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Managing By The Numbers
This funny car sales video highlights the difference in two Sales Managers and how they (positively and negatively) affect the dealership with which they work. Managing By The Numbers is another comedic creation between the team of Joe Webb at DealerKnows and Car Research XRM. http://carxrm.com Starring: Stephen Coambes as Glen Jimmy Emmanuel as Jimmy Josh Thomas Keith Shetterly Narrated by Joe Webb Written by Joe Webb Directed by David Hudson and Joe Webb Edited by David Hudson Produced by Car Research XRM
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Managing By Numbers
Auto Sales Predictive Analytics
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Managing By Numbers
www.IBBTalks.com - It is very dangerous to manage your business with just your feelings. Feelings can be deceptive. Learn to manage your business by understanding your numbers.
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Managing the Numbers ... is a BIG Mistake
Managing the Numbers ... is a BIG Mistake. Why? Of course, you should manage the numbers! Everyone tells you to! Everyone is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. You have no control over the numbers. Once they're in, they're in. The horse has already bolted, mated and had a foal by the time managers who "manage the numbers" catch up! Focus on the leading indicators, not lagging indicators. Revenue, profit, dials, number of meetings, number of proposals are all the wrong things to measure. Focus on managing the BEHAVIOURS that lead to the results. At least you have control over them and can manage them. Leading indicators include the number of unique effective daily conversations, the velocity with which salespeople are advancing opportunities through the funnel and getting them between qualified and closable. Managers must focus on the right end of the problem! Stop overburdening salespeople with tracking utterly useless numbers so you can hide in your ivory tower and pretend you are worth your pay-cheque. Focus on tracking the stuff you can change, and coach then to do better at those behaviours. Stop being a supervisor and be a real manager.
Managing by the Numbers
Managing the Numbers is Pride Institute's flagship seminar. Pride Institute specializes in accelerating the rate of success for doctors. Managing by the Numbers™ is a masterful curriculum designed to quickly facilitate your practice’s increased success. Taught exclusively by Amy Morgan, CEO of Pride Institute, this course is THE must attend training of the year for any dentist or team leader who wants to grow and maintain their practice.
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Tutorial #33   Managing small numbers
For FAQ and how to contact me go to http:/www.sudokuguy.com To recieve notification of new tutorials uploaded each month please subscribe. It is free. In this tutorial I point out the need not to put all possible numbers in each cell at the beginning of solving a puzzle. I also show how you can look for patterns (in this case using TMB and LCR to locate matching pairs. Once you have matching pairs there is NO need to put any other numbers in those cells. To see a list of all of my videos go to the bottom of a video and you will see the name Sudoku Guy. Click on this name and it will take you to my channel. For all lessons and tutorials go to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd8J... Facebook: Sudoku Guy https://www.facebook.com/Sudoku-Guy-6... This is important for those who speak another language. You can turn on captions and have them automatically translated into the llanguage of your choice. At the bottom of each vvideo click on the cc in a little square then click on the settings gear next to the cc on the right. Here you are able to select tha language of your choice so you can read the captions at the bottom of the video in your chosen language. Thought of the day. Love is better than anger Hope is better than fear Optomism is better than despair So let's be loving, hopeful and optomistic and we will change the world
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ViralML EP 4: Managing My Youtube Videos — Letting the Numbers Decide What to Film Next
Here are the ways I use YouTube metrics and feedback to decide what to film next. Doesn’t matter if you are using YouTube for fun, to get established, to be discovered as the next star, or to continue grinding out a living, you need to listen to your viewers, and in aggregate, their message becomes loud and clear. Plenty more on: http://www.viralml.com Medium article: https://medium.com/swlh/managing-my-youtube-videos-letting-the-numbers-decide-what-to-film-next-446b6a41eaff My book coming out very soon: https://www.amazon.com/Monetizing-Machine-Learning-Applications-Serverless/dp/1484238729 Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/amunategui and signup to my newsletter: http://www.viralml.com/signup.html More on http://www.ViralML.com and https://amunategui.github.io Thanks!
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Managing Numbers
This tutorial will give you a brief overview of how to manage your numbers from within the Orbtalk Portal.
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Managing Cordova Hybrid App Version Numbers
When you are building Hybrid Apps with Cordova you will obviously be making changes to your application. As you fix bugs and add new features you will want to update the version number of your application. 1.2.3 - [major version].[minor version].[hotfix] This video shows how you would update that version number and how you handle conflicts between the two settings files
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DNASTAR - Managing Large Numbers of Sequences in SeqBuilder
Learn how to import and search through large numbers of sequences using DNASTAR's SeqBuilder application.
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Automotive Learning Centre - Sales Performance Management or Managing by Numbers
Do you really know how your sales team is performing? "You can’t manage what you don’t measure” Most sales organisations are overwhelmed by sales target data, but fail to analyse the sales process data that creates the end results…sales target achievement. Perhaps some sales managers are “scared of the math”, others may think that they don't have the time and yet others may not see data analysis and predictive Analytics as part of their role. Know exactly what the drivers are train to the low KPI's. Don't waste time and money with poorly targeted training. Best automotive sales training Australia E: [email protected], Phone 1300 480 660
Managing Phone Calls with Call Tracking Numbers
MyMedLeads offers powerful call tracking features that enable you to assign unique phone numbers to your different marketing channels. Taking advantage of call tracking results in highly accurate ROI reporting and makes managing phone calls less of a headache. Our desktop app notifies your staff when a call comes in via a call tracking number, allowing them to quickly access lead data to begin managing the lead right away. Please visit http://mymedleads.com/training/ for more training videos like this one.
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Managing Student Roll numbers in Fedena
Roll numbers are unique identification numbers assigned to students at the time of admission or after admission. Roll numbers are unique only to students within a batch. This means no two students of a batch can be assigned the same roll number. The video describes how roll nos. can be assigned to new or existing students.
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Leading and Managing by the Numbers
This video is all about leadership and management by the numbers. There are more truth bombs that are dropped in this hour long video, such as: staffing, and how to motivate and inspire your teams. Join my 3 partners and listen, learn, grow, and implement.
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Tips on managing your numbers - Spending Habits
Sharing by Mr Mohamed Fazluddin on spending habits.
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Managing Your Business By The Numbers: Part 1
How Much Cash Do You Need?
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Managing a Media Website by the Numbers
http://online-behavior.com presents David McBride. In this video David addresses three questions about creating an analytics system that is well integrated with a corporate team. 1. Where Should Analytics Live? Where can analytics create the most value? Where can analytics enable decisions? There is virtue to independence, but analytics must have an agenda of creating value. The value should be tied to the company's core mission, which may be one of revenue, customer service, journalistic integrity, or a variety of other core missions. There has to be a balance between understanding financial goals and understanding how less quantifiable metrics affect financial goals and other company goals. 2. Monthly Metrics Close The entire metrics staff is gathered once a month, and goals are discussed, as well as how the company is doing with these goals. The goals are determined with the finance department, and at the meeting, the following things are discussed: How they did in the previous month. How that compares to the budget. What is the annual goal? Are they on pace to hit that goal? By defining the goals and creating metrics to measure those goals, it is possible to determine a path for the company as a whole. 3. Building a First Rate Team Ideal analysts should have the following traits: Think logically Question assumptions. Entrepreneurial drive Experience acquiring customers Good with Excel Finding analysts is quite difficult. Strategies that have been successful for finding good analysts include providing internships and looking offline, specifically targeting top regional universities instead of private colleges. While students attending Ivy League colleges tend to be searching for jobs in investment banking, while top regional school students tend to try a little bit harder and are willing to accept jobs outside of investment banking. About David McBride, Director, Business Intelligence, Comcast David McBride leads the Business Intelligence team at Comcast Interactive Media (CIM), a division of Comcast focused on developing interactive services that offer video, entertainment and communications products to consumers across web and mobile platforms. Before joining CIM in 2006, David was a product manager at Dell. He holds an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School. * About Online-Behavior Online Behavior is a source of knowledge for website owners and analysts looking to understand how their online customers behave. But that's not all, understanding does not make a website better, action is required. That's why a broad range of techniques and strategies is needed to help optimizing websites. You will find information pertaining to: Market Targeting & Segmentation ( http://online-behavior.com/targeting ): Learn how to segment, provide the right message, and personalize your visitors' experience. Increased website relevance equals increased conversions and customer satisfaction. Website Testing & Usability ( http://online-behavior.com/testing ): Learn how to prioritize testing efforts, understand what affects user experience, and get ideas on the most profitable way to test your website. Web Analytics & Optimization ( http://online-behavior.com/analytics ): Learn the most advanced conversion optimization techniques to optimize your current traffic; turn new visitors into customers, and returning customers into loyal friends.
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Should sales leaders be managing their team by the numbers? By Dave Mattson
Dave Mattson is a best-selling author, sales and management thought leader, keynote speaker and leader for sales training seminars around the world. As CEO and President of Sandler Training, Mr. Mattson oversees the corporate direction and strategy for the company’s global operations including sales, marketing, consulting, alliances and support. His key areas of focus are sales leadership, strategy and client satisfaction. #DESCRIPTION Dave Mattson talks about how many sales leaders manage by setting quotas for their sales teams. He discusses his theory that sales leaders should set specific goals for their sales team members for each day based on a written down “recipe” or playbook of achievable goals. He talks about the issue of control and how it relates to sales management. Subscribe for more SarderTV: http://bit.ly/1osk5yg Follow our Official Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tIwTzK Check out exclusive SarderTV content: Web - http://bit.ly/1xpv37D Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1EbljQi #ABOUT SARDERTV SarderTV is an independent, educational media company, focusing on the subjects that fascinate, inspire and teach executives. Because the relationship between success and learning is parallel, SarderTV provides exclusive interviews with the authors, leaders, and taste makers currently affecting industry. Led by Russell Sarder and a team of dynamic and creative programming and content creators, experienced leadership and seasoned advisors, SarderTV launched in 2012. SarderTV is an exciting, forward thinking media company focused on the promotion of learning.
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CBAN Tutorial - Managing your access numbers
Instructing the user on how to manage their access numbers on the Call By Any Name website
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Managing Inbound Numbers on Broadvoice b-hive Platform
Managing or adding a number on the Broadvoice b-hive cloud platform is a breeze and gives you more control over making changes on the fly. Once you enter the Inbound Numbers page, you will have the ability to edit your Cloud PBX numbers and make the best changes to your setup. Adding new numbers in b-hive: STEP 1: Click Resources, then select b-hive HQ followed by Inbound Numbers option. Step 2: Click the green button labeled “NEW INBOUND NUMBER.” Step 3: Select the necessary information to complete the new number request. Editing A number’s properties: Step 1: Find the number you are searching for on the Inbound Numbers page Step 2: To the right of the number, select the option labeled “Edit” Step 3: You can now edit the destination of the number, adjust the caller ID name, select to record calls on this number, add music on hold file, business hours and more. ************************ Visit Us: https://www.broadvoice.com Lets Chat: 888-325-5875 Become a partner: https://www.broadvoice.com/partners
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Rapid7 Nexpose Makes Managing Risk a Simple Numbers Game
For Bill Heinzen, information security project manager at National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), information security is not just a technical initiative: It’s an ongoing business continuity risk. NISC provides technology to rural electric and telecommunications cooperatives, and having a robust information security program in place is critical to protecting their customer data. Heinzen turned to Rapid7’s vulnerability management solution Nexpose to monitor his environment and manage risk. How does he know it’s working? It’s all in the numbers.
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#066: Managing Stakeholders To Have Better Conversations About the Numbers
For finance professionals and accountants to be influential in our organisations we need to be having the right conversations with your stakeholders, but how do we know if we are or not? Answering this question is important and our guest mentor Marco Singh deconstructs for us some of the practical things and golden rules that have worked for him in managing stakeholders and having better conversations with them. Other areas we cover on this episode are: • Why storytelling is important and breaks out his recommendations on how to do it effectively. • One of his top rules on managing stakeholders and line managers. • Improving our Digital IQ. If you enjoyed this episode, check out our time-stamped show notes, key quotes, resources and ways to connect with our guest mentor and more at sitnshow.com/podcast/066.
CBAN Tutorial - Managing your access numbers
Instructing the user on how to manage their access numbers on the Call By Any Name website
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Learn Options Trading - Managing By The Numbers
http://www.incomeforums.com/ Welcome to the first video on trading options. This video will cover managing by the numbers. To access the full course, please visit http://www.incomeforums.com/trainingvideos/
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Managing Salary Cap
When growing your home care business it’s critical that you manage and understand your numbers so that you can maximize the profitability of your company. No profit... no business! One of the biggest reasons home care agencies fail...is they run out of capital and/or cash. One of the MOST important numbers to look at in your business is “salary cap.” Watch this video to discover the most ideal numbers for managing your salary cap so that you stay in business and optimize profits. How else can you serve... if your business is not profitable enough?
Managing Batch Numbers in Inventory with MYOB
MYOB doesn't have Batch number functionality, but this video shows a workaround to help MYOB users who need to use Batch Numbers.
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Managing Your Business By The Numbers: Part 2
What is the Stability of Your Cash Resources?
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Installing and Managing Large numbers of Capture Agents
Lecturer: Schiebeck, Tobias
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Managing Decimal Tabs In Microsoft Office Word
One of the more interesting settings in Microsoft Office Word for professionals who build documents that include listings of numbers is that of decimal tabs. Decimal tabs cause a listing of numbers to align on the decimal point, regardless of the number of decimal places or the magnitude of the number. In this tip, you will learn how to work with decimal tabs to achieve perfect alignment of your numerical data in Word.
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Managing Your Business Numbers - Success Story Builder
Subscribe now to find us always : https://www.youtube.com/channel/SuccessStoryBuilders?sub_confirmation=1 About SSB- Gordon D’Silva, Business and Marketing Strategy Expert, runs a business success practice. He has advised, supported and motivated many Small and Medium Enterprise, Owner Managed Business and other local business in UK to make profits even during the hard-hit recession period. He wears different hats – of a chartered accountant, a businessman, a business adviser and a very effective business consultant. His role of Business Consultant has helped him get to the root cause of success and failure of over 1000 businesses in over 30 years. We bring to you his years of experience in identifying your business needs, your business numbers, and fulfilling your Vision. Success Story Builder http://successstorybuilder.com/ "Helping You Create Your Success Story" At Success Story Builder, we work alongside you to grow your profits, improve client servicing, build an effective marketing strategy, all in a customized package that suits and serve your business. • Business Consultant • Marketing Strategist • Profit Growth Consultant • Client Servicing and Management • Trusted Business Accountant Contact Details ([email protected], 020 8241 3000, 170 Merton High Street, London, SW19 1AY) Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/successstorybuilder Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/101549445362052665354?pageId=101549445362052665354 Twitter - https://twitter.com/successstorybiz
Road Grit with Matt Manero - The Numbers Don't Lie! Road Grit - Numbers Don't Lie! Matt Manero, host of The Grit keeps it real... THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE!!! You need to have the GRIT to take a look at the numbers and take action to fix whatever the problem is! Focus on the numbers, and get ready to make a change... To finance your next piece of equipment, call us today! Telephone: (972) 247-8447 Visit us at www.cffnationwide.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cffnationwide Twitter: https://twitter.com/cffnationwide Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Cffnationwid... Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/TeamCFF/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cff ABOUT US: Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF) is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas and is an industry leader in new and used equipment financing. Since 1995, CFF has provided low cost financing for small and medium sized businesses on a nationwide basis. “We finance that” has become our motto for thousands of companies in the towing, trucking, construction and moving industries. Additionally, CFF operates CFFNATION.COM, the first online digital network designed to educate, inform and entertain the massive transportation industry. CFF is celebrating 20 years in business and is the recipient of the 2014 Inc. 500 - 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. With over $100,000,000 in annual funding of commercial vehicles like box trucks, cargo vans, big rigs, tow trucks, dump trucks and construction equipment, CFF is a leader in the equipment finance market. For information visit www.cffnationwide.com or call us at 972.247.8447 phone or email us directly at [email protected]
Managing Batch Numbers in Inventory with MYOB
Batch Numbers and Inventory in MYOB When managing stock, batch numbers are frequently a requirement. Batch numbers are used for a number of purposes and in a number of businesses. They are generally used to link all the stock manufactured as a single group. So in our client base, some uses of batch numbering have been to identify and group: • pharmaceuticals made in the one lot of ingredients • carpets made with a particular dye lot to ensure the colour match is identical • food made with a common expiry date • products that might require a recall In MYOB AccountRight Live and v19 Premier Classic, there is no provision for recording batch numbers or expiry dates. But with a little ingenuity, you can record and track batch and expiry dates on inventory. This video shows you our work around to give you batch numbers in MYOB. And you simply use the Inventory Register to find all transactions recorded with batch numbers. If you like the video, please like it and subscribe to our channel. It will encourage me to do more.
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Managing Duplicate Contacts Using Google
Duplicating contacts is really common and happens when you're syncing contacts from multiple sources. This video will show you how to merge and remove duplicate contacts using Google and your gmail account to help you clean up your phone!
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Diabetes : Managing Your Numbers is Not Enough - Wellness Wednesday, January 25, 2017
If you’re new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/1qG64Ie In this week's edition of Wellness Wednesday, Dr. Kevin talked about diabetes. He explains how managing your numbers with medication is not the same as managing your insulin levels. He talked about how your body processes leptin, sugar, and insulin. Go here → http://999ktdy.com Like us → http://facebook.com/999ktdy Follow us → http://twitter.com/999ktdy Get our newsletter → http://999ktdy.com/newsletter/ For any licensing requests please contact [email protected]
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Kevin Negaard on Managing Resources, Time & Numbers in a Growing Church
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen in during this busy season. Today I’m honored to have Kevin Negaard with us. Kevin is the executive director at Sunnybrook Community Church. Sunnybrook was started in the 1960s, but had a turnaround in the early 2000s and became almost a new church. Kevin never intended to work for the church and actually led the search committee for the next executive director. But then he realized he was being called to the job and had all of the experience they were looking for in a candidate. He has now been there for three years. Sunnybrook is a very laid back church. As Kevin says, if you’re wearing a tie, they know you’re a visitor. He describes the church as practical, but biblically based. Kevin is here today to talk with us about how we can manage our time and resources well among the church and the staff. Be good stewards of your time. // Kevin came from a medical background, running a practice of orthopedic surgeons where everyone was constantly on the move. When he first came to work for Sunnybrook, Kevin took the time to just learn about the rest of the staff and how many hours they actually worked and what their weeks were like. Out of 17 people at the time, only one said they worked 40 hours - everyone else worked less than 40 hours. It’s important to have a good understanding of what your staff does and how they spend their time. Get the actual details from the staff. // Don’t ever assume you know what your staff does and how much time they spend in their work. Get the actual details from the staff themselves. Have each staff member create a schedule that shows what they are doing and when they are doing it so that you can make the most of everyone’s time and get the best out of your staffing budget. This doesn’t have to be limited to hours in the office. It can also include hours at home studying, or being out meeting and ministering to people. Knowing the specifics helps immensely in informing you how best to use your resources and time. “Ministry enhancement money.” // Sunnybrook has an expectation that their staff will work hard, but they also reward their staff for this work. Not unlike the business world, Sunnybrook will offer merit raises and bonuses when people have gone above and beyond. Another perk for the staff is what Sunnybrook calls “ministry enhancement money.” This is $100 a month in addition to a staff's regular salary that can be used for anything that will help with their ministry, whether it is taking someone out, covering the cost of babysitting for a church event, or even buying a new cell phone. These little things are a way of saying "thank you" for a staff member's hard work. What are you doing in your ministry? // One way that Kevin helps keep his staff accountable and keeps himself in the loop is by meeting with them each week. He asks his staff to tell him what they are doing in their ministry. What have they changed since the last time they met? What are they doing to bring more people to Christ? Kevin encourages his staff to change up their ministry and try new things. Be constant tinkerers, he tells his staff. Spiritual development is important, but numbers are also an important part of ministry. Every number represents a life that is going to heaven or hell. Bringing in more people to Christ means that more souls are being saved, and so it’s vital to try new ways to bring those numbers in. You can learn more about Sunnybrook Community Church at their website, SunnybrookChurch.org. Episode Highlights 00:42 // Rich introduces Kevin Negaard and welcomes him to the show. 01:06 // Kevin talks about his role at Sunnybrook Community Church. 02:09 // Kevin gives us a flavor of what to experience at the church. 03:28 // Kevin talks about his approach to his role. 05:19 // Kevin talks about how he makes the staff at Sunnybrook accountable. 06:34 // Kevin talks us through some of the changes he’s made and his expectations for the future. 08:27 // Kevin highlights the importance of having focus on the numbers together with spiritual development. 11:06 // Kevin gives examples of things they’ve implemented from the business world. 13:27 // Kevin talks about the expectations of the staff at Sunnybrook. 14:44 // Kevin highlights some of the results they’ve seen from increasing expectations.
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#4 Managing number range filters
Table Filter for Confluence add-on is equipped with the number range filter. You can add this filter type for any column of your table containing numbers or decimal numbers. It allows you to specify the number range for showing data in the table. Alternatively, you can set the start or end value instead of the number range. Both cardinals and decimals are supported. Try it in action at https://goo.gl/0y0YlY
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Programming in BASIC on the Color Computer - Chapter 26 - Managing Numbers
Chapter 26 on programming in BASIC on the Color Computer is called Managing Numbers, and it introduces us to array variables. An array variable allows you to create subsets of data within a particular variable name. If you need to store 10 numbers into variables, for example, instead of assigning 10 different variable names to each number, you can DIM and ARRAY of 10 and store 10 different numbers as SUBSETS of that array. For example, to store 10 numbers into an array A, you would start by DIM A(10) to allocate 10 subset locations for variable A You can then READ in that data, or inject the values into each subset variable any way you see fit, including FOR... NEXT loops, READ, etc. One area where this was helpful for me in the past was dealing with managing, sorting, and storing high score tables for video games. You can support this channel, it's content, and it's endeavors buy purchasing some Retro SWAG (merchandise) or becoming a patron, links below. Become a patron: https://patreon.com/ogsteviestrow CoCo Merchandise: http://8bit256.com CoCo Links: http://imacoconut.com CoCoTALK! http://cocotalk.live ogStevieStrow: http://ogsteviestrow.com Custom artwork designed by Instagram artist Joel M. Adams: https://www.instagram.com/artistjoelmadams/
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Peter Walen: Managing Releases by the Numbers (Really?)
How many of us have heard something like "We need to base release and deployment decisions on hard facts"? That sounds reasonable until we look at what exactly that entails. What is behind the "facts"? Are they as solid and emotion free as we think they are? Can we reach release and deployment decisions other ways, like maybe talking through them, with emotion and feelings? Join Pete Walen as he looks at these challenges and problems he has been facing and successfully addressing as a tester and product manager at many organizations. He'll describe his first experience with "feeling based decisions" and how he has applied the ideas ever since.
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Managing Diabetes
Eat well, move more, and know your numbers. And see your health care team regularly—they can help you stay on track. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: http://www.cdc.gov/SocialMedia/Tools/CommentPolicy.html This video can also be viewed at https://www.cdc.gov/diabetestv/videos/YHMANAGE230.mov
Calculating Numbers on a Rental Property [Using The Four Square Method!]
Learn how to analyze a rental property with the unique "four square" method and make sure your next rental property investment is a cash cow! In this video from BiggerPockets.com, Brandon Turner (author of The Book on Rental Property Investing and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast) shares with you the step by step method for determining the monthly cash flow and cash on cash return for any rental property investment. Calculating the numbers on a rental property doesn't need to be difficult - and this video proves it.
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GradleSummit2014 - Managing Jenkins With Gradle - Gary Hale
Managing Jenkins with Gradle by Gary Hale: Jenkins is a core part of your continuous delivery pipeline and should be managed with a degree of discipline. Managing large numbers of Jenkins Jobs can be challenging and tedious, especially when many of your jobs are nearly identical and only differ by a few values. This session will introduce the Gradle Jenkins Plugin and demonstrate how it can be used to take the pain out of maintaining a Jenkins environment from small projects with a few jobs up to large environments with hundreds of jobs. Gradle Summit: www.gradlesummit.com/ Gradle Summit is the world's first conference for the award-winning Gradle open source build automation tool. If you are new to Gradle or if you already use Gradle, you can't afford to miss this unique opportunity. Gradle Summit is the perfect place for new users to learn Gradle quickly and for existing users to understand advanced use cases.
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