress Plugin Here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/accept-bitcoin-payments-on-woocommerce-thebigcoin/ Read More: https://app.thebigcoin.io/docs/ecommerce-integration/woocommerce Have Questions? Feel free to contact [email protected] and our experts will help you ASAP!
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Buy Bitcoin or Any Cryptocurrency Instantly with a Credit Card on Bitstamp!
How do we buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency fast on Bitstamp using a credit card in 2017? Where do we send our BTC purchased on a credit card after buying on https://bitstamp.net to altcoin wallets and exchanges? What verification is needed to allow us to make the transaction? Which steps do we complete with Simplex to get our Bitcoin deposit confirmed within an hour? How much are the fees and how easy is it to exchange the Bitcoin for Ethereum, Litecoin, Steem, or many other cryptos? I hope this video tutorial featuring Bitstamp, Bittrex, Blocktrades, Changelly, and Simplex is helpful because after watching we are empowered to almost instantly buy into any cryptocurrency! This complete guide begins first by showing the process to use one of the top Bitcoin buying websites in the world which is https://www.bitstamp.net/ to buy Bitcoin instantly by selecting credit card and completing each step on the payment gateway through https://www.simplex.com/. A screenshot of each step is shown to help remove any fear, uncertainty, and doubt or FUD about making the transfer! 1. Billing info and personal details. 2. Payment details. 3. Selfie verification. 4. Payment processing screen. 5. Your payment is being verified time from start to finish. 6. Your credit card deposit was completed. 7. Your deposit requests overview. 8. BTC transactions record showing the fee and rate. 9. Bitcoin withdrawal steps to transfer to another wallet or exchange or cryptocurrency. 10. Your withdrawal requests completed from start to finish in 10 minutes. Next, see exactly how to use the Bitcoin purchased is changed into any other cryptocurrency using one of these three options. 1. Blocktrades at https://blocktrades.us/ is the fastest option to change Bitcoin into Steem, Litecoin, Ethereum, and BitShares along with other digital currencies that may be available. The BlockTrades fee is also generally the highest of these three options in exchange for the speed of the transaction. 2. Changelly at https://changelly.com?ref_id=ab94a1030fc5 offers the best combination of speed and a 0.5% fee making it my choice for a fast and simple transaction. Would you please use my link to signup because you might feel good knowing I get 50% of the fee when you use my link? Changelly has a huge selection in cryptocurrencies compared to BlockTrades and often takes 5 to 10 minutes longer than a BlockTrades transaction to complete. 3. Bittrex at https://bittrex.com is the top exchange to use to change Bitcoin into any other cryptocurrency usually at the lowest price. Bittrex is usually what I use when making purchases of $1,000+ to get the very best price at the cost of taking usually 30+ minutes to make the exchange along with having setup a Bittrex account, finished verification, and having to make separate deposits and withdrawals. For 1 BTC and above or buying multiple digital currencies fast, Bittrex is the ideal choice. Finally, the tutorial finishes by showing where I have chosen to invest all of my money after being in the crypto world for three years and finding one cryptocurrency that truly has mass adoption potential as seen at https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and most other altcoins have little potential for mass adoption because there are few ways for 99% of the world to participate in making a meaningful contribution or to earn good money without having to invest first. PayPal already works to send money quickly all over the world while blockchains are all competing to do it faster and better than Bitcoin. The one thing Steem has over all the others is a huge amount of end users making more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined every day with the opportunity for any person in the world to start a blog which earns at least some money while investors can get huge rewards just by upvoting and especially by posting. The witness system makes mining less wasteful and more transparent. For these reasons, all of my money is in Steem and I am grateful to be earning about $100 for every blog post I make there. Would you join me at https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield because this might be the investment of a lifetime? Love, Jerry Banfield
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How To Accept Bitcoins On WordPress?
In this video guide, we'll explain how to accept Bitcoin payments on your WordPress site in the easiest way on your Woocommerce online store: beauty, simple, easy, and free! This method also supports Ethereum, Litecoin, and other major altcoins as a payment option. Plugin free download https://wordpress.org/plugins/blockonomics-bitcoin-payments/ More information https://www.blockonomics.co/ WordPress theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/cryptocurrency-wordpress-theme/ Live demo https://theme.visualmodo.com/cryptocurrency/
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BitPay – Accept Bitcoin Payments
Accept bitcoin payments for your business with BitPay. BitPay's retail, ecommerce, billing, and donation tools make it easy to accept payments from customers anywhere on earth. Receive settlement for bitcoin payments directly to your bank account in your own currency, with zero price volatility or risk. Learn more and get started: https://bitpay.com/
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The VISA Network on the Bitcoin Blockchain?
Would it be possible to process every transaction from the world's largest credit card company on the Bitcoin blockchain? What kind of growth would this entail? Let's dig into the details. --- This episode is sponsored by Americas Cardroom, the most trusted online poker site. Fund your account AND claim your winnings using your favorite cryptocurrency!   Make your first deposit using bonus code CHRONOS to get 100% bonus + up to $50 cash.   US players welcome! Play TODAY: http://ow.ly/NEzd30guKzU Million Dollar Sunday, every Sunday at 3:00pm ET --- About the show: One Minute Crypto is among the fastest-paced bitcoin shows in the universe. We cover everything on blockchain technology: walkthroughs, tutorials, news, and more. Check us out at http://oneminutecrypto.com. Music: http://bensound.com
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Top 10 Biggest Companies Accepting Bitcoin As Payments
Top 10 Biggest Companies Accepting Bitcoin As Payments Many groups are now seeing Bitcoin, and different virtual currencies (or cryptocurrencies), as valid resources of price for his or her products.Major companies to just accept Bitcoin payments include Target, CVS, WordPress.Com, Subway, Victoria Secret, PayPal, Expedia, Home Depot, Kmart, Sears, the Apple App Store, Grooveshark, Dell and Zappos.Significance of a public university accepting Bitcoin bills. Source from : https://goo.gl/0Hc0wp https://www.rewardspay.com/use-bitcoins-on-amazon http://www.ebay.com/gds/100-Companies-That-Accept-Bitcoins-As-Payment-/10000000206483242/g.html http://blog.genesis-mining.com/10-major-companies-that-accept-bitcoin Help Us In Growing Our Channel 👍.Please Like, Comment, Subscribe & Share 🍹👌 https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldTopBest Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldTopBest/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldTop_Best Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/105522488456986014351/105522488456986014351?pageId=105522488456986014351 We Use The All Information We Collect From Google Search And Create Video By Video Editor. #World Top Best This Channel Is About Various Topics Of Top 10 List From All Over The World Like Technology, Media, Sports, Animals, Foods, Games, Software, Education
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Coinbase Commerce vs Bitpay Merchant Services - The Ultimate Crypto Payment Gateway
Try Coinbase Commerce: http://www.cryptocamacho.com/coinbase Other Resources & Mentions: Send Bitcoin via Text: http://www.cryptocamacho.com/circle Recommended: http://www.CryptoCamacho.com/recommended My Favorite Exchange: http://www.cryptocamacho.com/binance/ Coinigy - #1 Cryptocurrency trading platform: http://www.cryptocamacho.com/coinigy Changelly – Exchange Cryptocurrency at the best rate - http://www.cryptocamacho.com/changelly Follow Me: Follow me on Steemit: http://www.Cryptocamacho.com/steemit My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/CryptoCamacho... Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptocamacho Enjoy and questions are welcome! -Crypto Camacho Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video and for informational purposes only. I am not a financial adviser, nor is this financial advice. Please contact your CPA for financial advice.
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Bitpay API Integration with Asp.NET Core : Bitcoin Payment Gateway [The Future]
Learn Asp.NET Core by building Udemy [ Stripe + Bitcoin ] Payment Gateway + Wistia Get Full-Course only in $45(DISCOUNT): https://www.udemy.com/toufiqelahy5/?couponCode=45DOLL Bitpay API Integration with Asp.NET Core : Bitcoin Payment Gateway Pay Bitcoin through Bitpay Wallet .. Working with Bitcoin API Accept bitcoin payments for your business with BitPay. BitPay's retail, ecommerce, billing, and donation tools make it easy to accept payments from customers anywhere on earth. Receive settlement for bitcoin payments directly to your bank account in your own currency, with zero price volatility or risk.
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Zero Fee Credit Card Processing Solution - Shift Processing
Completely eliminate 100% of your credit card processing fees with the Shift Zero Fee Credit Card Processing Solutions. Join thousands of businesses that are accepting all card payment types and receiving 100% of their payments without any fees.
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How To Accept Bitcoin on Shopify
In this video I show you how to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your Shopify stores. 🎧 Music: “Raw” by Johnny Rock 🎙 Voiceover/Quote by Brock Pierce Whether you love it or hate it, Cryptocurrency and it’s foundation, blockchain technology is the future of the internet as we know it. Or as Brock Pierce (founder of EOS and Blockchain Capital) calls it, “it’s the new internet. -It’s the upgrade.” And just like the earliest Bitcoin investors who made hundreds of millions in a matter of years, it’s the early adopters who come out ahead… So let’s setup your eCommerce business for success. This is how you can accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your Shopify store. I’ll show you how to accept payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash through your checkout pages. 🛠 Step 1: Enable The Alternate Payment Gateway in Shopify From your Shopify dashboard navigate to Settings then Payment Providers and you’ll be able to see all the current payment options you have available in your store durring checkout. Scroll down until you see the Alternative Payments section. From here you’ll see a large list of 3rd party payment gateways and processors to choose from. In this video we focus on using Coinbase Commerce and BitPay. Coinbase let’s you accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, while BitPay is solely used for Bitcoin payments. Coinbase is by far the world’s biggest crypto-exchange and management platform. It’s also the most popular with people just starting out in the crypto space. This is the gateway I choose to use on the Shopify stores, but a lot of people have security/trust concerns with Coinbase. It you fall into that category you can also choose to use BitPay which is also free to use and just as easy to setup. Depending on what you choose, use the links below to signup and create your account on the gateway you’d like to use. ➡️ Sign Up For Coinbase Commerce: https://Commerce.Coinbase.com ➡️ Sign Up For BitPay: https://BitPay.com 🏦 Step 2: Setting up Your Payment Gateway/Merchant Accounts Once you’ve selected who you’re going to use to accept payments you’ll need to setup and verify your account with them. Each service is free to sign up to and only takes 5 minutes to fill out and verify all your details. Basic things like your name, email, business information and where to deposit funds to. You can choose to have payments automatically converted into US dollars and deposited into a regular bank account or sent directly to a crypto wallet for safe keeping. (Some fees apply when transferring to a bank). 🔗 Step 3: Linking Your Account Your Shopify Store Once everything is setup and ready to go you just need to link your new account to your Shopify store via copying and pasting the provided API keys in the Alternative Payment gateway section we found earlier. For Coinbase Commerce you’ll find your default API key right on your main dashboard after logging in. For BitPay, you need to navigate to Payment Tools, Integration Resources then Legacy API Keys. Click the “Add New API Key” button at the top to create a new key. Before you copy it click edit and rename it to something you’ll recognize to keep your account organized as you add more websites. So if you only intend on using it on this one website title it something like “Shopify” or enter the names of each store. Once you have your API keys created and ready to go, navigate back to Shopify and paste them into the new gateway and click save. That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Make sure to click subscribe to get my latest uploads and use the links below to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Check out some of my other videos and guides: 💰 How I Make $1,783/Week on Shopify With FREE Instagram Traffic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-5ShVYdsd8 💵 Easiest $300/Day Business For 2019 | Lead Generation [FIRST CLIENT IN 48 HOURS]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNYRWRXuQo0 💸 How To Make $1000 On Shopify With NO TRAFFIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrsT5msoWnU
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Bitcoin Credit Card Processing
Bitcoin Credit Card Processing Put once only 0,02 Bitcoins and earn as much as 14,000 BTC: http://tinyurl.com/oem9g0yi077 100 % functioning, no swindle! guaranteed related search terms : buy bitcoins spain get many bitcoins
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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Live Demo
Web3devs blockchain development shop presents a demo of their new cryptocurrency payment gateway called RootPayments https://rootpayments.com/ Contact Web3devs for Blockchain Development Services. https://web3devs.com/ We hope you will find this to be the best cryptocurrency payment gateway Appearing on this episode: Scott Finney https://web3devs.com/scott-finney/ Brian Wentzloff https://web3devs.com/brian-wentzloff/
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Top 5 Payment Processing Companies for Bitcoin
#Gocoin is Top among the #paymentprocessingcompanies And Gocoin is a newly developed system that has the unique ability of accepting popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin at checkout more at goo.gl/VG1Y5a
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How to buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card on Coindirect.com
Find out how to buy bitcoin and altcoins with a credit card from almost anywhere in the world using a https://www.coindirect.com/ account. You can buy 41 of the leading cryptocurrencies using a free Coindirect wallet from over 100 supported countries. To read this tutorial with screenshots, go here: https://blog.coindirect.com/buy-bitcoin-credit-card/ Sign up and verify your account using this link to get 2 XRP https://www.coindirect.com/?afid=ETK2NI3H. Get your earn link and start sharing your link to earn up to 7 XRP for each person you refer. 8 easy steps to buy bitcoin with a credit card: 1. Sign up for a free Coindirect Account (Simply log in if you already have an account) free Coindirect account 2. Find your way to your bitcoin wallet free bitcoin wallet 3. Click ‘Buy’ and then select ‘New VISA card (EUR)’ from the drop-down or ‘New credit card (NGN)’ if you are in Nigeria. 4. Enter EUR value of BTC you want to purchase (more than the minimum limit) or the BTC amount you want to buy and then click ‘Preview Buy’ 5. You will receive a quote, press ‘confirm’ before the timer runs out (counts down from 55 seconds) 6. Type in your credit card details and pay 7. You will be taken to a page to verify your transaction verify credit card EUR transaction 8. Finally, you will be redirected back to your Coindirect Wallet once the payment is successful transaction complete Buying Altcoins with your Credit Card: To buy any of the other 42 cryptocurrencies that we support via credit card simply follow the same steps as buying Bitcoin. The only difference is that you navigate to the wallet of the coin you want to purchase and then click buy in that wallet. Where Can You Buy Cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card? We allow our users to buy cryptocurrencies with credit cards in countries where it is legal to purchase cryptocurrencies as we have to comply with the laws of each country we support. Simply log in to your Coindirect wallet and press the ‘Buy’ button, if credit cards are supported in your territory a credit card option will appear in the drop-down. Credit card processing fees are 3.99% for “New credit card (EUR)” and 1.99% for “New credit card (NGN)”. Website: https://www.coindirect.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/coindirectcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coindirectcom/
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WordPress Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin from SpectroCoin
How to integrate WordPress Bitcoin Payment Plugin from SpectroCoin to start accepting Bitcoin at your website. WordPress/WooCommerce Bitcoin Payment Plugin can be found here: https://spectrocoin.com/en/plugins/accept-bitcoin-wordpress-woocommerce.html
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How To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal - 2019
How To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal - 2019 SITE: http://bit.ly/2yyOq8e Buy Bitcoin with PayPal quickly. Fast processing for first-time users, instant for repeat client. Credit cards and bank transfer (ACH) are also accepted. SIMPLE TO USE 1. SIGN UP Sign up for an xCoins account to get started. The process takes only a few minutes. 2. MAKE A PAYMENT Specify an amount of bitcoin you need and make a payment with your preferred payment method. 3. RECEIVE BITCOINS Quickly receive bitcoin to your xCoins wallet. Spend your bitcoin on anything you like. ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS Credit Cards All major credit cards are accepted. PayPal Pay with a PayPal balance or PayPal credit. Bank Account Pay with a bank account by ACH or eCheck. Original video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVA9QEcXFi8 Video: https://youtu.be/HKm9kxGIf90
WHMCS Bitcoin Merchant Payment Gateway by SpectroCoin
Tutorial how to set up WHMCS Bitcoin Payment Gateway provided by SpectroCoin.com You can also find the guidance for integration here: https://spectrocoin.com/en/plugins/accept-bitcoin-whmcs.html SpectroCoin Bitcoin Merchant solution offers a secure bitcoin payment processing. Your business will be able to accept bitcoins from clients and settle the transaction in currency of your preference i.e. receive euros, dollars, pounds or any other currency. Enjoy speed, privacy and low transaction costs offered by bitcoin and avoid any volatility of Bitcoin price with help of SpectroCoin.
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WHMCS Bitcoin Merchant Payment Gateway by SpectroCoin
Tutorial how to set up WHMCS Bitcoin Payment Gateway provided by SpectroCoin.com You can also find the guidance for integration here: https://spectrocoin.com/en/plugins/accept-bitcoin-whmcs.html SpectroCoin Bitcoin Merchant solution offers a secure bitcoin payment processing. Your business will be able to accept bitcoins from clients and settle the transaction in currency of your preference i.e. receive euros, dollars, pounds or any other currency. Enjoy speed, privacy and low transaction costs offered by bitcoin and avoid any volatility of Bitcoin price with help of SpectroCoin.
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Accept Payment With Bitpay || Bitpay With Woocommerce || Accept Bitcoin For Your Ecommerce
Related links: CREATE COINBASE ACCOUNT: https://bit.ly/2qjTVCl HOW TO CREATE BITCOIN WALLET: https://youtu.be/rQtUkt8M530 In this video, i will show you how you can integrate Bitpay in your Wordpress website using the free plugin available. First of all, you need to create business account in your bitpay. After that download the free bitpay plugin for woocommerce. Then upload the downloaded plugin to wordpress. Configure the settings and click on save. That's it. You are done. Now your website can accept bitcoin or bitcoin cash. Watch the complete video and follow the steps. Need any help? [email protected] m.me/keefulofficial THANKS FOR WATCHING THE VIDEO!
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▓ █Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Uk 2018 - Rating ★★★★ - Uk Card Payments - Using Cr ...
Buy bitcoin with credit card card UK | localbitcoins tutorial. - http://mavenmine.com/cntp join now In this video I show you how to buy bitcoins with credit card or debit card instantly using localbitcoins. Here is a step by step instruction how to buy bitcoins with credit card. How to Buy Bitcoins with Debit Card & Bank Transfer Using localbitcoins. Join now - http://mavenmine.com/cntp how to buy bitcoins with credit card buy bitcoin with credit card uk how to buy bitcoin how to buy bitcoin with credit card buy bitcoins with credit card uk how to buy bitcoins with debit card Buy btc with credit card cana buy bitcoin with credit card site to buy bitcoin with credit card Buy Bitcoin with credit card no ID Buy Bitcoin with credit card buy bitcoin with credit card and coin mama how to buy bitcoin using a credit card how to buy bitcoins fast How To Buy Bitcoins With Credit Card/Debit Card how to buy bitcoins on localbitcoins how to use localbitcoins localbitcoins tutorial how to buy bitcoins online how to get bitcoins without mining
Abra Announces New Credit Card Payment Options for Bitcoin Purchases
Bitcoin payment startup Abra has announced the addition of Visa and Mastercard payment options for buying bitcoin on its platform. The new payment option is in partnership with fintech company Simplex, per the companys blog post . Up until today, users who wanted to purchase cryptocurrencies were limited to a few options that included bank deposits and wire transfers. In addition to these, the company also offers a means of buying altcoins using either bitcoin or litecoin for countries where bank wires and deposit options are unavailable. The addition of Visa and Mastercard debit/credit card options makes it cheaper and faster to purchase cryptocurrencies on the platform. The new payment options are accessible via the website and the app. Speaking with Bitcoin Magazine , Abra CEO Bill Barhydt stated, Today we have users from over 70 countries, but the majority of these users who are outside the U.S. could only fund their Abra wallet using bitcoin. With this launch, we can now offer a simple way for customers globally to use Abra to buy their first bitcoin using any Visa or Mastercard and then start investing in any of the other 24 cryptocurrencies we support today. The new payment options come with increased buy limits, faster processing times and more accessibility. Users who purchase bitcoin with their Visa or Mastercard will now be allowed to buy up to $20,000 worth of bitcoin at a time which is a step above the $2,000 limit placed on bank deposits. Users will also be able to store purchased bitcoin into any supported wallet. The company says processing time would be shorter, as new bitcoins should be available in digital wallets 30 minutes after purchase. Abra is one of the few cryptocurrency platforms that hasnt embraced KYC/AML regulations in their entirety. In an email sent to its customers last month, the company said users were not mandated to provide any form of identification to use its platform. Barhydt has said that Abra is able to avoid all these complexities because it doesnt hold customers funds. The company, however, requires American customers to submit their ID to increase funding limits via bank transfer options. #visa #mastercard #abra #credit card #wallet
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Stripe Stops Accepting Bitcoin. But Adds...
The large credit card processing company Stripe has announced earlier this year that it will stop accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in April, 2018. However, they are open to the idea of adding a different crypto in the future. The frontrunner? Stellar Lumen, which the company invested in.
Ranting & Raving About Bitcoin And Excessive Credit Card Processing Fees!
Ranting & Raving About Bitcoin And Excessive Credit Card Processing Fees! Regulators in several countries have questioned the collective determination of interchange rates and fees as potential examples of price-fixing. Merchant groups in particular, including the U.S.-based Merchants Payments Coalition and Merchant Bill of Rights, also claim that interchange fees are much higher than necessary, pointing to the fact that even though technology and efficiency has improved, interchange fees have more than doubled in the last 10 years. Issuing banks argue that reduced interchange fees would result in increased costs for cardholders, and reduce their ability to satisfy rewards on cards already issued. The Merchants Payments Coalition argues that consumers pay more than they should because of "hidden" interchange fees and that reducing these fees would result in lower retail prices. Sponsored By: DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com (#SpyGadgetRentals) Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 SMS-Enabled or (818) 298-3292 Chat Live With Our Surveillance and Security Equipment Experts! http://goo.gl/Nv7Q13 Life-Time Warranties! Spy Gadget Rentals: Video Playlist: https://youtu.be/H8pbMAFTtCQ CyberSecurity Newsflash!: (Youtube) http://tinyurl.com/jlzggxh Discount Coupon: "DPL" Get 5% Off!!! For Non-Bitcoin Purchases. Use Bitcoins To Buy, Rent or Layaway Nanny IP (Internet) Cameras, GPS Trackers, Bug Detectors and Listening Devices, etc. Please Join Us On: * Facebook: DPLSurve * Twitter: DPLSurve * Google+: DPLSurve * GMail: DPLSurve * Skype: MontyL32 * AIM: DPLSurve32 * Yahoo: Montyi32 * MySpace: DPLSurve Buy/Rent or Layaway The Same State-of-The-Art Surveillance And Security Equipment Detectives, PI's, The CIA and FBI Use. Take Back Control! DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com LLC is a world leader and pioneer of online video demonstration in the Surveillance and Security Industry and also, pioneer of renting a full range of equipment to Consumers, Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art (one-of-a-kind) surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection and Bug Detection Products.
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Meet PayBear - The #1 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
PayBear.io is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrency payments for online merchants. Follow our team and progress: Website: www.paybear.io Telegram: t.me/paybear PayBear helps merchants accept Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), DASH, Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and more.
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CoinPay Merchant Payment Processing | Bitcoin |
Merchant information http://www.PayWithCoinPay.com CoinPay is getting ready to take the payment industry by storm in 2017!!!! This company is building the worlds first Smart Payment App that allows merchants to accept multiple digital currencies on the same invoice and then automatically convert them to USD or another Fiat currency. A merchant will have full control over their funds at all times, they can chose to keep a percentage in any currency received or convert it based on the market rate at the time of transaction. There is no third party or middle man to deal with. CoinPay uses a very sophisticated set of API's that work together to allow merchants full control over the process and by allowing them to bill customers directly there is no risk for the merchant at all. Upon launch CoinPay will be accepting ClubCoin (the digital token BitClub members have been receiving for over a year now) and Bitcoin. Right now ClubCoin has a value of around $0.50 USD and we believe with the power of BitClub Network, and the global rewards program it will create a huge demand for ClubCoin. Soon we will all have a market to spend ClubCoin through the CoinPay platform. This was phase 1 of our plan to give ClubCoin away free and create a viable market for it. Phase 2 is adding the merchants to accept it and we believe merchants from around the world will line up to use CoinPay because not only is the platform great for accepting digital currencies, but a merchant can list their entire product catalogue through the CoinPay shopping network, which is made available to ClubCoin token holders. There is No Risk and Here is Why... Say a merchant is selling a cup of coffee for $5.00 USD... They would be able to accept ClubCoin (right now this would be 10 ClubCoin). An invoice is generated and the customer pays the merchant with ClubCoin, this would be instantly converted to Bitcoin and the Bitcoin instantly converted to USD or other FIAT based on the preferred exchange and region of the merchant. So at the end of the day the merchant would receive $5.00 USD in their bank account and since CoinPay is only acting as the software to allow the transaction to happen there is no risk for the merchant because the "money" is either in the customers hands or the merchants hands (no middle person). It's our hope that merchants wake up and want to hold digital currency because there is a lot of upside in the market. Just look at Bitcoin lately :) So for this reason we give them the opportunity to cash in a percentage of their transactions and hold the rest in either ClubCoin or Bitcoin if they chose. This percentage can easily be set and changed if it becomes more attractive to hold or sell Why Merchants Want to Accept ClubCoin? Merchants will gain access to thousands of new customers (BitClub Members) and anyone else holding ClubCoin. For this privilege we are going to ask the merchant to offer their product or service at a discount to members if they chose to accept ClubCoin. This discount will be advertised to the network and anyone with ClubCoin can shop based on these discounts to get a great deal. We expect to see new customers outside of BitClub Network buying ClubCoin just so they can shop with it and get a discount by using it through CoinPay. Example: Sticking with the cup of coffee example... This coffee shop would sell their coffee at a 5% discount, or $4.75 to all ClubCoin holders, a $0.25 discount How many other digital currencies have their own marketplace to spend them? Only Bitcoin! We believe ClubCoin can become the "shopping token" that people use instead of spending their Bitcoin and this will grow well beyond anything else can because of the unique relationship CoinPay has to BitClub Network! How Does CoinPay Make Money? CoinPay will charge a 1% transaction fee on all transactions and these fees will also be shared with the BitClub member who enrolled the merchant. Merchants will have an option to upgrade for a one time $399 fee which will give them complete access to the network of shoppers, and many tools that Free merchants will not receive. CoinPay also offers Enterprise level packages that provide a fully customized solution that can be integrated easily into any existing shopping cart platforms. It's also our hope to integrate with the most popular open source shopping carts so its very easy to implement for merchants on these platforms.
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How to accept Bitcoin payments on Wix
In this video we see how you can integrate a Bitcoins payment Button on your Wix website. How to create wallet and get xpub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUQFerq2drU
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NFC Chip Implant Bitcoin Payment using Cortexpay.
Bitcoin chip implant payment and balance check using the GENERAL BYTES Cortexpay Point of Sale terminal.
Jim Brown (SALT Technology) on Bitcoin and Interac Payment Processing
Jim Brown (from SALT Technology) visited the Toronto Bitcoin Meetup Group on September 10th, 2014 to talk about payment processing between bitcoin and Interac, the transaction fee breakdown of legacy payment systems, credit card fraud and data breaches, liability and chargebacks, consumer fraud, and transaction flow. ------------ SALT Technology offers a PCI Compliant payment processing platform with advanced fraud detection, developer friendly APIs, One Touch easy checkout, secure token storage, silent redirect and more.
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Bitcoin Payment Processing
Bitcoin News:#Goicin #Bitcoin is a popular Peer-to-Peer system for making digital payments. A public ledger called the “blockchain” is used for recording all bitcoin transactions. There is no single administrator or central repository in the bitcoin system. Read more at bit.ly/1vDJlUw
5000 Elite BitCoin Mining Credit Card Processing & Deep Web & More
5000 Elite BitCoin Mining Credit Card Processing & Deep Web & More
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Crypto vs. Credit Card transactions.
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High Risk Credit Card Processing Made Simple - SmartCardPayments.cc
https://smartcardpayments.cc/ is a high risk credit card processor and merchant account provider. High risk credit card processing Merchant account for pharmacy Credit card processing for casino Card processing for replica website Card processor for cryptocurrency Sell bitcoin for card payment High risk payment processor High risk stripe alternative Payment processing for online pharmacy High risk merchant account Merchant account for bitcoin Merchant account for online casino Payment processing for online casino
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How to Pay a BitPay Merchant with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash
The definitive guide to paying a BitPay merchant with bitcoin. Compatible Wallets: https://support.bitpay.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005701523-Which-Wallets-Work-Best-for-a-BitPay-Payment- Withdraw Bitcoin from an Exchange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iij8nnXRbpA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BitPayOfficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitpay
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Accept Bitcoin Payment
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Open and Closed Loop Payment Systems Slideshow
This video is part of a larger online course, "From Barter to Bitcoin: Society, Technology and the Future of Money" run by Prof. Bill Maurer and Prof. Donald J. Patterson In addition to the video on YouTube there is a variety of other content available to students enrolled in the class. "In 2008, a person calling himself or herself or themselves Satoshi Nakamoto released a paper suggesting a system for an anonymous, peer-to-peer alternative money. Bitcoin was born. Although not the first digital currency ever proposed, nor the first challenger to fiat money, bitcoin is the first to have captured the broad imagination of speculators, coders, regulators, criminals and the mass media. This course puts Bitcoin in context: how do we understand money as a social, political and technological phenomenon? From discussions of ancient transactions to the rise of state-issued currencies, we will explore the social and technical aspects of bitcoin, its predecessors and potential successors, and how its features echo aspects of many different historical transaction systems. No prior knowledge of economics or computing is required. There is little academic writing on bitcoin. And this may be the first truly academic class on the topic. We want to put bitcoin in a wider perspective, to reflect on what it means for society, politics and economics, as well as how it helps us think about money both a social and a technical phenomenon. This class is not an advanced seminar on bitcoin--we will not be delving deeply into the inner workings of the system, but instead providing a bird's-eye overview with enough technical detail for you to be able to put media stories, hype and hope around bitcoin in perspective. Similarly, this is not a class in monetary economics--we won't go too deeply into monetary theory or policy, the money supply, or inflation. Instead the class invites you to think more deeply about one of the oldest systems of technology on the planet, and most ubiquitous: money, whether coin, cash, credit card or cryptocurrency, we humans have been making money for most of the past 10,000 years. How we do so in the future is a question bitcoin just maybe helps us answer."
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How to get bitcoins fast- Cash- ACH - Credit Card-Wires
CoinMx http://bit.ly/1fBIYDI CoinMx - Buy Bitcoins With Cash - Cash Deposit Bitcoins - Buy Bitcoin with Cash What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. Digital coins are transferred from person to person via the internet. This basically eliminates the need for a middle man to process these transactions for a processing fee. Bitcoins can be transferred for goods or services to and from people and businesses via the Internet. Because Bitcoin is a virtual money, it is completely open sourced. Each transaction has an electronic transaction code that is recorded in public ledger, called a block chain. Any person is eligible to view the blockchain, meaning all transactions are audited by the public, while allowing you to keep your transactions private if you never share your wallet address with anyone. CoinMx - Buy Bitcoins With Cash - Cash Deposit Bitcoins - Buy Bitcoin with Cash Who owns Bitcoin? Who is the company behind Bitcoin? The people own bitcoin! Bitcoin is an open source money system that is like no other money system in the world. In the USA, there is the federal reserve. In England, it's the Bank of England. In the bitcoin world, its the People Of The World. Many people are not sure who created the code, but it is said a Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a thesis on this open source system and some MIT students ran with it. CoinMx - Buy Bitcoins With Cash - Cash Deposit Bitcoins - Buy Bitcoin with Cash http://bit.ly/1fBIYDI Starting Your Bitcoin Wallet This is an example of a wallet address1JArS6jzE3AJ9sZ3aFij1BmTcpFGgN86h­A. Think of this like a bank account number or your paypal email address. You can create as many wallets as you wish. Your bitcoin wallet is where you store, send, and receive bitcoins. The process of setting up your digital wallet on COIN.MX is easy and secure. Having your own bitcoin wallet makes you responsible for your bitcoins, not a centralized bank. CoinMx - Buy Bitcoins With Cash - Cash Deposit Bitcoins - Buy Bitcoin with Cash http://bit.ly/1fBIYDI Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin mining is an integral part of keeping bitcoins safe. Bitcoin miners approve bitcoin transactions, keeping the network secure. Bitcoin miners run specialized hardware within computer programs that automates the process of keeping the network safe. At COIN.MX, we pride ourselves in taking the safety of your personal information very seriously. Our customer support will assist you with any questions or queries you may have about setting up your bitcoin wallet or how bitcoins work. CoinMx - Buy Bitcoins With Cash - Cash Deposit Bitcoins - Buy Bitcoin with Cash http://bit.ly/1fBIYDI buy bitcoins with cash, buy bitcoins cash deposit, bitcoins cash deposit, buy bitcoin cash deposit, bitcoin cash deposit, cash deposit for bitcoin, buying bitcoins, buying bitcoin cash, buy btc cash, buy btc with cash, cash deposit bitcoins, cash depoist bitcoin, deposit cash bitcoin, deposit cash btc, cash for bitcoin, buy bitcoins where, buy btc cash deposit, buy bitcoins online, buy a bitcoin, buy btc credit card, btc for cash, deposit cash bitcoins, CoinMx - Buy Bitcoins With Cash - Cash Deposit Bitcoins - Buy Bitcoin with Cash http://bit.ly/1fBIYDI How to get bitcoins fast, Get bitcoins fast, buy bitcoins cash deposit, bitcoins cash deposit, buy bitcoin cash deposit, bitcoin cash deposit, cash deposit for bitcoin, buying bitcoins, buying bitcoin cash, buy btc cash, buy btc with cash, cash deposit bitcoins, cash depoist bitcoin, deposit cash bitcoin, deposit cash btc, cash for bitcoin, buy bitcoins where, buy btc cash deposit, buy bitcoins online, buy a bitcoin, buy btc credit card, btc for cash, deposit cash bitcoins, http://youtu.be/ysXMB2NWQBY http://youtu.be/kPaS1FQ6J9I http://youtu.be/RdMz_i73hO0 http://youtu.be/Yrm7HQ9cVpY
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Magento Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin Integration by SpectroCoin
How to integrate Magento Bitcoin Payment Plugin from SpectroCoin to start accepting Bitcoin at your website. More information can be found at https://spectrocoin.com/en/plugins/accept-bitcoin-magento.html
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Bitcoin: Why Merchants Love Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
I have been seeing a lot of comments that merchants wouldn't accept Bitcoin due to volatility, or anyone for that matter. This is sad to see, because it is absolutely not true. Accepting Bitcoin is extremely easy, and you don't even need a website to do it with Coinbase and have absolutely no risk with the transfer rate. Coinbase Merchant information: https://coinbase.com/merchants Paypal Fees: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/merchant-fees Lists of all the absurd credit card fees for merchants: http://www.cardfellow.com/blog/credit-card-processing-fees/ Sentdex.com Facebook.com/sentdex Twitter.com/sentdex Bitcoin donations: 1GV7srgR4NJx4vrk7avCmmVQQrqmv87ty6
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This Is How Bitcoin Transactions Work
What I’m going to do now is show you how a Bitcoin transaction works. Now most transactions work in a similar way whether you’re buying, receiving and so on. So lets jump into showing you how it all works now, so you understand the process. // VIDEO TAKEN FROM // View: https://www.udemy.com/bitcoin-for-beginners/?couponCode=YOUTUBE10 // RECOMMENDED RESOURCES // Zapaygo: http://bit.ly/2AldzmP Binance: http://bit.ly/2Hji5nQ // FREE BITCOIN WEBINAR // Join: http://bit.ly/2AR6v2v // CRYPTOCURRENCY & BLOCKCHAIN TUTORIALS // Sign-Up: https://www.b21block.com // FOLLOW US ONLINE // Subscribe: https://youtube.com/c/RavinderDeolB21Block?sub_confirmation=1 Like: https://facebook.com/B21Block
What's Bitcoin???
Bitcoin is a payment system introduced as open-source software in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. The payments in the system are recorded in a public ledger using its own unit of account, which is also called bitcoin. Payments work peer-to-peer without a central repository or single administrator, which has led the US Treasury to call bitcoin a decentralized virtual currency. Although its status as a currency is disputed, media reports often refer to bitcoin as a cryptocurrency or digital currency. Bitcoins are created as a reward for payment processing work in which users offer their computing power to verify and record payments into the public ledger. Called mining, individuals or companies engage in this activity in exchange for transaction fees and newly created bitcoins. Besides mining, bitcoins can be obtained in exchange for fiat money, products, and services. Users can send and receive bitcoins electronically for an optional transaction fee using wallet software on a personal computer, mobile device, or a web application. Bitcoin as a form of payment for products and services has seen growth,and merchants have an incentive to accept the digital currency because fees are lower than the 2-3% typically imposed by credit card processors. The European Banking Authority has warned that bitcoin lacks consumer protections. Unlike credit cards, any fees are paid by the purchaser not the vendor. Bitcoins can be stolen and chargebacks are impossible. Commercial use of bitcoin is currently small compared to its use by speculators, which has fueled price volatility. Bitcoin has been a subject of scrutiny amid concerns that it can be used for illegal activities. In October 2013 the US FBI shut down the Silk Road online black market and seized 144,000 bitcoins worth US$28.5 million at the time. The US is considered bitcoin-friendly compared to other governments. In China, buying bitcoins with yuan is subject to restrictions, and bitcoin exchanges are not allowed to hold bank accounts. Subscribe, Comment, Like and Share Get Free Bitcoin, Eth, Dash and other cryptocurrencies.... Eobot Cloud Mining is free , Here you can mine coins without having to set up your own hardware. https://www.eobot.com/user/1034538 Get Started For FREE Today @ https://www.eobot.com/user/1034538 More Free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Sites↓↓↓ http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=cc6dbb3f06a1 http://moonliteco.in/?ref=f923dcfeab8b http://moondash.co.in/?ref=FB9FCE2BCB79 http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=d0c432b10a57 http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=71FF996F4FF0 http://bitfun.co/?ref=9C856396CE8F http://bit.ly/6freebitcoins https://www.instant-doge.eu/ref/8WjUM... https://freebitco.in/?r=6470478 http://freedoge.co.in/?r=1490225 http://bit.ly/freecryptocash http://bit.ly/morecoinz http://bit.ly/crypwallet http://bit.ly/bitcoinected Subscribe, Comment, Like and Share Donate Bitcoin to this channel @ 1AMmFLhCfRoQA3xVUeP2VFsndHbjVgD74g ETH Donations @ 0x0b67F122b2658bfBb6649bD15A2c7E526B63BA14
Bitcoin.com Wallet Added to Bitpay’s List of Payment Protocol Support
This past November the largest bitcoin payment processor worldwide, BitPay, announced the company’s move to integrate a process called BIP-70, otherwise known as the Payment Protocol, into the BitPay invoice platform. At Bitcoin.com we want readers and users of our services to be up to date with the latest technologies and upgrades happening within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Since the last software update, Bitcoin.com’s Wallet is one of the seven clients compatible with Bitpay’s recent BIP-70 implementation. Full story: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-com-wallet-added-to-bitpays-list-of-payment-protocol-support/ Connect with Bitcoin News online: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newsbitcoincom/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buy.bitcoin.news/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCTN
Unocoin Merchant Services offering Bitcoin payment gateway & retail POS systems
Unocoin brings you most secure bitcoin payment system for merchants. Bitcoin Stores, both offline & online can now enable their customers to shop with bitcoin. Start accepting bitcoin payments with Unocoin Merchant POS application and enjoy benefits: - 0% Transaction fees - 0% Installation fees - 0% Processing fees - 0% Maintenance fees - Instant conversion to INR funds - Multiple logins - Reconciliation of accounts in hours Unocoin Merchant POS application powers over 1500 offline stores in India.
Buying Bitcoins with Paypal? not a good idea [EN]
Traditional payment networks (including PayPal) suffer inherent weaknesses: Some payment fraud is unavoidable, Completely non-reversible transactions are not possible; payment processors are involved in disputes, Identity fraud and remote account takeover using stolen credentials are possible, Payment processors can block funds and freeze accounts, You must provide your credit card or account number to sites, which can be stolen by hackers to spend your money. Bitcoin has none of these problems: Confirmed Bitcoin payments are absolutely trustable, Payments are non-reversible; money cannot be recalled by the sender, Identity theft is a non-issue - payment recipients don't need to obtain the identity of buyers or store personal information to take payments, Nobody else can interfere with your Bitcoin balance or your ability to send or receive money, You are in control of your money - when you send a payment, the recipient or hackers cannot make other fraudulent withdraws from your wallet. Bitcoin Forumsite to this disussion: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=164254.0 Feel free to donate to keep more Tutorials coming: BTC:1Bv4XhVRZyNfBWuyFbqS8HwYwB3STJXdQA LTC:LWmXeH9Ur2xEbfoS8eiQJSxnra7dSHKkqA TRC:1EVWcNsS72GjtpqbS2GVDCGMor6CyAMHh5 PPC:PRvLnmuEAsFrkRX8FtGHRMrA5SjHNQo1BD FRC:17mAkoD4peryKPLNHbw6RpF5V3qEvjMPw3
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LazyPay – Bitcoin Merchant Services
Introducing LazyPay, an app that makes it easy to buy and sell goods with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This video was created for the Pitch to Rich Competition. So if you like what you see, and you want to see Bitcoin succeed, please vote for us at http://www.virginmediabusiness.co.uk/pitch-to-rich/new-things/lazypay/
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Coinbase (Bitcoin) Payment Module for PrestaShop [Demo]
Are you interested? you can buy it there http://addons.prestashop.com/en/24096-coinbase-bitcoin-payment.html Coinbase Bitcoin payment module make it easy for anyone to pay you regardless of where they are in the world. It's fast, easy, secure and cost-effective, Zero transaction fees, No setup fees, No monthly fees, Zero Chargebacks. Start accepting Bitcoin payments today!
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Understanding Debit & Credit Card Fees
For more information on Unity FI Solutions, visit http://www.unityfisolutions.com. Steve Contino, principal and co-founder of Unity FI Solutions, explains how merchants are charged when accepting debit and credit cards as a form of payment. In this video, Steve discusses principles behind: - Basis Points (BPS) - Authorization and Assessment Fees - AVS Fees - Interchange Fees - Risk Classification (Price Tiers) - How merchants are charged for processing credit and debit card payments. Unity FI Solutions is a Charlotte, NC-based leading provider of electronic payment solutions. Subscribe to Unity FI Solutions' channel to keep up with new educational videos on payment processing.
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#Binance Enables Debit and Credit Card Payments
// STAY UP TO DATE – FOLLOW BLOCKCHAIN DAILY ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/blckchaindaily Binance, the leading crypto-to-crypto exchange, today announced a partnership with leading payment processing company Simplex, enabling users to buy cryptocurrencies with their credit cards directly on Binance.com. By accepting credit card payments for crypto, Binance is supporting broader use and accessibility of cryptocurrency worldwide. The feature is live now at https://www.binance.com/en/creditcard/
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In-Person P2P Transfer of Bitcoins via Payment Card Now Possible With SmartMetric's Invention
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 14, 2014) - SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME), a developer of patented payment card technology and in-card biometric products, announced today that its soon-to-launch SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card, the world's first biometric, fingerprint secured, off-line storage platform for bitcoins, will enable in-person Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfer of bitcoins through its payment card. "We believe our card will be the world's first to enable in-person, P2P transfer of bitcoins through a payment card. This is made possible by our patented nano-computing technology that puts the power of PC's computing capacity onto a payment card. Bitcoins can be stored and transferred, all on the card, and with a level biometric fingerprint security never before possible. We're very excited about the possibilities for bitcoin use and adoption powered by SmartMetric's nano-computing and biometric security capabilities," stated SmartMetric President and CEO Chaya Hendrick. The SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card has taken a quantum leap beyond smartcards. This is an intelligent card that combines patented nano-computing technology, an internal ARM 9 processor, processing power equal that of a PC, and up to 128 gigabytes of memory, matching the maximum memory capacity of current iPads. The card comes equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, which is the key to enabling the in-person P2P transaction. NFC chips are used in smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity. Cards are able to be connected to a computers USB or following the fingerprint scan and subsequent activation of the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip following the match of the card holders fingerprint, the SmartMetric bitcoin card can communicate directly with NFC smartphones and tablets. In order to protect the card owners privacy their fingerprint is stored inside the card and never leaves the card. Bitcoins have grown to a global circulation of $11 billion driven by the digital currency's appeal as a P2P currency without a central bank, financial institution, or central server at its core. SmartMetric takes bitcoin one step further by enabling in-person P2P transfers through a payment card. The SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card is slated for launch during the first quarter of 2014. About SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card The SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card is the world's first biometric, fingerprint secured, off-line storage platform for bitcoins. The card offers the benefits of bitcoins such as peer-to-peer transactions and card-to-card direct bitcoin sending anywhere in the world, while enabling real-time, in-person standard payment transactions at merchants and compatibility with standard ATMs around the world. Advanced patented payments card technology combines with the world's first fingerprint technology to use the cardholder's unique biometrics to lock and unlock the SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card, providing safety and discrete portability.
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