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Swans: Time is money (bastard)
Music video I put together for a classic Swans song... My Website: http://www.mystrangemind.com/
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SWANS - Time is Money (Bastard) [FULL EP]
'86 EP in its entirety: 1. Time is Money (Bastard) 2. Sealed in Skin 3. Time is Money (Bastard) (Mix) M Gira - Vocals Jarboe - Voice (Scream) N Westberg - Guitar Harry Crosby - Bass Ronaldo Gonzalez - Drums Score some SWANS stuff on Gira's site, all: https://younggodrecords.com/
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Time Is Money (Bastard)
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Time Is Money (Bastard) · Swans Cop/Young God, Greed/Holy Money (1984-1985/6) ℗ - 2017 Released on: 2010-09-26 Author: Swans Composer: Swans Auto-generated by YouTube.
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Swans - Greed / Time Is Money (Original CD 1986) [FULL ALBUM]
This is the UK pressing CD version of this album, before it was remixed in 1992 or remastered in 1998 as "Greed/Holy Money". The version of "Time Is Money (Bastard)" on those pressings was a shortened version of "Time Is Money (Bastard) Mix" on this pressing. 1. Fool 0:00 2. Anything For You 5:22 3. Nobody 9:55 4. Stupid Child 14:45 5. Greed 20:04 6. Heaven 26:21 7. Money Is Flesh 31:16 8. Time Is Money (Bastard) 37:36 9. Sealed In Skin 43:16 10. Time Is Money (Bastard) Mix 49:26
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Swans - A Screw (Holy Money) (live)
From A Long Slow Screw video. Really for few openminded listeners.
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Swans - Time Is Money (Bastard)
youtube only had the gay mix
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A Screw (Holy Money)
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS A Screw (Holy Money) · Swans Cop/Young God, Greed/Holy Money (1984-1985/6) ℗ - 2017 Released on: 2010-09-26 Author: Swans Composer: Swans Auto-generated by YouTube.
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Swans - (Live in UK 1986)
Live in London and Nottingham, UK 1986 (Greed/Holy Money tour) 1:A Screw 2:Anything for You 3:Coward 4:A Hanging 5:Fool Michael Gira:Vocals Jarboe:Keyboards Norman Westberg:Guitar Algis Kizys:Bass Ted Parsons:Drums 1~5:from 3rd album "Greed" ('86) and 4th album "Holy Money" ('86) *uploaded from official video tape (tag):Swans, Michael Gira, Jarboe, Norman Westberg, Algis Kizys, Ted Parsons, Greed, Holy Money, post rock, psychedelic rock, Live in UK, official video tape, live video, music video
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Swans - A Screw (Holy Money)
Holy Money (1986)
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Swans - You Need Me
You Need Me from the album "Holy Money (1986)" by Swans
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Money Is Flesh
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Money Is Flesh · Swans Cop/Young God, Greed/Holy Money (1984-1985/6) ℗ - 2017 Released on: 2010-09-26 Author: Swans Composer: Swans Auto-generated by YouTube.
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Swans - Coward
The song Coward, from their live album Public Castration is a Good Idea (1986), which btw imho the best Swans album ever. I could not find it, so I uploaded it. And it's HD All (copy)rights to their respected owners. I own nothing, even my poor life is in a bank's hands. So fuck me, right?
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Swans - (intro) A Screw (Holy Money) (live)
The beginning of A Long Slow Screw, legendary vhs tape.
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Swans - Blackmail
9th track from Children of God (1987) Lyrics: Close your eyes Close your eyes Saw the word I want to hear Say the word I want to hear Come up behind me and hold on Come up behind me and hold on Close your eyes Close your eyes Close your eyes And close in around me Say you'll do anything for me Say you'll do anything for me Say you'll do what you don't understand Close your eyes Close your eyes Come all around me and hold on I'll be your body when your body is broken
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Swans - Money Is Flesh
This is the original version found on Greed. It's mastered differently than #2, and also features different drums, and a slightly different guitar.
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U-crew Time Is Money Music Video
U-Crew's First official Video! Enjoy!
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Swans - Holy Money / A Screw (Original CD 1986)
The second album from 1986 with attached EP. 1. A Hanging 0:00 2. You Need Me 5:49 3. Fool (#2) 7:12 4. A Screw (Holy Money) 13:07 5. Another You 18:07 6. Money Is Flesh (#2) 25:51 7. Coward 30:54 8. A Screw (Holy Money) Mix 36:05 9. Blackmail 41:46 10. A Screw 46:41
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Swans - A Hanging (live) Part 1 of 2
The long A Hanging split in two, next part will start exactly at the end of this, no seconds lost!
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Swans - A Screw
Greed/Holy Money
Views: 5021 Ivica Jordanovski
Swans - Money Is Flesh
Fourth track of the live album Real Love (1986).
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Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Fool · Swans Cop/Young God, Greed/Holy Money (1984-1985/6) ℗ - 2017 Released on: 2010-09-26 Author: Swans Composer: Swans Auto-generated by YouTube.
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Swans - Sealed In Skin
Swans - Sealed In Skin (Greed 1986)
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Swans - Greed/Holy Money - Money Is Flesh
A crappy video I put together for the Swans track "Money Is Flesh". Footage taken from a documentary on a money mint.
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Swans - Cop (FULL ALBUM)
ATTENTION: If you are the owner of this content and would like this video removed, please send me a private message and I will remove it within 24 hours. Thank you. (thanks to eric for these timestamps) 0:00 Half Life 4:18 Job 9:04 Why Hide 14:54 Clay Man 20:00 Your Property 24:46 Cop 31:33 Butcher 35:35 Thug
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Swans - Fool
Swans / Greed - Holy Money / Fool
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Swans - Sealed In Skin - 1985 unfinished version
Cover your ears!! This is a rare version of Swans' Sealed In Skin from the LP accompanying issue 5 of Abstract Magazine (Spring 1985) and was recorded specifically for Abstract, the magazine has this to say on the matter: "This is Swans working on an idea, under no circumstances should this be considered a finished recording".
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Swans - A Screw (FULL EP)
This was released prior to Holy Money, it contains 3 mixes of the track A Screw, along with a version of "Blackmail", a song that would later be featured on the groups album "Children of God" in 1987. TRACKLIST: A Screw: 0:00 Blackmail: 5:00 A Screw (Mix): 9:55 A Screw (Holy Money) (No Lead Vocals): 15:36
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Swans - Stupid Child
Swans / Greed - Holy Money / Stupid Child
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Reaction: Swans - A Screw (Holy Money) (live)
please hold on to your request i have three pages of request to be done. Here the channel link for this mv https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3HVGasx2OSi9XokPRpqPGg Please subscribe to my channel Follow me on SNS and like my Facebook page links are below my twitter https://twitter.com/MadisonRice111 my faceebook:https://www.facebook.com/MadisonRice111/ my Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/MadisonRice... My Twitch: twitch.tv/madisonrice Email at Yahoo/[email protected] Gmail/[email protected]
IMAGES: 1924 GREED MOVIE (MGM). ERICH VON STROHEIM SWANS: MICHAEL GIRA vocals, samples, tape operation, piano, bass guitar, production, album cover design - JARBOE backing vocals - NORMAN WESTBERG guitar - HARRY CROSBY bass guitar - RONALDO GONZALEZ drums - TED PARSONS drums - IVAN NAHEM drums - ESTABON production assistance -
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Swans - A Long Slow Screw
In 1986, along with the A Long Slow Screw VHS came a single titled "A Long Slow Screw." Similar to the Holy Money mix found on the A Screw EP, but even more barebones. Reuploaded because the last upload had tinnitus.
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Swans - Public Castration is a Good Idea (FULL ALBUM)
are you a bad enough dude to finish it? TRACKLIST: Money Is Flesh: 0:00 Fool: 12:06 A Screw: 20:15 Anything For You: 27:42 Coward: 36:51 A Hanging: 45:25 Stupid Child: 57:58 Another You: 1:03:38
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Swans - Coward (live)
The extreme era in the eighties. From the "A Long Slow Screw" video tape. Cathartic performance, mountains of sound without melody!
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Swans - Sealed In Skin
Last track of the live album Real Love (1986).
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SWANS - "Money is Flesh"
SWANS - Public Castration Is A Good Idea - "Money Is Flesh" all rights belong to SWANS (i am borrowing borrowing media to temporarily share tasteful/underground music with the www, and it will be taken down shortly) -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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Swans Live "Coward" Part 2
Swans Live "Coward" from the A Long Slow Screw cassette
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Rae Sremmurd - No Type
“SremmLife” available Now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/SremmLife Google Play: http://smarturl.it/SremmLifeGP Amazon: http://smarturl.it/SremmLifeAmz Exclusive Fan Bundles: http://smarturl.it/SremmLifeBundle http://raesremmurd.com http://twitter.com/raesremmurd http://instagram.com/raesremmurd http://facebook.com/raesremmurd
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SWANS   Coward
SWANS @ Metro, Chicago - October 24th, 2012. Song: Coward.
Views: 395 Dave Wan
Swans - Coward (Live in Copenhagen, November 23rd, 2012)
Swans perform "Coward" off of their 1986 album "Holy Money". Recorded live @ The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 23rd, 2012.
Views: 69926 mathiasnielsen66
Anything for You
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Anything for You · Swans Cop/Young God, Greed/Holy Money (1984-1985/6) ℗ - 2017 Released on: 2010-09-26 Author: Swans Composer: Swans Auto-generated by YouTube.
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Swans - Anything For You (live)
Really a long slooow screw.
Views: 31224 prodottoscaduto
Swans - Anything For You (Hang Me)
Recorded at the I.C.A., London, March 1986 Smack My Crack - Giorno Poetry Systems - UK - 1987
Views: 1118 Rusting Shells
Swans A Hanging
copyright Swans 1986 Michael Gira. no infringement intended.
Views: 7467 adam gill
Swans: Coward (brief vocals cover)
I tried my hand (err, voice) at singing 'Coward' by Swans. First take. It's a lot harder than it seems... Gira is amazing
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Swans - Kill the Child [FULL ALBUM]
Swans full 5th live LP "Kill the Child". Recorded in 1985-1987. 1. "Like a Drug (Sha La La La)" 00:00 2. "Beautiful Child" 09:05 3. "Blind Love" 15:06 4. "Coward" 27:51 5. "Blood and Honey" 34:03 6. "Sex, God, Sex" 41:26 7. "[Untitled]" 51:53 8. "A Screw (Holy Money)" 55:30 I'm Weak, Take What's Mine.
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Swans - A Hanging
Fifth track of the live album Real Love (1986).
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