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Setting up Email SMTP with ClickFunnels - Quick Start Guide

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Setting up your SMTP settings is not the most exciting part of using ClickFunnels, but it is necessary to be able to send emails to your customers. For those that don't understand why they need this, ClickFunnels doesn't actually have any kind of email sending service. They just have software that connects to another service (SMTP) and they do all of the sending. That's why I am providing these easy to follow instructions. Please see below: Step 1: If you have not already, sign up for a free 14 day trial with ClickFunnels: http://bit.ly/clickfunnels-offer-page Step 2: Sign up for a free account with SendGrid: https://sendgrid.com/ Make sure you have a professional email address through your domain registrar. You can also use the below options: Option 1: https://gsuite.google.com/ Instructions for setting up GSuite with clickfunnels: http://docs.clickfunnels.com/email-services/email-host-service-gsuite-integration-with-domains-purchased-within-clickfunnels Option 2: https://www.zoho.com/mail/ Instructions for setting up Zoho with clickfunnels: http://docs.clickfunnels.com/email-services/email-host-service-zoho Step 3: Follow the tutorial in the video and complete the setup. My Recommendations: ▶Best Software: http://bit.ly/clickfunnels-offer-page ▶Best Autoresponder: http://emailmarketingboss.aweber.com ▶Best Conversion Tracking: https://clickmagick.com/go/aiken23 ▶Easiest & Fastest Traffic Source: https://udimi.com/a/ijnm9 ▶Best Software To Rank Your Videos: http://bit.ly/rankwithtubebuddy I hope you got value from this video. Please make sure and subscribe to this channel and comment below if there is anything else you would like for me to cover on the next video. email marketing tips set up smpt settings clickfunnels click funnels online business small business startup russell brunson how to grow your email list
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Text Comments (59)
William Aiken (4 months ago)
Ready to get started with ClickFunnels? Get started here: http://bit.ly/clickfunnels-offer-page
Isaac Shilling (7 days ago)
Awesome Job brother, step by step is the way to go!!!
William Aiken (5 days ago)
Thanks Isaac! Appreciate you saying that! Please feel free to check out all the other videos on my channel. I am sure there is more content that you will find very helpful for you. Thanks again!
Karyl SMC Drapete (13 days ago)
Ty so much, luv how ur so clear!
William Aiken (13 days ago)
Karyl SMC Drapete I’m glad you got value! I appreciate that!
Joshua Pfeiffer (27 days ago)
William this video was very helpful but i still have further questions about the Gsuite integration
William Aiken (27 days ago)
Joshua Pfeiffer That’s awesome! I am happy you got value! If you have any further questions, I would opened a support ticket with ClickFunnels support and they will help you further.
Theo's Toy Chest (1 month ago)
thanks so much for this!
William Aiken (1 month ago)
You are very welcome! Feel free to check out my channel for more value-packed videos!
Richard Earles (1 month ago)
Hi there, now that I've set up my SMTP Settings, I want to be able to receive notifications by email for when someone fills out my contact form on my clickfunnels account. I want to send an automatic email to the person who filled out the form, as well as an email to me directly with the lead information that was captured from the client. Please help!
Sullivan Baccam (1 month ago)
I've completed the exact steps that you have mention. However, when I test my funnel as a consumer, I'm not receiving any of the emails that are set up in my automation settings for the funnel. Do you have an idea of what the issue wold be?
William Aiken (1 month ago)
Sullivan Baccam Without knowing the exact steps you took and I not being able to see your settings I cannot be sure. My main suggestion would be to contact Clickfunnels support and they will be able to see where the issue is.
Johny ; Five (1 month ago)
that was very helpful, thank u William!
William Aiken (1 month ago)
Johny ; Five Sure thing! Feel free to check out all the other videos on my channel:)
Jacob Sawall (1 month ago)
Hi so what if we just want to promote products and services I don’t have a physical product to sell and I don’t understand why I need to set this up to display funnels
William Aiken (1 month ago)
Jacob Sawall Hi Jacob, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can provide a solution for you. In short for everyone else reading, setting up SMTP settings is only necessary when you need your emails to go out and not necessarily has anything to do with products and services. SMPT doesn’t have anything to do with funnels, just the sending of your emails. Shoot me an email and I’ll help you further. Thanks!
Azhar Mohyuddin (2 months ago)
Hey so I tried to follow this but clickfunnels is saying I need to select a domain name. But my domain name is registered and live just not through clickfunnels so idk why that’s saying that.
Ant Satch (2 months ago)
Great help.
William Aiken (2 months ago)
Ant Satch Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you got value!
susan manke (2 months ago)
THANK YOU! I totally didn’t know where to start and you filled in all the blanks
William Aiken (2 months ago)
My pleasure Susan! Please feel free to check out the other tutorial videos on my channel.
Professionals Ipswich (3 months ago)
Hi what dose it coat for you the set up my Click funnel  yes I do need help from you,because you are explaining so well please let me know what should I do thank you..
William Aiken (3 months ago)
Professionals Select Hi, thank you for reaching out and for your kind words. Please feel free to send me an email and we can discuss further on helping you. Here is where you can reach me: [email protected]
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Ann Liscomb (4 months ago)
Hi I am a member Click Funnel (NEW) I try to set up by myself but I don't think it's the right way,now that I was watching how you explain that make feel like I am so confusing,and yes I do need help from you,because you are explaining so well please let me know what should I do thank you..
Johny ; Five (1 month ago)
did you make a domain name with clickfunnels? i wasn't able to use my website I made using Godaddy...so I made a new domain with clickfunnels in the DOMAINS option on the left to make a new domain for the Sales funnel(1 page website) I will use and send people from my Facebook Ad to..,instead of sending them to my normal business website. Making a new domain for the sales funnel made it possible to add that domain...it wasn't working when i put my businesses' main website domain. hope that makes sense to u Ann.
William Aiken (4 months ago)
Hi Ann, without being able to look at your funnel and finding out what specifically you're having an issue with it, will be impossible for me to be able to tell you what you need to do. I have a training course I can give you that may really help you: https://freedomsecrets.net/membership-area/141695d4ce3
Janet Too (4 months ago)
Nice work! Thanks a lot!
William Aiken (4 months ago)
Janet Too Thanks Janet! Appreciate the feedback!
A.P (4 months ago)
One of the most Helpful videos I have watched on youtube. Did it as I watched
William Aiken (4 months ago)
Erin Howard I am super excited for you! I can’t tell you how many times I needed an answer and had such a hard time finding what I needed. I hope this was helpful for you. Please check out the videos on my channel. There are tons of other content that may be of value. Thanks!
Erin Howard (4 months ago)
I came here to say the exact same thing! I was spinning my wheels for a full work day trying to figure this out! Thankfully I found this video this morning and it's finally done! :)
William Aiken (4 months ago)
A.P Now that just made my day! Thanks A.P!! Please be sure to check out my channel where I have tons of other content videos that will help you out!
Ahyash (4 months ago)
Hey Billy, I just setup my SMTP with Actionetics and everything seems to have connected but the problem I'm having is that my emails are going to the spam box when I send to gmail. Any tips to resolve this? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
William Aiken (4 months ago)
Ahyash That’s awesome!
Ahyash (4 months ago)
+William Aiken Thanks Billy, I was able to resolve the spam problem by upgrading my plan with a dedicated ip address. Emails are showing up in promotions but definitely better than spam..thanks again for the tips.
William Aiken (4 months ago)
Ahyash Great question Ahyash! Unfortunately that’s the possibility when doing email marketing especially within the affiliate marketing niche and there’s no way I can answer that question in this reply as it be too long, lol. I would do a ton a research on this topic. Here are some suggestions to help you get started: 1) Only use a professional looking email address to send your emails and don’t include words in your address that will automatically send you to spam like the word “affiliate” or “get rich.” 2) Watch the keywords in your subject line and body that your not using words that automatically populate your email into the spam folder. 3) Don’t include more than a few links in the email. Try sending value based emails with no links in between a email with an offer. 4) Try to stay away from keywords like “free” “special offer” “affiliate” “get rich” and etc that will get your email sent to spam. Research hot keywords that get you to the spam folder 5) Make sure your info and unsubscribe link is on the bottom of all your emails so your in compliance of the latest updates in GDPR regulations. I hope this has helped! Please make sure you subscribe to my channel and check out all the videos I have available as there are some key videos I know will help you! ~ William
John Clarke (4 months ago)
Thank You Soo Much Took me days Before i found your video!!
William Aiken (4 months ago)
John Clarke That’s awesome John! I hope it helped! Sometimes we can get stuck on something like this and it can be frustrating. Think of it this way, once you get this down, it becomes easy and a thing of the past. I hope you got value! Please feel free to subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos. I have a ton of other content and tutorials. Thanks John for your feedback!
Connect Grafiks (4 months ago)
Thank you so much! I was pulling my hair out! Great job!
William Aiken (4 months ago)
Connect Grafiks It is my pleasure! Don’t stress out. When I was trying to figure all this out, I was pretty stressed out. I asked clickfunnels support for some help, did some research and was finally able to get it down. Please check out my channel as I have other helpful videos that I think you will get a ton of value. Thanks for your comment!
Dennis Espin Guizado (5 months ago)
Perfect !! helped me a lot!
William Aiken (5 months ago)
Dennis Espin Guizado Thanks Dennis! I have tons of other videos that will help you so please feel free to check out my channel for more content that will help you grow your business. Thanks again Dennis for your feedback!
Tinkerbell cosmetic shop (6 months ago)
So simple, thank you so much :)
William Aiken (6 months ago)
Tinkerbell cosmetic shop That’s awesome! I’m excited that you got value.
Jose Saravia Marketing (6 months ago)
Amazing video training!!! Thanks for your help. I was able to setup my smtp.
William Aiken (6 months ago)
Nombre predeterminado Basically Sendgrid is what actually sends the emails. Your actionetics account in Clickfunnels is where you create the emails.
Jose Saravia Marketing (6 months ago)
Billy Aiken am I know able to send emails? Do I have to create my email marketing campaigns from Sendgrid? Or from my CF account?
William Aiken (6 months ago)
Nombre predeterminado That’s awesome! I am happy to hear this video helped. It can be confusing at first, but it is smooth sailing once you get it down! Feel free to check out the rest of my videos.
Godfrey Mutabazi (7 months ago)
thanks mate
William Aiken (7 months ago)
My pleasure! I hope you got value!
Ethan Haidary (7 months ago)
Very helpful!! thank you!
William Aiken (7 months ago)
Ethan Haidary Hey Ethan, I am happy to help! Please feel free to check out more tutorials I have available on my channel.
Connie Wilson (7 months ago)
Video is easy to follow. Great job!
William Aiken (7 months ago)
Connie Wilson Thanks Connie! I’m glad you got value! I hope this tutorial helped you!
Joshua C. Alomar (8 months ago)
Billy you are the man!
William Aiken (8 months ago)
Joshua C. Alomar Thanks! You just made my day!
KevinandChristi Hein (10 months ago)
I didn't really understand the SendGrid option until now. Thanks. We will getting that tomorrow. Then I will come back and follow this video step by step. Keep the training coming Billy, you do a great job.
William Aiken (4 months ago)
KevinandChristi Hein Thank you for your feedback!

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