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Case Study: Change Management
After completing a string of mergers and acquisitions that combined seven companies, executives were struggling to align the organization and to create new behavioral norms. Howard recounts how he implemented positive reinforcement, which ultimately led to his team exceeding sales quota and improved sales process compliance.
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McKinsey on Change Management
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Change management for HR & Executives: The Case of the Mixed-Up Merger
OrgModeler reduces the risk and uncertainty of making critical enterprise and talent decisions by providing Managers, HR & Executives with the key insight and collaboration abilities to be able to proactively prepare for change, minimize its disruption on the organization, make better-informed decisions and facilitate workforce transition. See how David Planner, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, saves the day by effectively merging Sweet Chocolate Company and Penutty Butter Inc.
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Organizational Change Management
Organizational Change Management (OCM) is the investment by the leadership to drive the desired individuals and organizational performance levels during the change phase. It helps organizations to build clarity in vision, goals, roles and processes. OCM addresses the critical people-related issues arising as a result of different business decisions that lead to business challenges.
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How to Develop and Implement a Change Management Strategy
How to Develop and Implement a Change Management Strategy - A Rhodes Business School (Australia) 'Free L&D/OD Resources Video'
McKinsey Transformation: Tell a compelling change story to inspire your organization
Telling the compelling story of change is essential to the success of any transformation effort. In this video, we share an example of video messaging our clients have developed to share the case for change and the path forward broadly within their organizations.
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Conflict Management & Change Management Case Study with the TKI Tool
http://www.cpp.com/tki Dr. Ralph Kilmann, coauthor of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), discusses one of his favorite applications of the TKI hosting a change management project in Spain.
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Comprehensive McKinsey, Bain & BCG Operations Case Approach
https://www.firmsconsulting.com Strategy Skills Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/strategy-skills-podcast-management/id1021817294?mt=2 Case Interview Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/about-case-interviews-strategy/id904509526?mt=2 Corporate Strategy M&A Study: https://www.firmsconsulting.com/technology-corporate-strategy/#!step-1 Market Entry Strategy Study: https://www.firmsconsulting.com/market-entry-strategy/#!step-2 Case Interviews Training: https://www.firmsconsulting.com/alice-and-michael/ https://www.firmsconsulting.com/felix/ https://www.firmsconsulting.com/sanjeev/ https://www.firmsconsulting.com/rafik/ https://www.firmsconsulting.com/samantha/ Operations cases can be tackled from two ways: strategy and operations, and within operations from productivity and the supply chain side. This case uses the supply chain side.
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Organizational Culture Change Strategy - 5 Pillars - Arthur Carmazzi
http://directivecommunication.com/blog/?p=436 In this video and the additional information on the organizational culture change blog, Arthur Carmazzi goes through the "5 Pillars" transformation used in the proven corporate culture change programs done by DCI. The change process however does NOT take years! In fact the faster it is implemented the better the results and using this strategy, Organizational Culture can have sustainable change in less than 3 months.
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Case Study - Managing the Change
The folks at Datu discuss their experience working with Pinnacle Strategies and implementing ViewPoint
Managing Change
Introducing change is not easy in a healthcare setting because it often makes people uncomfortable and causes anxiety. Engaging users early on in decision making and workflow changes is essential. This video offers advice to anyone considering a switch to an electronic clinical system Key words/Topics: Change management, workflow, patient engagement, go-live, engaging users, understanding individual needs and viewpoints, managing expectations. This material was developed by The University of Alabama at Birmingham, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology under award number 1U24OC000023
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Successful Change Management 10 Steps
Whilst managing change is a challenge that all organisations face at one time or another, it is never more important than in economically difficult times. A reduction in profits, a drop in employee morale, and the need for cutbacks and redundancies are common backcloths to today's managerial decisions. Keeping afloat requires a proactive and realistic approach. Here are 10 points to consider to help meet change in tough times with greater confidence.
M15S16 - CASE STUDY: Managing Change to Achieve Results
Video Sample from the MER Conference 2015, on MER 24/7 http://ow.ly/VGGaj S16 - CASE STUDY: Managing Change to Achieve Results – A Journey of Discovery for e-Records and Information Governance Programs Speaker: Rick Rothermel—LaMarsh Global Karen Strong—Gimmal Change is not a single event, but a transitional process that organizations go through as they move from their current state to a desired future state. Change management is the discipline that helps organizations reduce the disruptive effects inherent to change and increase the likelihood of achieving the future state where change adoption and benefits are realized. In the world of e-Records and Information Governance programs, this is a significant challenge due to the size and scope of the change – often defined as large, complex, and enterprise-wide. In this highly interactive session, you will take a journey of discovery through a structured process of... For a full description and a PDF download of the PPT, please visit the MER 2015 archive: http://ow.ly/VroEs http://www.merconference.com/
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Value in Healthcare – A Case for Change
Despite the tremendous progress health systems and clinical research have achieved, the quality and cost of care delivered around the world are sub-optimal and highly variable. An estimated 30% of the $7-8 trillion we spend globally on health care is considered wasted. There is growing momentum towards transforming today’s health care systems into “Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Systems.” These patient stories contrast our current health systems with a VBHC system where all stakeholders are aligned on the definition of success: delivering outcomes that matter to patients at the lowest cost. Produced by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group - as part of the Value in Healthcare Project - this movie was premiered on January 19, 2017 in Davos, Switzerland as part of the World Economic Forum's 2017 Annual Meeting. Project leadership: Olivier Oullier, PhD, Member of the Executive Committee & Head of Strategy, Global Health and Healthcare, World Economic Forum Stefan Larsson, MD, PhD, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group Ovid C. Amadi, PhD, Project Leader, The Boston Consulting Group, seconded to the World Economic Forum
Culture Change Case Study
This programme is designed to enhance safety and health excellence across the total steel making operation of 4,000 employees. This major culture change initiative has to lead a fundamental shift in thinking throughout all layers of leadership - challenging custom and practice and embedding new attitudes and skills to deliver dramatic improvements in individual leadership capability, commitment to organisational standards, and enhanced performance. Ultimately the objective is to deliver a reduction in risk exposure, greater hazard awareness, improved root cause analysis, improved planning process, greater leadership engagement and a reduction in incidents and accidents. This requires greater "personal responsibility" to be taken by every layer of leadership in the organisation.
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Digital Business Strategy Case Study:  Apple
This is a case study of how in 1997, Apple was able to change their fortunes and transform their business all by having the right strategy. Ionology's 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy is applied to the case. For more information on how to use this Digital Transformation framework, visit https://goo.gl/51D6w4
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Change Management in Technology Transformation
In this video Infosys Consulting touches on some of the human challenges companies are facing with technology disruptors such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things.
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IBM Study: Making Change Work
IBM announced the results of a study of more than 1,500 change management executives from 15 countries, which reveals that nearly 60 percent of projects aimed at achieving business change do not fully meet their objectives. Learn more here: http://ibm.com/gbs/makingchangework See the press release here: http://www.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/25492.wss
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ColumbusManufacturing - Managing Engineering Change Case Study
A manufacturing company has a diverse range of electronic devices for process control and automation applications. Advances in technology and market competition necessitate constant improvement in the product design. These changes were controlled through a manual engineering change process, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the variety, complexity and volume of change. The manual process posed several challenges:- • Intensive labor requirements • Over-reliance on different departments • Collaborating across the process • Excessive paper documentation • Inability to control product versions • Unacceptable processing time for changes • Inability to demonstrate traceability A complete end-to end engineering change management process has been deployed leveraging the engineering change features in Microsoft Dynamics. The process maps the tasks, roles, responsibilities and approval points from initial customer complaint or product improvement request, through assessment of the proposed change to implementation. Correct implementation was key -- ensuring existing on-hand and in-progress inventory is dealt with, bringing in the replaced items, and updating records accurately. This was a big change for the company as engineering change impacts many departments and there was considerable amount of detailed procedure development and training to do. But the benefits have been substantial in terms of both increased efficiency in many areas as well as effectiveness in managing product change in a timely and accurate manner. Find out how ColumbusManufacturing helped and the benefits gained. To read the REAL WORLD SCENARIO series please go to www.columbusglobal.com
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TNT: Dealing With Change - Change Management Case Study with Tom Peters
Watch the complete program and over 350 more (including all the Tom Peters programs) for $99 a year ($8.25 a month) when you subscribe to Trainflix®: https://www.mytrainflix.com/. In this entertaining and revealing case study, Tom Peters shows you how Turner Network Television was able to meet a huge competitive challenge. TNT had to change from a general entertainment network to a desired cable destination. They needed to give viewers a reason to tune in to the network instead of the hundreds of other cable channels. Their solution was an entirely new focus and direction for the network -- starting with the TNT We Know Drama brand. Employees had to learn how to overcome concerns about the new brand, believe in it, and sell it to the external customers -- the cable viewers. For more information, visit: http://www.enterprisemedia.com/product/00114/tnt-dealing-change/
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How to Change Organizational Culture
Change organizational culture using three strategies.
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Managing Change In Organisations
35 mins 2018. To purchase full film: www.tvchoice.uk.com PART 1 Introduction (21 mins) Change in business is nothing new – it’s the pace of change that's new. The digital revolution has destroyed old businesses and created vast new empires. To survive, organisations must be quick to adapt – but people, generally, don’t like change. How can change be best managed? DRIVERS OF CHANGE these might be threats or opportunities, they may come from inside or outside the organisation, they may involve a merger or restructuring – often it will require a cultural change. CHANGE PROJECTS may be limited to one department or bold, company-wide initiatives – either way they will involve a change project. But the stats are not good: over 70% of change projects fail. Following the guidelines of Kotter and Schlesinger we look at why change projects fail – and how to overcome resistance. We hear other expert voices. Also covered: how a change project is organised, the importance of leadership and follow-up. PART 2 Change Management Case Studies (14 mins) AMAZON.COM: Amazon has been called the world’s most disruptive company. It’s put a bomb under conventional retailing, publishing and cloud storage services. But to achieve such amazing external success, Amazon needs the internal culture of constant challenging, constant change. How do they do it? PSA: By 2014, PSA, owners of the Peugeot and Citroën brands, was in deep financial trouble: we outline new CEO Carlos Tavares’ plan to transform the business. Will he succeed? www.tvchoice.uk.com
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Change & Disruption: An Amazon.com Case Study
28 mins, 2018. www.tvchoice.uk.com The rise and rise of Amazon.com since start-up in 1994 is the classic case study in disruptive innovation. First an on-line retailer, broadening into a platform for other sellers, Amazon has been guided by the restless spirit of its founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos thinks long term – he expects his people to challenge, to constantly embrace change. Amazon is at the cutting edge of technology – but it’s also based on old-fashioned values: a wide range at a keen price – and good service. The key, says Bezos, is focus on customers, not competitors. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION. Amazon.com fits into the mould of classic ‘disruptions’: cases where new products or business models revolutionised the market – leaving old businesses in ruins. We give examples (Model T Ford, Kodak, Nokia, CD players). INTERNAL CULTURE. To achieve such success Amazon needs the internal structure and culture to support that – that means empowering teams to get quick results. For Amazon, the enemy is bureaucracy, not the competition. TOO CHALLENGING? But Amazon has its critics – who point to the zero-hours contracts of its warehouse staff, and the pressure it puts on its managers: an experiment in so-called ‘purposeful Darwinism’.
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Change Management or Change Control (Hindi)
What is Change? What is Change Management / Change Control? What should be the process flow?
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LV= Case Study Series Part 4: LV= and their journey in Change Management
Watch the fourth video in the case study series featuring Liverpool Victoria (LV=). This episode of the LV= case study series focuses on their adoption of Change Management. Hear from Genevieve Emberson, Senior Change Manager, Service Delivery, as she talks through: • Why they embarked on this journey • Starting the journey • Formalizing risk assessed change • Achieving Risk Assessed change • Going out to the market • Benefits. Find out more at https://www.axelos.com/case-studies-and-white-papers/lv-video-case-study "© Copyright AXELOS Limited 2015."
Game Plan for Change - Group 2  (Managing Change and Innovation)
Business Management Case Study: Portfolio Management, LLP This video shows a presentation with the results of a change process to lead the mentioned investment company through the change that occurs within the takeover of two other investment companies.
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ADKAR 5 Step Process for Successful Organizational Change
Jeff Nevenhoven, a Prosci-certified Change Management Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in operations and reliability, joins the podcast to discuss the Prosci ADKAR model for change management. Jeff explains how each phase of the model is used to facilitate successful change management for manufacturing organizations. Discussion highlights include: Explaining the purpose of the ADKAR model Detailing each phase and how it's used to facilitate change Discussing the importance of following each phase in order Becoming Prosci-certified in change management
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Case Study:  How Culture Impacts the Ability to Change
Case Study: How Culture Impacts the Ability to Change
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Blaylock - Change Management Analysis
Organization Profile and Change Management Analysis for Community Access Television's Change to a Digital Media Environment. Including structure, management style, culture dichotomy, reasons for the change, resistance to the change, institutionalizing and sustaining the change.
Harvard Chair Lecture: Managing Transformational Change
What would a South Australian Carbon Trading System look like?” Presented by Professor Mike Young Mike Young spent the 2013/14 academic year in the Australian Studies Chair at Harvard University. While at Harvard, he began work on a book on the design and implementation of transformational environmental policy reforms. He also taught a course on the same subject in The Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The guidelines that emerge from his research suggest that more attention needs to be given to policy design and engagement. In this lecture he presents these guidelines to develop a proposal that South Australia introduce a greenhouse gas emission trading system. Rather than copying schemes in place in other parts of the world, the one that emerges from Mike Young’s experience builds upon lessons emerging from successful transformational reforms. As a result, much more dynamic results can be expected. Economically positive outcomes for industry, the state and local communities should be possible.
Culture and Change Management in the Planning and Implementation Process
Culture and Change Management in the Planning and Implementation Process Speaker: James Nevada, WSP A case study and lessons learned on understanding the dynamics of business culture and factoring in Change Management into the planning and implementation of systems and structural changes within business support services. This presentation will also look at how cultural and habit changes need to occur within support services first (Finance, HR, Marketing, IT) for the systems and processes to be effective.
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PMO: Organizational Change Management
More than likely as a PMO leader you are responsible for a portfolio that will drive lasting changes in your organization. Are you succeeding? Are you looking at the impacts of delivering those projects beyond the traditional triple constraint of "on time; budget and scope"? Most projects and transformational efforts struggle due to the lack of incorporating strong organizational change management (OCM) practices and approaches into the overall plan of the project. Watch Adrienne DiPaolo, PMO & BPR Practice Lead, as she offers practical insights, approaches and considerations around incorporating organization change management best practices into your project governance framework. What's in the Video + Why projects and programs fail due to lack of OCM + Effective stakeholder management strategies + A three-stage model of change and what to do at each stage + The project teams role in change management Learn More http://www.resultspositive.com/program-project-and-portfolio-mgt Request More Information http://www.resultspositive.com/contact
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Agile Transformation Tips - Change Model | Part 1
What are the most important parts of an Agile transformation, and is your company focusing on the right parts? Watch Part 2: https://youtu.be/4xzHTF27Dog There are certain issues that you will always run into no matter which Agile transformation focus you have. Learn about Construx's approach to Agile transformations from Steve McConnell, the world renowned author of the software classic: Code Complete. The research presented in this video is based on Construx’s 10 year of experience helping companies with Agile transformations & 20 years of experience helping companies with software development transformations. Commonly the emphasis in an Agile Transformation is on the “Agile” part and there is little focus on the “transformation”. When companies focus on the details of “Agile” they often struggle or fail. The emphasis should be on on “transformation”. Agile is important, but it is not the make or break focus of an Agile Transformation. This video series focuses on the details of organizational change, inspired by Mary Lippitt and Tim Knoster. For change to succeed you need to have vision, consensus, skills, resources, incentives and an action plan. When you have these in place your Agile Transformation is more likely to succeed. Inspect and adapt applies to Agile Transformations as much as to Agile software projects. Learn more about Construx: http://bit.ly/1gcc7pw Agile Transformation | Transforming to Agile | Agile Transformations | Tips For Agile Transformation Success | Organizational Transformation | Agile Transformation Best Practices | Agile Organization
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Interviewing with McKinsey: Case study interview
Learn what to expect during the case study interview. Hear what some recent hires did - and did not - do to prepare.
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Systemic change management: Stakeholder enrolment (case study: redesign of Paris)
This video gives a case study for systemic stakeholder enrolment methodology: the ideal redesign of Paris, facilitated by systems thinkers in the 1970s. This video is part of the Biomatrix organisation transformation programme. To find out more about BiomatrixWeb and our programmes please visithttp://www.biomatrixweb.com/. To find out more about Biomatrix systems theory please visit http://www.biomatrixtheory.com/
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Mayo Clinic - Overcoming Resistance to Change
This video was produced by the Yale School of Management and Change Observer, part of the Design Observer Group, under a Creative Commons License for free noncommercial use with attribution, and may be used, disseminated and taught without fees or permission. For more information visit: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/ View complete Mayo Clinic case at: http://nexus.som.yale.edu/design-mayo/
Increase your project success with effective business change management
Delivering successful organisational change is still a challenge despite huge advances in the P3 professions over the past few years. Organisations still fail to reap the benefits from projects and programmes, despite more effective delivery and governance frameworks. Perhaps we need to focus more on the people? Join our webinar for an insight into what effective business change management can achieve during organisational change. Two case studies will be used to illustrate key points in the project lifecycle where a focus on people can make the crucial difference between success and failure. We will also discuss how business change and project management can work together, and where possible tensions may lie. The webinar will be delivered by esteemed author, business change consultant and lead change management trainer for SPOCE, Nicola Busby. Her recent publication, ‘The Shape of Change: A guide to planning, implementing and embedding organisational change’ has been entered into the CMI Management Book of the Year competition. Also available to explain the different learning methods for gaining your Change Management qualification is SPOCE Client and Partner Manager & Change management Practitioner, Sarah Mullins.
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3 Key Leadership Mistakes During Organizational Change - Corporate Trainer Dana Brownlee
Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker Dana Brownlee shares great insights into key mistakes leaders tend to make when leading change. The ability to lead change successfully is often a key determinant to organizational success. For more information - www.professionalismmatters.com
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British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) Case Study
British Columbia Lottery Corp. wanted to introduce a new culture when it moved to new quarters, but didn't want to take any gambles on a successful transition. To be sure the move went well, BCLC enlisted Herman Miller Performance Environments to escort it through the challenges of change, to give management the skills needed to lead the way, and to capture data for continuous improvement.
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Change Management Planning _ A to Z
A thought process to begin your change management planning. Many models are useful in the change management process. A structured approach is critical to success. This model (A to Z) is a starting point . . and covers some basic concepts often neglected in many of the structured frameworks. A to Z will fit all models and is a great starting point!
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Case Interview 101 - A great introduction to Consulting Case Study Interviews
This is the very first #CaseInterview #preparation lesson every newbie should watch! This should act as a “home” and a “map” page for your #case interview #studying no matter where you are. The insights I am about to share with you are the results of years of experience in both #managementconsulting and in #case interview coaching. I have coached hundreds of candidates of various backgrounds from the brightest students of Harvard, Wharton to some real “newbies”. Regardless of background, many don’t have a good grasp of #Caseinterviewsbasics. Timestamps 1:35 What is a Case Interview? 1:52 What does the format of a case interview look like? 2:40 What is evaluated in a case interview? MECE, Frameworks and Hypotheses 7:44 The common flow of a case interview 8:32 How to prepare for a case interview? Visit our website for more DETAILED GUIDES on McKinsey PST, Case Interview and Consulting Math http://mconsultingprep.com/ McKinsey PST: https://mconsultingprep.com/problem-s... Consulting Math: https://mconsultingprep.com/consultin... Case Interview: https://mconsultingprep.com/case-inte... Case Interview Question Types:https://mconsultingprep.com/case-inte... Case Interview Prep Ebooks https://mconsultingprep.com/case-inte... Read 50+ posts on our blog for insider tips and tricks on McKinsey PST and Case Interview http://mconsultingprep.com/blog/ Help us reach 50,000 YouTube subscribers at https://goo.gl/ziBfQs and keep making everything available for free. Watch all of our VIDEOS on Youtube at https://goo.gl/ziBfQs McKinsey PST Prep Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Case Interview Prep Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR E2E SECRETS PROGRAM TO ACE THE CASE https://mconsultingprep.com/case-inte... JOIN US ON FACEBOOK https://facebook.com/MConsultingprep Hope to see you in the next video!
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Agile IT4IT in the Digital Enterprise - a Case Study - The Open Group
Marcel van de Lustgraaf is Managing Director DTC at VIVAT since 2009. Initially as director IT Development and Change and currently Managing Director/CIO. Previously active in the Public Sector as IT director. Master of Business Administration (MBA). Specialized in general IT, Change, Process Management, Program & Project Management. As MD/CIO responsible for Data, Technology & Change within VIVAT. Bart van Muyen graduated as Information Technology Engineer from Delft Technical University in the area of system monitoring. After a career as consultant in the System and Service Management Area with Hewlett-Packard he co-founded his own consultancy firm in that same expertise area and developed leading partnership roles with Hewlett-Packard, BMC and ServiceNow.
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Chapter 10 : Managing IT Projects Case Study
Case 1: Implementing Enterprise Change Management at Southern Company 321 Case 2: Dealing with Traffic Jams in London