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Love-Quotes-and-Quotations.com - Laura Love's Love Advice

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http://www.Love-Quotes-and-Quotations.com brings you Laura Love who offers advice on relationships and dating. Laura starts out with an inspirational quote and gives you practical tips for making it part of your life. Laura Love will also answer your questions on love, dating and relationships. Subscribe to my iTunes podcast by going to: http://web.mac.com/asklauralove/iWeb/Site/Podcast/Podcast.html Ask your question about love and relationships: http://www.love-quotes-and-quotations.com/relationship-advice.html
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Text Comments (3)
MsCabo (12 years ago)
good point, neveragain1982. i think that what laura love means is that you need to pick your battles wisely.
Nobel Star (12 years ago)
From Stockholm, Sweden: That is very nice. So true. And well said. Thank you for sharing this, Laura. You are beautiful. -Hans
LouRyder (12 years ago)
Happiness IS a good choice. Thanks for todays therapy session. It would have been REALLY cool if you broke out into some Purple Haze or maybe Foxy Lady after the Hendrix quote. Maybe next time. Take care. LouRyder.

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