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A look inside America's largest Bitcoin mining operation

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Start mining Bitcoin today: https://pool.bitcoin.com Video: Inside America’s largest Bitcoin mining operation http://bitshare.cm/news/inside-americas-largest-bitcoin-mining-operation/ #Bitcoin #BitcoinMining #Cryptocurrency
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Atom King (3 years ago)
Just like in video games, real life is pay to win
HARSH MAURYA (6 months ago)
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Bluecrayon 007 (10 months ago)
Nicholas Miles (19 days ago)
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Mike Benson (4 days ago)
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Arshia Anmol (9 days ago)
it gladdens my heart to know how reliable and trustworthy Andrew Feldstein is to his traders.
John Godstime (11 days ago)
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Peter Crush (12 days ago)
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Nicholas Dalton (1 month ago)
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Brad A. (1 month ago)
@Nicholas Dalton How can i make 5.2btc
Nerina Santiago (1 month ago)
How please
Addison Lily (1 month ago)
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Customer Support (1 month ago)
how you feeling now?
Whocares (2 months ago)
This guy must be making back hahaha.
user name taken (2 months ago)
Haha fucking gpu’s. What an idiot.
Piyush Joshi (2 months ago)
What if he someday want to stop all this
Muhammad Rizky (2 months ago)
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Joceeus (4 months ago)
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Alireza Monfared (4 months ago)
Test Comment
Ali Albayati (4 months ago)
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L P (5 months ago)
Good luck when it goes to 1000....if he doesn’t get hospitalized he might make a profit.
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Avalanche2 (6 months ago)
Wonder if he cashed in or lost out?
Avalanche2 (3 months ago)
+Lonao Oh well, I wonder if he really didnt see it coming?
Lonao (3 months ago)
mega-watt facility go bankrupt not so long ago. I hope he have some money stashed away
HARSH MAURYA (6 months ago)
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Broyka (6 months ago)
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champion one (6 months ago)
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harshit maurya (6 months ago)
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Sherie Schaefner (7 months ago)
Investing into cryptocurrency is rough, because it's so volatile, but if you can manage through volatility, you'll do just fine.
Gaurab Rayamajhi (7 months ago)
what is Gordon Ramsey doing with bitcoin miner?
It’s ya boi Meme boi (7 months ago)
But can it run crisis
Bilal BAŞ (7 months ago)
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whalerine (7 months ago)
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Radja Lingga (8 months ago)
Welcome DPoS sistem... 😎
Luxx (8 months ago)
plz tell me this is a thing
Osmanlı Sevdalıları (8 months ago)
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Kim Se (8 months ago)
Aline cat line (8 months ago)
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Broyka (8 months ago)
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karren vee (8 months ago)
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Caroline DD (8 months ago)
please share contact
Keytel (8 months ago)
I bet my ps4 is louder
Anarkist2k8 (9 months ago)
Making $8M/USD a month in BTC when BTC was $300-500 a pop. Holy shit this dude must be loaded these days.
dead people (9 months ago)
i would go to prison over killing people like this
Donald Gary (9 months ago)
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Dondatta Ford (9 months ago)
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Yoickson (9 months ago)
in the real world he makes 8m lol
Mark Green (9 months ago)
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Nishit Makwana (9 months ago)
Is it belongs to cryptohash.live site I see this video on his site are u both partners ???
Tukuen Rek (9 months ago)
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Chewy - (10 months ago)
but can it game???
Bella Woody (10 months ago)
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Daniel Romhin (10 months ago)
But can it run Minecraft?
Joel Garcia (10 months ago)
Andreas G. (10 months ago)
Bytecoin is the thing now.... Mining bitcoin is like Instagram, get the most expensive phone take cool looking photos and get nothing back...lol...Apart for not being environmentally correct
lingard klop (10 months ago)
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Teresa Shinkansen (10 months ago)
Someone needs to set off an EMP bomb close to this shit.
Andy T (10 months ago)
This is from 2014, damn I wish i had this in 2014. Not so much now... But in 2014, fuck yea...
Jeremy Cate (10 months ago)
So how do you turn it into real money you can hold . An when the market crashs il buy 2 of your titans for 20 bucks 😂😂
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Justin Declan (11 months ago)
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Alwyn dylan (11 months ago)
sounds great
Martian_Gaming (11 months ago)
Seriously this dude needs to die
adriiPortillo (11 months ago)
what are those miners??
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Yosef Kerendian (11 months ago)
Anyone seeing this in 2018?!
Yosef Kerendian (11 months ago)
Anyone seeing this in 2018?!
Naveen MN (11 months ago)
Bit coin production = electricity bill
Juriaan Romkes (11 months ago)
would be a shame if it catched fire ...
BASStion (11 months ago)
dimyata (11 months ago)
this is for what http://bit.ly/2qckZmi ?
Larry Clifton (11 months ago)
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emnor koeng (11 months ago)
Its good that now we dont need the banks and government to control our money. Bitcoin is borderless money, no country or banks have right over the money, its belong to the community, transacted peers to peers, for the world population of all nationality, rich or poor. People have control over their own Bitcoin ledger. No need to seek permission from govt or banks to transfer our own Bitcoin from one continent to another. Money in the banks belong to us but we faced lots of problem when we request to transfer fund or withdrawing cash. We dont pay any fees when we transfer Bitcoin. Now i can buy anything paying with Bitcoin just with my mobile phone anywhere in the world without going through third parties who charges high fees or restriction from the so call capitalist, government and banks. To yield the Bitcoins by mining, peoplw have to bevome miners, just similar to those people who mine precious metals and minerals like gold, silver, copper etc where fiat monies are created by governments. Mining Bitcoin is not free, just like mining raw materials and precioys metals, people have to spend huge amount of money, consume time and face risk to create the mining rigs in order to yield Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the money of today, the future and forever. Those who start collecting, saving and using Bitcoin now will gain, as in near future, Bitcoin will be scarce and the price will be extremely high. Govt should consider creating their own cryptocurrency in order to be part of the cryptocurrency community and not blatantly penalise them. Cryptocurrency, esp Bitcoin is really really awesome. Thanks to those people who have the brains to create this Cryptocurrency and also the brilliant governments and establishments who supported them.
CRYPTOLINK (11 months ago)
Atiqni channel (11 months ago)
Wow Making 8 million in 2014, i guess he is making more then 40 000 000 now in 2018
emrah morkoc (11 months ago)
Gregwinson Gregwinson (11 months ago)
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Manan Desai (1 year ago)
http://powerwithoutfuel.in/Patent/ If this theory work for eco friendly mining with minimum electricity coat
John Clark (1 year ago)
I can't possibly despise anyone this much.
Ravi Kumar (1 year ago)
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Nothing (1 year ago)
96 mill a year no big deal
halil ibrahim işlek (1 year ago)
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It burns when i pvp (1 year ago)
What a stupid question ... when to sell? @8mll. a month .. pretty sure he ain't paying that much for rent/cost ... so he could get his bitcoins in no time back.
frankanator (1 year ago)
this shit contributes od to global warming tho
kriiozz (1 year ago)
you dont translate it to dollers .... they should disable that ........ only dollers to coin ... and if we stick with it say by by to physical chash
Silas Sagittarius A (1 year ago)
Super whale!!! 🐳🐳🐋🐋
Aline cat line (1 year ago)
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Dunkey And Chill (1 year ago)
joe biden (1 year ago)
Bitcoin has no value.
Gary Alcorn (1 year ago)
Bet these are all worthless piles of old crap now lol
Feno Andrianary (1 year ago)
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StrioTV (1 year ago)
haha nice try loser
Tanner (1 year ago)
Fuck this guy and people who buy all these...
DoubleMcBilly (1 year ago)
Can it run Crysis tho?
cool_video88 (1 year ago)
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Jaguarz5 Isback (1 year ago)
Andre Rodgers (1 year ago)
You Greedy Fuck, your fucking it up 8 million dollars of month.
aiya kalil (1 year ago)
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Joshua Randon (1 year ago)
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DeJx GT (1 year ago)
Should have bought bitcoins when they were actually cheap now they are like 1=9,000 dollars
Yoga Beach (1 year ago)
How stacked is he now? :)
Otto Miller (1 year ago)
lol then recently bitcoin went to 17K per coin. thats insane.
Mam Saad (1 year ago)
Using Fossilize Fuel like Coal and Mazut and Diesel for making electricity and shitting to our Present and future for making Bitcoin!!!Realy this is not fair.
protovegan (1 year ago)
The answer to your question, is that you avoid transferring BTC to USD at all costs. Because the coin loses value when you do that. Right now, Americans have to pay for groceries and electricity with USD. But you're a fool if you think that's a permanent state of affairs, news reporter man.
tdawul تداول (1 year ago)
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jou (1 year ago)
Pubg 40fps on medium settings
Parker Randle (1 year ago)
Today if he is still making the same amount of bitcoin a day he is making about 160 million a month in USD.
Paul Moriarty (1 year ago)
You can also get started https://hashflare.io/r/DA42204A

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