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Best & Most Beautiful Quotes about Yourself | I Love My Self Quotes & Be Yourself Quotes

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Not my business to try to impress people ...what i am , who i am that's me , that's my reality..i don't care wether they like me or not ..i do love myself and i do respect myself and i used to be as myself as well , that is the most important for me..👸👸just my opinion and motto for myself.👍👍👍✌✌
Dell Hill (23 days ago)
Iam very happy but when they tried to tell me what to do thry dpnt evenknow themself.
seven perfect girls (23 days ago)
Thnkz a lot fr ur lovng gesture & beautiful thought frever fr BEING JUST ME is mre PRETTIER, CONFIDNT & UNIQUE IN MY OWN WAY👌👌👍👍👏👏😘😘😉😊v.true im myself & I dnt impress ppl bcz im Almighty's pleaser & nt ppls pleaser but keeping smile shws gud chrctr in & out with evryone. Thnkz a ton fr encouragement guyz👌👌😉😊
Christina Escajeda (1 month ago)
Thank you♥️
Sailakshmi R (1 month ago)
Don't say this I'm not trying to impress others
k Sangeetha (2 months ago)
Cheating is not good for u, u win dis time, but whose who God knows naa, y do sending dis I don't know, I know Wt mistake I commented, I know innocent peoples r never win with the bad people's.
Virginia Lacar (2 months ago)
Thank you !!!I I don't loose hope!!!
Zahoor Shah (2 months ago)
so NYC of u
Kamil Karnale (3 months ago)
Very rightly said "BE YOUR Self."
Thank you. I will try love myself
kencho zam (3 months ago)
Alexa Watson (3 months ago)
I wanna die and start a new life with new memories, no bad memories to remember anymore. But I'll lose my precious memories, where I first time saw Voltron, where I had the most funniest time playing video games with my friends.. I don't wanna sacrifice those just because I want my traumatizing events to go away, maybe because that's what made me who I am today 💙
Jestine Myles Reyes (3 months ago)
Yah it’s true other people doesn’t need to underestimate you in other people because we are born to be ourselves and not to die with someone else
Aishwarya Aish (3 months ago)
The greatest thoughts ever
Rohan .Ghatak (3 months ago)
i am always real me, i do not please anyone. i help when people ask for it.
TruthSword (4 months ago)
Front post-DON'T live to impress people,wined up doing foolish things to live up to different people's standard. WISDOM FROM ABOVE SCRIPTURE.
Anita Bharti (4 months ago)
Gilmore Underwood (4 months ago)
maria mistretta (5 months ago)
I've been compare to others but I didn't compare anyone. When people compare its annoying. I'm happier leaving a toxic relationship. I gain freedom is power. To live a life without stressful is better then toxic people. Keith can go to he'll he ain't good for me anyways. 😁😊☺🙂 I always be myself even if other people don't see it. God loves me even if other people are blindsided. 😁 thank God I'm free from abusive people.
Cindy Conception (6 months ago)
Adventurous ,attitude,. Of others,,discovering ..what else
Gail Helena Billings (6 months ago)
I am impressing myself with a dream vacation!
Gweny Mcclay (6 months ago)
i agree but not self confident enough brought taught to love urself is a form of vanity and being vain maybe there are different interpratations of the meaning video good
sukaina Imran (6 months ago)
👌👌❤👍👍v.true & v.nice
Jeliar 1212 (7 months ago)
Kalaichelvi Thayalan (4 days ago)
M Mine Klasse mann houmd not love mann love m eine Klasse ein Frau mine happy he frebin i am ASK you frend comeimg going she is ok sagt
Lakhbir Singh (11 days ago)
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Maria Mercado Maglalang (7 months ago)
Eversince not compare my self in manners n task because i'll have my own way in well doing my task .my beauty is batural . Ugly but not vad. For loving best how to care but not available n satistying like others. Sorry i'm scared . Thank such interesting qoutes.
mehnab khan (7 months ago)
right ! I want that right one to like me and accept me
mehnab khan (7 months ago)
that's cool
mehnab khan (7 months ago)
Thank you
mehnab khan (7 months ago)
I like being myself than someone I am not😀
mehnab khan (7 months ago)
These are the best quotes ever
Maria Mercado Maglalang (7 months ago)
Yes i will, iam who am i a devoted loving unditionally. Ready to forget my self happiness.sacrificing love i only share. Because i'll cannot compare to anybody because i love my self especially the feelings of others ican fight but it's useless. I will not begging attention comes to others. Humility is my goal n vission in my life. godbless n thnx beautiful qoutes.
My self motivated motto is Do not loose the opportunities you receive.
Renaissance Man (9 months ago)
First and foremost there is actually not that much to say about it.However, I 'm gonna keep it in a civilized and descent way.Because this an issue of common descentie, taste, and style. If the above-stated quotes are referring to me l personally wouldn't make my graceful and pure words dirty on it. Since, I have been astonished by the fact that these quotes are insulting people's inner civilization and intelligence level without any valid/legitimate reasons for it.Consequently, I have just one request to you guy's would you keep it civilised, elegant and graceful please ?????
Pushkar Dharatal (11 months ago)
Peter Sampson (11 months ago)
sukaina Imran (11 months ago)
Why even I should bother whether anyone loves us r nt if ur partner is best in love it didn't mattered nobody I guess & yes respct urself beauty begins within u & fear shuld be only fr almighty Allah swt nt fr bldy ppl .no need at all to get scared f ppl when Almightys Allhs is always near & dear one fr us .👍👍👌👌😊nice video
Ashish Jain (10 months ago)
Ester Willis (1 year ago)
I am going to focus on me and nobody is going tell anything that isn't going to serve a positive ending in my life!!! I know what I want and I am not confused I will never let anyone control me that doesn't know who they realy are, what they want or where they are going!!!

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