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25+ Best Interesting Cute Quotes for GIrls | Girl Quotes and Sayings | Quotes about Girls

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Text Comments (11)
Needle N a haystack (13 days ago)
Yes!!! Monday
Rhonda Soullier (24 days ago)
Naw you got my curses, I don't need anyone in my life who is too stupid to be humble. You are clever, just not intelligent. I say these upsetting words coz you are supremely arrogant. You and my beloved were sent to do me injustice. Congratulations.
Rhonda Soullier (24 days ago)
You are surprisingly insincere and surprisingly cold. Another narcissist. Let me wake you the fuck up the man Alex is caving into is someone I left and I am never going back. He is a bad guy, his women tend to disappear. Get it? No...really do you fucking get it? Do not ever poke your stupid fucking head in my business ever in your life. This man who I've run from ran scared from has ended the lives of some. Scooby Doo wants to gimme back to a killer. There is his and your karma drink it in. What little people you are. Setting me up for a thousand deaths and for what? This kind of cowardice is revolting. I curse the both of you.
M M (2 months ago)
0:26 that's exactly me. Never real but im perfect
Ankit Verma (2 months ago)
Really these quotes are so touched to my heart
Gilmore Underwood (4 months ago)
There are THOSE in LIFE have FAITH and BELIEVE., theirs is UNSHAKEBLE no matter how HARD the. TRIALS and TRIBULATION of LIFE. That STATEMENT they know its the GOSPEL. All kinds of DOORS shut in LIFE for All of US, but though of FAITH in GOD we know he is there and ANOTHER DOOR will OPEN in LIFE. The thing is EVEN if the DOOR OPEN we as MEN and WOMEN in LIFE must have COURAGE to WALK though it , for if not it may as well have remained CLOSED to US in LIFE.
Dell Hill (6 months ago)
You hurt my feeling so much.
Kamei John Bosco (8 months ago)
nice quotes
Priscilla Gonsalves (8 months ago)
Very nice quotes was just finding 4 dis one
S H (9 months ago)
Mystique Lou (10 months ago)
Leave the doors alone already! its not a freak show ...one freak after the other!

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