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How To Configure Internet Schedule On Mikrotik Router
How To Configure Internet Schedule On Mikrotik Router. Mikrotik schedule internet access, mikrotik scheduler, how to configure mikrotik router for internet, mikrotik scheduler not running script, mikrotik firewall time schedule, mikrotik scheduled reboot, how to configure mikrotik router step by step, mikrotik setup home router.
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Mikrotik reboot automatic
ตั่งค่า Mikrotik ให้ reboot ตัวเอง
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MikroTik Router Auto Mail Backup
This video will show how to use email tool of a MikroTik Router for sending backup file via mail. Also it will show how to write a script in MikroTik Router and how to create a Scheduler that will run any script in your desired time interval. To get script please visit http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-router-auto-backup-via-email and follow the steps carefully.
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mikrotik script
mikrotik скрипт добавления ip
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Limit Uptime User Hotspot Mikrotik #MK8
Daftar Tutorial Mikrotik Lengkap : https://youtu.be/aWgSA62mLXM?list=PLC0hfHd4S75_tDWWOLoWIO699nNx0RWZS MY SOCIALS: My Website ► http://izshare.com/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/IlfanZulkarnain Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/ilfan.zulkarnain Google Plus ► https://plus.google.com/+IlfanZulkarnain limit uptime user hotspot, pengaturan waktu user hotspot mirkotik
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MikroTik Tutorial 43 - Set Time Limit for Hotspot Users
Learn MikroTik RouterOs Tutorial Series (english) ----- Uptime table ----- Without User manager ------------------------------------- 7d 00:00:00 = 1 week 28d 00:00:00 = 1 month 365d 00:00:00 = 1 Year User manager ---------------------- 1m = 1 minute 1h = 1 hour 1d = 1 day 4w = 4 weeks (1 month) 4w3d = 4 weeks + 3 day 365d = 1 year Scripts & codes for this video can be found on my website: www.tksja.com Music: Aretes by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100325 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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MikroTik Tutorial 76 - Schedule an automatic reboot of your router
Learn MikroTik RouterOs Tutorial Series (english) In this tutorial I will show you how to use the scheduler tool to automatically reboot your router.
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Cara membuat script atau scheduler berjalan setelah reboot mikrotik
Ini adalah cara yg saya gunakan agar script pada scheduler berjalan otomatis setelah mikrotik di reboot atau startup. Cara ini sangat2x sederhana tetapi masih banyak yg tidak mengetahuinya bahkan masih sangat sedikit pembahasan mengenai hal ini, jadi pada video kali ini saya akan membuatkan video tutorial cara menjalankan script setelah mikrotik reboot atau startup, dan sebagai contoh kali ini kita akan mengedit sebuah scipt auto update time mikrotik agar di eksekusi setelah mikrotik reboot bukan berdasarkan scheduler yg berjalan berulang2x tiap waktu. Tanpa basa basi silahkan simak videonya baik2x dan jangan lupa tinggalkan subscribe dan komen yg baik jika kalian suka. Video auto update tanggal dan waktu di mikrotik bisa liat ke sini: https://youtu.be/7SRhsBD_vt8 Jangan lewatkan situs untuk mendapatkan uang gratis dari internet: Situs 1 https://goo.gl/uRQHMZ Situs 2 https://goo.gl/eWS5QR Situs 3 https://goo.gl/WmUz7G Silahkan liat video lainnya di sini: https://goo.gl/vkkvn5 JIKA INGIN BERTANYA, JANGAN RAGU UNTUK BERTANYA MELALUI KOMENTAR DI BAWAH VIDEO dan jika baik hati kami menampung sumbangannya demi kemajuan channel ini: BRI a/n ROHMATULLAH RIFAI 486201017200530 Ingin belajar dan tau banyak hal tentang mikrotik, warnet dan hotspot silahkan tombol SUBSCRIBE warna merah kami di bawah video ini! Terima Kasih ^_^
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Scheduler auto reboot on mikrotik
Dont Forget To Subscribe Like & Share :) Website https://mikrosys.id
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Force Update do CLouD do Mikrotik
Nesse video eu ensino como força a atualização do IP Publico para acesso via cloud do Mikrotik /system script add name=DDNS owner=admin policy=ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive source=\ "ip cloud force-update" /system scheduler add interval=5m name=DDNS on-event=DDNS policy=ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive start-time=\ startup / ................................................................................................................ /ip cloud force-update ................................................................................................................ CONTATOS Tel: (47) 9 8455-7968 E-mail: [email protected]
How to auto backup for mikrotik
Mikrotik auto backup send to email
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Configurazione Mikrotik con Script
configurazione degli apparati mikrotik con lo script di base
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74  MTCNA   Mikrotik   Script
تم رفع الاكواد على الرابط التالي : http://muhammedessa.com/mtcna-mikrotik-update3/
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MikroTik Router Auto Backup via Email
This video will show how to use MikroTik email tool for sending backup file via email. It will also show how to write a script in MikroTik Router and how to create a Scheduler that will execute any script in your desired time interval. For more details, visit: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-router-auto-backup-via-email
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Mikrotik Block/Stop User Access Internet by Mac/IP Address
Mikrotik Block/Stop User Access Internet by Mac/IP Address
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Setup Schedule Time Allow or Deny Internet Access on Mikrotik
in this video i want to show all of you about how to Setup Schedule Time Allow or Deny Internet Access on Mikrotik. for more video : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0jzG5XnZIloFGuQ6tlFNg
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Criando DDNS para Mikrotik NO-IP
Atenção não tire as aspas que ficam entre as alterações que serão feitas. Copie tudo abaixo : # No-IP automatic Dynamic DNS update #--------------- Change Values in this section to match your setup ------------------ # No-IP User account info :local noipuser "EMAIL DA CONTA NO-IP" :local noippass "SENHA DA CONTA" # Set the hostname or label of network to be updated. # Hostnames with spaces are unsupported. Replace the value in the quotations below with your host names. # To specify multiple hosts, separate them with commas. :local noiphost "hostname.no-ip.net" # Change to the name of interface that gets the dynamic IP address :local inetinterface "INTERFACE QUE RECEBE O LINK" #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # No more changes need :global previousIP :if ([/interface get $inetinterface value-name=running]) do={ # Get the current IP on the interface :local currentIP [/ip address get [find interface="$inetinterface" disabled=no] address] # Strip the net mask off the IP address :for i from=( [:len $currentIP] - 1) to=0 do={ :if ( [:pick $currentIP $i] = "/") do={ :set currentIP [:pick $currentIP 0 $i] } } :if ($currentIP != $previousIP) do={ :log info "No-IP: Current IP $currentIP is not equal to previous IP, update needed" :set previousIP $currentIP # The update URL. Note the "\3F" is hex for question mark (?). Required since ? is a special character in commands. :local url "http://dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update\3Fmyip=$currentIP" :local noiphostarray :set noiphostarray [:toarray $noiphost] :foreach host in=$noiphostarray do={ :log info "No-IP: Sending update for $host" /tool fetch url=($url . "&hostname=$host") user=$noipuser password=$noippass mode=http dst-path=("no-ip_ddns_update-" . $host . ".txt") :log info "COLE AQUI SEU HOST CRIADO NO NO IP" } } else={ :log info "No-IP: Previous IP $previousIP is equal to current IP, no update needed" } } else={ :log info "No-IP: $inetinterface is not currently running, so therefore will not update." }
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Clear mikrotik router log file
Clear log file in mikrotik router
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Mikrotik Setup Rule Time Allow or Deny Internet
in this video i want to show all of you about Mikrotik Setup Rule Time Allow or Deny Internet. for more video : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpVZG9R8l7-qRwA1qZBw0w
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How to export configuration mikrotik to text file
This video could assist you the way, how to export configure on Mikrotik to text file.
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Automatically MikroTik Router Backup send to Email
this video is about how to backup your mikrotik router configuration file and send it to email automaticaty...... follow those steps... 1. configure email on your router. 2. create a new script.... 3. create a scheduler for that script... :log info "Mikrotik Backup JOB Started . . . " :global backupfile configbackup :log info "Deleting old Backup File If available otherwise ignore & process further . . . " /system backup save name=$backupfile :log info "Backup process pausing for 10s so it complete creating backup file" :delay 10s :log info "Start Sending Backup File via Email. . . ." tool e-mail send [email protected] subject=([/system clock get date] . \ " mikrotik Backup") body="backup file" start-tls=yes file=$backupfile :delay 40s :log info "Backup Finished" :log info "Deleting Backup File." /file remove $backupfile
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mikrotik system information Mikrotik System Health History Identity License-mikrotik bangla tutorial
mikrotik system information Mikrotik System Health History Identity License-mikrotik bangla tutorial -Routerboard ssh clock Package resource backup -- Makes a full system backup check-disk -- Check disk for errors check-installation -- Check installed packages clock -- Print/change system date and time console -- Connection over serial port default-configuration -- health -- Router health history -- Command history identity -- System identity license -- Licensing information logging -- Global logging configuration note -- Login note ntp -- server package -- Software packages reboot -- Restart the router reset-configuration -- resource -- System resources routerboard -- Routerboard options scheduler -- Schedule scripts to be run at times script -- Scripting management serial-terminal -- Serial Terminal shutdown -- Shut the router down ssh -- sup-output -- Create support output file telnet -- Run Telnet upgrade -- Router upgrading watchdog -- Watchdog export -- Print or save an export script that can be used to restore configurati on Please subscriber our channel for new free video . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ## Check out my All free video list : https://goo.gl/pK3kwP ## twitter Link: https://goo.gl/wQ8fpG ## Facebook link : www.fb.com/sumon15 ## dailymotion Link : http://goo.gl/FDvkUC ## my personal site : http://rahmantutor.blogspot.com/ ## https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQWPofva3gOsPCvjJ95Sb3A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- copy right by rahman tutor. more info : www.fb.com/sumon15
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script backup harian mikrotik di modem ZTE
Membuat script backup mikrotik terjadwal yang di upload ke ftp server sendiri dan di install di modem ZTE menggunakan flash disk Kenapa kita backup di modem agar kalo ada kendala di mikrotik, kita bisa mengambil backup di tempat lain dan backup file anda tidak rusak bersama hardware mikrotik anda link tutorial setting dmz di modem ZTE https://youtu.be/HXpMPnjlCks Script backup # Set local variables. Change the value in "" to reflect your environment. :local hostname "NAMA rb"; :local password "password ftp" :local username "user ftp" :local ftpserver "" # Set Filename variables. Do not change this unless you want to edit the format of the filename. :local time [/system clock get time]; :local date ([:pick [/system clock get date] 0 3] \ . [:pick [/system clock get date] 4 6] \ . [:pick [/system clock get date] 7 11]); :local filename "$hostname-$date"; # Create backup file and export the config. export compact file="$filename" /system backup save name="$filename" :log info "Backup Created Successfully" # Upload config file to FTP server. /tool fetch address=$ftpserver src-path="$filename.rsc" \ user=$username mode=ftp password=$password \ dst-path="/usb1_1/backup/$filename.rsc" upload=yes delay 40s # Upload backup file to FTP server. /tool fetch address=$ftpserver src-path="$filename.backup" \ user=$username mode=ftp password=$password \ dst-path="/usb1_1/backup/$filename.backup" upload=yes delay 30s :log info "Backup Uploaded Successfully" # Delete created backup files once they have been uploaded # so they don't accumulate and fill up storage space on the router. /file remove "$filename.rsc" /file remove "$filename.backup" :log info "Local Backup Files Deleted Successfully"
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Centralized Backup Mikrotik Dengan Cronjob Linux
mikrotik linux Centralized Backup Mikrotik Backup Mikrotik Mikrotik Linux Linux Mikrotik Cronjob
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Has my Mikrotik router been hacked?!?!? How to fix!
Check if your Mikrotik Router is hacked, and follow these steps to secure it again for the future! Mikrotik Blog: https://blog.mikrotik.com/ Auto update script: https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Upgrading_RouterOS#RouterOS_auto-upgrade
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Video Demo Billing For Hotspot - PPPoE : MixBillMan v5.1 Plus Full Feature - TopSETTING.COM
New Version Demo [view only] : https://sample.topsetting.com:2143/ username : demo password : demo MixBillMan v5.1 Plus Full Featured - full integrated with mikrotik - hotspot and pppoe support - new admin login design, new invoice design, new voucher design, include qrcode - voucher generator support code only and username + password, direct input to mikrotik - profile generator include with on login script for every profile for managing user expire time - create pppoe member support static ip and dynamic ip - different feature permission for admin and sales account - different income reports for each sales account - each sales cannot see voucher which generate by other sales account - each sales only can see their log activity - allocating one router for every sales - usermanager support (customer,router,user,profile,profile limitation,limitation,log,session,backup restore usermanager database, print voucher) - mikrotik access support (resource, interface and graph, hotspot list, hotspot online, hotspot expire, ppp list and ppp online, dhcp lease, ip binding, walled garden, ip host, script, scheduler, netwatch... add, edit, remove, make static dhcp lease, make binding) - auto add and remove scheduler if voucher used for first time for managing expire time. - auto add and remove scheduler if create or recharge hotspot/pppoe member for managing expire time - even recharge hotspot member, rest time will be added to new limit uptime and new scheduler start date and start time will be added - mixbillman backup restore database support - router status on dashboard - log record on dashboard - multi router support and multi api ports support - not must always online for 24 hours Information : website : https://topsetting.com email : [email protected] mobile : +62 813 6446 0755
Fala galera!!! quero compartilha com vocês uma ideia legal, que eu estava precisando e espero que seja útil pra vocês. Objetivo: Ao cair 1 link envia um E-mail. 1º PASSO - CONFIGURA O EMAIL TOOLS/EMAIL 2º PASSO - FAZER SCRIPT DE ENVIO DE EMAIL :global dia ([:pick [/system clock get date] 4 6]) :global mes ([:pick [/system clock get date] 0 3]) :global ano ([:pick [/system clock get date] 7 11]) :gl hora [/sys cl get time] :global rb [/system id get name] /tool e-mail send [email protected] [email protected] subject="LINK1 CAIU" body="LINK1 CAIU $dia-$mes-$ano-$hora" 3º PASSO - FAZER SCRIPT DE VERIFICAÇÃO DO PPPOE /interface pppoe-client monitor pppoe-LINK1 once do={ :if ($status != "connected") do={/system script run link1caiu}} 4º PASSO - CRIAR UM SCHEDULER PRA RODA O SCRIPT EM TEMPO EM TEMPO.
Mikrotik How to Config Kid control to Manage your child
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MikroTik Router Configuration File Auto Backup via Email | Part-22
In this video, I will share how to MikroTik Router Configuration File Auto Backup via Email or FTP or any other server.A regular task of a network administrator is to store configuration file backup. Almost every network administrator takes configuration file backup manually. But MikroTik router provides an E-mail tool by which network administrators can automate configuration file backup regularly via email and can reduce his/her daily manual task easily. E-mail tool is not configured by default in MikroTik router. So, network administrators must configure E-mail tool as well as do some scripting for getting email backup service. Today we will do tutorials on the following topics. 1. Email configuration 2. Writing script for storing backup and sending Email 3. Creating scheduler for executing script regularly ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scripting code: http://bit.ly/2DzofQP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Mikrotik_auto_backup #Mikrotik_restore_configuration_file 😇😇 If you have any Questions, type #Backdoor_Dhaka then ask your Questions. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ 🌏🌏🌏 For Advanced Learning 🌏🌏🌏 👉 https://backdoordhaka.blogspot.com 🔳🔳🔳 BELOW QUESTION SOLUTION THIS VIDEO 🔳🔳🔳 How to Block any website using Mikrotik Router Firewall Configuration Mikrotik How to Block Window Update MikroTik Router Auto Mail Backup MikroTik Router Auto Backup via Email Automatically MikroTik Router Backup send to Email how to auto backup to email from mikrotik Mail Send from Mikrotik to your Gmail Account. Automatically backup and email of router configuration Mikrotik Backup Configuration to Email How to auto backup for mikrotik Mikrotik Configuration Backup Backup and Restore Configuration Mikrotik Mikrotik Email Setup Send E-mail From Mikrotik to your Gmail account Mikrotik Email Setup with Gmail Account Automatically MikroTik Router Backup send to Email E-mail Mikrotik Backup Mikrotik Backup and Export Configuration to Gmail How to Backup Mikrotik Router Configuration File How to Backup and restore Mikrotik Router Configuration Files Mikrotik Router Backup and Restore Process 📞📞 ☎️📺 📻 ✆ SOCIAL SITES ✆📻📺☎️📞📞 👉Facebook Myself: https://facebook.com/monirprofile 👉Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/backdoordhaka 👉Twitter: https://twitter.com/backdoordhaka 👉Whatsapp: +8801918 388 377
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MTCNA self-study Bahasa Indonesia
Bagi yang berminat, Silahkan kontak GLC: http://www.glcnetworks.com Outline MTCNA selfstudy: INTRODUCTION - intro to GLC - intro to Mikrotik (product, training, certification) - Class topology BASIC SKILLS - mikrotik installation (from iso file & netinstall) - accessing mikrotik - mikrotik CLI - setup password, identity - Mikrotik License - ARP mode - default configuration - backup & restore - mikrotik tools: bandwidth test, torch, send email, send sms - DHCP server & client - DNS setup (Client & server) - NTP setup (client & server) - downgrade & upgrade router OS - script & scheduler - monitoring: graphing, profiling, widget, snmp - logging BASIC NETWORKING (REVIEW) - 7 OSI layer - encapsulation process & overhead - addressing (MAC & IP) - subnetting - application port - ARP concept WIRELESS - wifi standards - wifi operation mode: BSS, ESS, SSID, DS, WDS - wifi band & channel - wireless loss: cable, free space - fresnel zone - link budget - antenna - setup mikrotik as an Access Point or Station - wireless tools: scanner, snooper - nstreme - nv2 - 802.11n - wireless briding - WDS - Wireless security: WEP, WPA, access list, connect list - wireless forwarding - virtual access point FIREWALL - iptables concept - applying filter, NAT, & mangle table - address-list - connection state - connection tracking QOS - Traffic control - Simple queue & queue tree - Staged limitation - burst - PCQ ROUTING - routing concepts - implement static routing - simulate routing loop - RIP routing protocol - OSPF routing protocol - routing distance BRIDGING - bridging concepts - setup mikrotik bridge - implement switch-chip on mikrotik - implement bridge on wireless TUNNEL, VPN, PPP - tunneling concepts - EoIP + bridging - PPTP - PPPoE - PPP dial on broadband modem WEBPROXY - proxy concepts - setup explicit proxy - proxy access list - setup transparent proxy - setup cache store on different disk HOTSPOT - captive portal concepts - setup hotspot - hotspot monitoring - hotspot accesslist: IP bindings, walled garden, Walled Garden IP list
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tutorial mikrotik : membuat user dengan durasi login sekian jam tiap harinya
ini adalah tutorial mikrotik tanpa user manager, bagaimana cara membuat user dengan masa aktif tertentu tiap harinya. 1. membuat profile user dengan memanfaatkan fitur on login 2. membuat user menggunakan profile tersebut 3. dan tinggal running link script : https://goo.gl/kur6xk trims note : mohon maaf jika audio kurang bagus
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MikroTik Tutorial 30 - Bonding & Load Balancing 2 x WAN ports
Learn MikroTik RouterOs Tutorial Series (english) In this tutorial, I will show you how to configure bonding on two WAN interfaces. Website: www.tksja.com You will need any one of these Mikrotik routerboard router for this tutorial: RB951Ui-2nD hAP RB3011UIAS-RM RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN RB750Gr2 hEX RB750Gr3 RB2011iLS-IN CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN hAP lite hAP ac lite tower mAP lite wAP RB951Ui-2HnD RB951G-2HnD RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN RB941-2nD-TC
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شرح نظام يوزر كلاود الجزء الثاني عملية الربط واعدادات النظام الاساسية
شرح نظام يوزر كلاود الجزء الثاني عملية الربط واعدادات النظام الاساسية سكربت الربط : -ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ #add emteaz-soft Radius to Mikrotik /radius add service=hotspot,ppp,login address= [email protected] timeout=00:00:10 #Allow www.emteaz-softcorp.net on Walled-Garden /ip hotspot walled-garden remove numbers=[/ip hotspot walled-garden find ] /ip hotspot walled-garden ip remove numbers=[/ip hotspot walled-garden ip find] /ip hotspot walled-garden ip add action=accept disabled=no dst-host=emteaz-soft.com #allow emteaz-soft viewer /ip hotspot walled-garden ip add action=accept disabled=no dst-address= /ip dns set allow-remote-requests=yes cache-size=42048KiB max-udp-packet-size=44096 \ servers=",,,,,,8\,,," #set user shared /ip hotspot user profile set shared-users=1 keepalive-timeout=03:00:00 mac-cookie-timeout=3d numbers=0 /ip hotspot user profile add name=read :if ($v = 5) do={ /ip hotspot profile set hsprof1 login-by=http-chap use-radius=yes radius-accounting=yes radius-interim-update=0 } else={ /ip hotspot profile set hsprof1 login-by="http-chap,mac-cookie" use-radius=yes split-user-domain=yes radius-accounting=yes radius-interim-update=0 }; #set accoming accept /radius incoming set accept=yes port=1700 #update hotspot name /system script add name="cloud-hotspot" policy= ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon source= {:if ([/ip hotspot get 0 name] != [/system license get software-id]) do={/ip hotspot set 0 name=[/system license get software-id]; /log info "Hotspot Name updated";}} /system script add name="cloud-identity" policy= ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon source= {:if ([/system identity get name] != [/system license get software-id]) do={/system identity set name=[/system license get software-id]; /log info "identity Name updated";}} /system scheduler add interval=1m name=user-cloud on-event="/system script run cloud-hotspot\r\ \n/system script run cloud-identity " policy=ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon start-date=oct/20/2017 start-time=17:31:44 #set time for Asia/Aden thailand /system ntp client set enabled=yes primary-ntp= secondary-ntp= /system clock set time-zone-name=Asia/Aden ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ https://www.facebook.com/emteazsoft1 https://www.facebook.com/emteazsoft http://emteaz-soft.com/ [email protected] http://emteaz-soft.com/rw ادارة النظام http://emteaz-soft.com/qu ادارة الاستعلام عن الرصيد http://emteaz-soft.com/qc ادارة الشحن الفوري
Script On Up & On Down On PPP Profiles MikroTik By Amnuay Pintong
Script On Up & On Down On PPP Profiles MikroTik By Amnuay Pintong download file script : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-4xV6rVeUayUUFpM1V5SVRZT28/view?usp=sharing
fasttrack in mikrotik
fasttrack in mikrotik
Mikrotik Monitoring Host by Netwatch with email alert
Mikrotik Monitoring Host by Netwatch with email alert
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free hotspot login + expiration date+change password user on MikrotikAPI By Cha Chi
downloadได้ที่ www.mikrotikcloud.com password : mikrotikcloud.com การกำหนดวันหมดอายุ มีรูปแบบดังนี้ 1.สร้างโปรไฟล์ในโปรแกรม เข้าดาต้าเบสและmikrotik ระบบจะสร้างสคริปที่ on-login และกำหนดราคาเพื่อคิดรายรับ 2.สร้างสคริปตัด user เฉพาะโปรไฟล์ที่ต้องการตัดเท่านั้น สร้างให้หมดครั้งเดียว ทำผิดลบ สร้างใหม่ สคริปจะสร้างไว้ที่ scheduler 3.สร้างuser เข้าโปรไฟล์ ที่กำหนดไว้เเล้วก่อนหน้า โดยห้ามมีคอมเม้นที่ตัวuser ถ้ามีระบบจะไม่นับให้ 3.เมื่อuser login เข้าระบบครั้งแรก สคริปที่ on-login จะ เซ็ตค่า comment ที่ตัว user อัตโนมัติ 4.สคริปใน scheduler จะทำงานนาทีละครั้ง เพื่อตัดuser ที่หมดอายุแล้ว โดยคำนวนจากcomment เทียบกับเวลาของmikrotik ถ้าหมดอายุสคริปจะทำการ set user ให้ limit-uptime เป็น1s ทำให้userไม่สามารถใช้งานได้ 5.ในวันถัดมาสคริปจะทำ disable user ที่หมดอายุแล้ว 6.แล้วสคริปจะทำการลบ user ที่disable ตามที่เราตั้งตอนสร้างสคริป โดยเริ่มนับจากวันที่หมดอายุแล้วไปกี่วันตามกำหนด 7.สามารถกำหนดวันหมดอายุได้ทั้ง hotspot และpppoe 8.ในส่วนของ usermanager สามารถแสดงรายรับได้ โดยลักษณะการสร้างเหมือนกัน คือต้องสร้างโปรไฟล์ด้วยโปรแกรมและสร้างuser ห้ามกำหนด comment เอง
Как извлечь данные из ARP таблицы Mikrotik Routerboard
Как извлечь данные из ARP таблицы Mikrotik Routerboard и занести их в MySQL. Видео к статье : http://asp24.com.ua/obzor/mikrotik-statji/ip/arp/kak-izvlechj-arp-tablitsu-iz-mikrotik-routerboard-i-zanesti-yee-v-mysql/ от asp24.com.ua, asp24.ru
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Mikrotik Restrict Wireless access  based on time of day
Setup: - clock - ntp server (optional) -Add filter rulles Music: bensound-straight
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Automatically backups Script to Gmail
Script backup ได้ทั้งนามสกุล .backup และ .rsc adminmail1 และ gmailid แนะนำให้ใช้ Gmail เดียวกัน จะเป็นการส่งถึงตัวเอง backups Script to Gmail คัดลองด้านล่าง # Automatically backups. :log warning "Start Backup MikroTik Router . . . " :global backupfile (backup_[/system identity get name]) :global mikrotikexport (export_[/system identity get name]) :global sub1 ([/system identity get name]) :global sub2 ([/system clock get date]) :global adminmail1 (ใส่ Gmail ที่จะส่งถึง @gmail.com) :global gmailid (ใส่ Gmail ที่ใช้ส่ง @gmail.com) :global gmailpwd (ใส่ password ของ Gmail) :global gmailip :set gmailip [:resolve "smtp.gmail.com"]; :log warning "Creating a new backup file. . . " /system backup save name=(backup_[/system identity get name]) /export file=(export_[/system identity get name]) :log warning "Pause backup process for 10 seconds so that it can complete the backup, if the system is busy …" :delay 10s :log info "Sending Files created via Email. . ." /tool e-mail send to=$adminmail1 password=$gmailpwd subject="$sub1 $sub2 file backup" from=$gmailid file=(backup_[/system identity get name].".backup") server=$gmailip start-tls=yes /tool e-mail send to=$adminmail1 password=$gmailpwd subject="$sub1 $sub2 file rsc" from=$gmailid file=(export_[/system identity get name].".rsc") server=$gmailip start-tls=yes :log warning "Backup completed successfully." :delay 20s # Automatically delete old backups. /file remove (backup_[/system identity get name].".backup") /file remove (export_[/system identity get name].".rsc") :log warning "Backup file remove completed. . ."
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MikroTik Tutorial 72 - Monitor network links using Netwatch
Learn MikroTik RouterOs Tutorial Series (english) In this tutorial I will show you how to monitor your network links using netwatch. This feature can be used to monitor your internet or local area connections. Script: /tool netwatch add down-script=":global myVarDownTime\r\ \n:set myVarDownTime \"\$[/system clock get time]\"\r\ \n:log error \"WAN link is down\"" host= up-script=":global myVarDo\ wnTime\r\ \n:log error \"WAN link is up again\"\r\ \n/tool e-mail send to=\"[email protected]\" subject=\"\$[/sy\ stem identity get name] WAN Link is up on \$[/system clock get time]. Down\ \_from \$myVarDownTime\"" Mikrotik supported devices --------------------------------------------- RB951Ui-2nD,hAP RB3011UIAS-RM RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN RB750Gr2 hEX,RB750Gr3 RB2011iLS-IN CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN hAP lite hAP ac mAP wAP RB951Ui-2HnD RB951G-2HnD RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN RB941-2nD-TC RB2011iL-RM RB2011UiAS-IN RB2011UiAS-RM RB1100AHx4 CCR1009-7G-1C-PC CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+PC LDF 5 SXTsq Lite5 DISC Lite5 SXT Lite2 SXTsq 5 ac LHG 2 Groove 52 LHG 5 LHG XL 2 LHG HP5 SXT 2 LHG OmniTIK 5 BaseBox wAP 60G,SEXTANT G OmniTIK 5 mANTBox QRT DynaDish
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Configure your MikroTik router as an Access Point wireless router
In this lab, you will learn how to configure your MikroTik Router to act as an Access Point Wireless Router. You will learn how to set up and DHCP client, DHCP server, NAT, configure a Wireless connectivity such as security profile, Frequency pickup. You can check the full lab on: http://maict-consult.com/connect-mikrotik-router-internet-configure-wireless-access-point/ Don't forget to like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/maictraining You can also buy my MikroTik courses by 10$ USD each using the following coupon link: MikroTik LABS for Beginners: https://www.udemy.com/mikrotik-labs-for-beginners/?couponCode=COUPONHALFPRICE Learn MikroTik ROUTE with Hands-on LABs from sratch: https://www.udemy.com/learn-mikrotik-route-with-hands-on-labs-from-scratch/?couponCode=OLDSTUDENTS For more labs, you can visit our website: http://www.maict-consult.com
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task scheduler
ini tugas sistem operasi tentang cara penggunaan task scheduler
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SCRIPT PARA REINICIAR O MIKROTIK Redes Sociais Site: http://www.i7telecom.com.br Facebook: https://goo.gl/0X9OjG Twitter: https://goo.gl/DEMhmd Canal: https://goo.gl/OnNd43 2º Canal de Gameplayers https://goo.gl/ZmGDb9 Google+ https://goo.gl/RmvNOY Trabalhamos com as seguintes formas de pagamentos para consultoria e configuração, DEPOSITO ou TRANSFERÊNCIA online segue lista dos bancos. Bradesco Caixa Itau Brasil Pagamento com Cartão de Credito (PAYPAL) + Informações www.i7telecom.com.br Fone 55 11 98029-2250 Canal: http://youtube.com/i7telecom - inscreva-se no canal. Se voce gosto do video click no like! Compartilha o video, inscreva-se no canal. * NOSSO SITE * * http://www.i7telecom.com.br * EMAIL * / SOMENTE PARA CONSULTORIA E SUPORTE. * [email protected] * SKYPE * / SOMENTE PARA CONSULTORIA E SUPORTE. * emersonluys ou emerson_lluis * FONE * / SOMENTE PARA CONSULTORIA E SUPORTE. * 55 - 11 9.8029-2250 * WHATSAPP / SOMENTE PARA CONSULTORIA E SUPORTE. * 55 - 11 9.8029-2250 * SUPORTE REMOTO PARA TODO O BRASIL *
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Cisco Auto Backup Config to FTP Server with "kron" Feature
Cisco Auto Backup Config to FTP Server with "kron" Feature
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MikroTik Tutorial 69 -  Automatically backup and email of router configuration
Learn MikroTik RouterOs Tutorial Series (english) Scripts & codes for this video: /export file=export /tool e-mail send to="[email protected]" subject="$[/system identity get name] export" \ body=" configuration file $[/system clock get date]" file=export.rsc Mikrotik supported devices RB951Ui-2nD,hAP RB3011UIAS-RM RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN RB750Gr2 hEX,RB750Gr3 RB2011iLS-IN CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN hAP lite hAP ac mAP wAP RB951Ui-2HnD RB951G-2HnD RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN RB941-2nD-TC RB2011iL-RM RB2011UiAS-IN RB2011UiAS-RM RB1100AHx4 CCR1009-7G-1C-PC CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+PC LDF 5 SXTsq Lite5 DISC Lite5 SXT Lite2 SXTsq 5 ac LHG 2 Groove 52 LHG 5 LHG XL 2 LHG HP5 SXT 2 LHG OmniTIK 5 BaseBox wAP 60G,SEXTANT G OmniTIK 5 mANTBox QRT DynaDish
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Configuration Kron cisco system
KRON command scheduler allows to schedule command or set of command to run once or on a recurring calender. It is a way to backup your configuration !!!
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Schedule Windows Shutdown or Reboot
This is how I shutdown or reboot my OS.
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