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Best Inspirational Famous Movie Quotes

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Sign up for our WellCast newsletter for more of the love, lolz and happy! http://goo.gl/GTLhb Hey Wellcasters - we are still gearing up our episodes for the Selfie series (getting them just right), so in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this video! Are you having a rough day? Check out these positive inspirational quotes about life we've compiled to give you a leg up. These famous quotes will give you the pick-me-up you need. For everything from Lost in Translation to Star Wars, watch and unleash the happy. Check out some other awesome episodes of WellCast: 1. Coming Out http://goo.gl/amysN 2. Coping With Grief http://goo.gl/aD4OH 3. How to Break the Ice http://goo.gl/CmS8O 4. Dealing With Rejection http://goo.gl/f3Pw5 5. Party Survival Guide for Introverts http://goo.gl/WYZVe Want a packaged deal? Check out our playlists! 1. Top 10 Most Popular WellCast Videos http://goo.gl/nDrJC 2. For Our Introvert Friends http://goo.gl/CeYbO 3. Tips for your Social Life http://goo.gl/ZKkrS 4. Our Relationship and Dating Advice http://goo.gl/ODZZf 5. Study tips for School! http://goo.gl/0hRQ8 ABOUT WELLCAST: In this twice-a-week show, we explore the physical, mental and emotional paths to wellness. With an emphasis on education, the show addresses both the latest trends and long-standing practices of wellness—everything from the efficacy of the gratitude experiment to the importance of sunshine and vitamin D. Follow along as your host, Kate, guides you through a bi-weekly journaling exercises that helps you apply what you've learned. The ultimate goal: one year, one show, one journal, one collective journey to wellness. Like us on Facebook! http://goo.gl/0DHVJ Follow us on Twitter! http://goo.gl/Ylcv6 Find us on Google+ http://goo.gl/ylCVT Follow us on Tumblr! http://goo.gl/Ds3TB Follow us on Instagram! http://goo.gl/q3IUC Follow us on Pinterest! http://goo.gl/lNhu2 (All content is owned by their original creators.)
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Text Comments (212)
Karen and Lola (5 days ago)
My fav movie quotes: "Gretchen, I'm sorry for laughing at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes and Noble. I'm sorry for telling everyone about it, and I'm sorry for repeating it now." And.. "I'm sorry for calling you a gap toothed bitch. It's not your fault you're so gap toothed" And.. "You look like an old mop."
Mel Caenetto (27 days ago)
“Im on a rollover coaster that only goes up my friend “ - augustas waters
FleAmerica (2 months ago)
- I can't, it's too big. - size matters not. * That's what she said *
Wellness Lifestyle96* (3 months ago)
Very nice 👌👌👌
Wise Famous Tv (5 months ago)
Please, Subscribe, Wise Famous Tv
Ieuan Jones (7 months ago)
big up all the boston manor fans
The Drifter (1 year ago)
Mike & El (1 year ago)
guy dragon nest (1 year ago)
The second one looks like a dick joke
Glitter Woofer LPS (1 year ago)
"Friendship is two pals munching on a well cooked face together" -Carl from llamas with hats XDDD
Inspirer of God (1 year ago)
HeyFromAustralia (1 year ago)
Where the HELL is Dumbledore?!!?!!???
dxnvo (1 year ago)
Thumbnail movie?
i like this ... inspirational famous movie quotes ... thanks watch well cast
121 finest (1 year ago)
When i was younger i wanted to be the best police or the richest man in the world. But then i realized i wanted to be ulbert. ( or whatever your name is)
Isa Middelbosch (1 year ago)
i hope you have the strenght to start over again. from what movie is that?
Size matters not huh
Regan MacNeil (1 year ago)
Lol Will Smith character might regret saying that to a kid. Kid being naughty. Will smith character: You can't do that! Kid keeps doing it. :Kid: You told me not to let someone tell me I can't do something not even you. I'm gonna keep doing it.
Alekh Rajput (2 years ago)
The last clip is from which movie ?
Boy Einstein (2 years ago)
what was the first one?
coachingandgrowth (2 years ago)
Amazing video!!
The knowledge world (2 years ago)
hey ppl follow @q.u.o.t.e.x on instagram
rickmiester 2565 (2 years ago)
"want something, "got" get it !
Elliot Chaufour (2 years ago)
Nothing from the best classic, Shawn shank redemeptiom
Jayson T (2 years ago)
Elliot Chaufour I like one from a not very well known independent film (dispite the fact it had Nick Nolte, Amy Smart and Scott Mechlowicz), Peaceful Warrior. THE THREE RULES OF LIFE "Paradox, humor and change. Paradox- Life doesn't make sense, don't waste your time trying to figure it out Humor- Keep a sense of humor, especially about yourself, it is a strength beyond all measure. Change- Know that nothing stays the same."
Jayson T (2 years ago)
Elliot Chaufour Get busy living, or get busy dying
Life Quotes (2 years ago)
i like video
Robert Gładkowski (2 years ago)
My friend want to start with quotes blog facebook.com/lotsofquotes37
Red Sea (2 years ago)
A quote made! It's not how you start the race,its how you finish it! :)
Aila (2 years ago)
0:56 Best movie :'(
Ashaya Baez (2 years ago)
I'm looking for a good instagram bio😂
Angelina Macgregor (2 years ago)
Ashaya Baez oh my god same lmfao
Dao Yang (2 years ago)
If anyone is wondering where the first quote is from, it's from a movie called "Can't hardly wait" and the girl quoting is a prostitute dressed as an angel.
chressa yordan (2 years ago)
Can i ask I BEG YOU GUYS what movie in this line.👇👇I totally realize no fate their is fate but is only take you so far because once you their except to you to make it happen. Thank you
monica resendiz (2 years ago)
chressa yordan can't hardly wait
Deby Galvao (2 years ago)
Hey! I'd like to know if it's royalty free to use to make music or if i need to pay to use the part 01:13 - 01:41
Deby Galvao (2 years ago)
Its because I don't want to have problem with royalties, ya know? And I'd love to use the Scarlet's part in one of my songs
Sleepy Wolf (2 years ago)
hey If you know EDEN he used that sound and I don't think he paid :)
Daniel Rupert (2 years ago)
When you play stupid games, you will win stupid prizes. ~Unknown
Sara S (1 year ago)
Isabell Nader right
Jayson T (2 years ago)
Daniel RRNC lol
Muhammad Ahmad (2 years ago)
What's name of third movie ?
Itz Spire (2 years ago)
Kiss my ass- John Wayne Gacy
leo081969 (2 years ago)
A better quote from Yoda was "Do or do not, there is no try"
Arguing With Strangers (10 months ago)
leo081969 always thought that line was contradictory as "only a Sith deals in absolutes."
Grace Eva Kelly (2 years ago)
0:25 just listen to that clip with your eyes closed maybe you're as messed up in the head as I am about the whole size thing!
Grace Eva Kelly I cant, it's to big
eric95209 (2 years ago)
Life will find a way.
FreddieElohopea (3 years ago)
"It's just a prank bro" - Sam Pepper
Enemy Hero (6 months ago)
"Cowboy cocks needing to be sucked" - Sam Pepper
jared robinson (1 year ago)
Tupu Tati Amen
Quotes From Movies (2 years ago)
You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period. - The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
나츠tv (2 years ago)
Arе уоu mаking thеse mistаkes with уоur mааan? https://twitter.com/69d21b393ddb1d94e/status/804693412402241537 Best Insрirаtiоnal Fаmоus Мovie Quotes
Jill Livingston (3 years ago)
Ferris bullers day off is my all time favorite movie ever
keets xox (3 years ago)
everyone is commenting deep stuff and I'm just like when was will smith that fit?
Xavier El Masrur (3 years ago)
David Fincher!
Bravis (3 years ago)
Christian DL (3 years ago)
"don't quote me boy cuz I ain't said shit" - Eazy E
jared robinson (1 year ago)
Logi Cat Well aint that ironic.
Hannah Neumaier (2 years ago)
AYE hahhahahah eazy e is best
Kaden s (2 years ago)
Fynnion LP (3 years ago)
where is "So do all who lived to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. what you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you. by gandlaf in the mines of moria in lord of the rings fellowship of the ring?
new world (3 years ago)
The Think Squad (3 years ago)
Inspirational quotes make all of us stop and put our lives in perspective from time to time. Sometimes movies and TV provide this service, and so do many of history's legends, such as Einstein. We are always looking for others to help shed some light on that perspective for us.
Lemar Brown (3 years ago)
what wass the name of the first movie
Kaden s (2 years ago)
On pornhub
Kaden s (2 years ago)
"oh yes daddy ram that cock in my booty hard"
RonnyWho (3 years ago)
0:24 I tried telling that to my girlfriend ;(
thrashed potatoes (2 years ago)
how'd it go?
BeanyMcBoyBoy (3 years ago)
One bright day in the middle of the night two dead boys went out to fight. Back to back they faced each other drew there swords and shot each other. A deaf police man herd the noise went out back an shot the two dead boys. If you don't believe this lie,ask the blind man he saw it too.
Roel Vink (3 years ago)
At the end of the movie (Wizard of Oz) when Dorothy is asked what she learned, she said, *quote “When you go looking for your hearts desire, don’t look past your own back yard.” “There is no place like home.”* In other words, *there is no place like the Present (NOW), no place like real life. It should be said, “There is no place but home (real life),” and you are always there*. Home is where the heart is, where Life and love is.*It is where a spiritual being is at*. (page 181 Present with Religion) Google *TruthContest and read the Present*, it obtains the *Truth of Life* the key to the Present and spirituality
Alan Watson (3 years ago)
+dries boy Truth will set us free
Golden Boy (3 years ago)
"got get it"
Coysgub (3 years ago)
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time, if only one remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledor
ShowMeState (1 month ago)
Coysgub that’s right there’s Always beauty in the struggle
R S (3 years ago)
You either get busy living or get busy dying- Red
Angel Luise Ponce (3 years ago)
"Hi there, I just created new Android App about Wise Quotes. It contains many wise quotes from many great people and it is updated timely. You can download it from Google Play link below. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nerdpig.WiseQuotes"
thomas w (3 years ago)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower "And in that moment, I felt infinite."
Inspirational Art (3 years ago)
"So it would seem, wisdom shall defy no change of life's theme" Dr.Mohammed Faig Abad Alrazak
Miner (3 years ago)
I just want you to know I found this video super helpful and its exactly what I was looking for for my videos Keep Up The Good Work :D
kiana lunar (3 years ago)
My dear, in the midst of hate, I found there was, within me , an invincible love. In the midst of tears, I found there was , within me , and invincible smile. In the midst of chaos, I found there was , within me , and invincible calm. I realized , threw it all, that... In the midst of winter , I found there was , within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me , there's something stronger - something better, pushing right back. ~ Albert Camus
Quotes of Boss (3 years ago)
I like the quote that saying " if you want somthing,got get it" thank you keep rocking !
Mr. Monkey jr (4 years ago)
Wow I'm crying this is amazing best for test
Anna Heiszerné (4 years ago)
Can please smone write down the title of these films? Thank you😄😄
Anna Heiszerné (4 years ago)
Thanks alot!!!
JackStoneProductions (4 years ago)
The first one idk. The second is Star Wars episode 6. If not then it's 5. One of the two. The third is pursuit of happiness. The fifth I don't know. The 6th is ferris buellers day off. And like the comment above stated, the last is Benjamin button.
Anna Heiszerné (4 years ago)
Thank you!
She Lee (4 years ago)
The rest I don't know but the last part is 'Benjamin Button'. I love that movie its so amazing :) Starring by BRAD PITT
teint viking (4 years ago)
the more you learn the less u think.u need to put a 20 percent so god con put an 80 percent but if u never put a 20 percent god will never help u with 80 percent...future neeed present but present needs past.
Norea Asia W. (4 years ago)
"It is not wise to dwell only on dreams, and forget to live." -Albus Dombledore
Huhu 00 (1 year ago)
Norea Rognli great
ghizelanne yuki (4 years ago)
plz i need help it's a reel big problemm plz i don't know how to cantact you help help
Awesome Channel (4 years ago)
why put this on youtube  
ghizelanne yuki (4 years ago)
i'm Engaged but i love someone else  my fience  doesn't want to backup with me i can't tell him that i love someone else plzzzzzzz help
Riley Hart (4 years ago)
I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off!! It's my favorite movie of all time!! 👏👏
Jensen Khem (4 years ago)
my favorite quote of all time: "I stubbed my toe while watering my spic garden, and I only cried for 20 minutes" ~Spongebob
imeeross (1 year ago)
"As you think,shall you become"
WebCamThemeSongs (4 years ago)
"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Except Herpes.  That shit'll come back with you"
Katarina Rolon (4 years ago)
These were okay but V For Vendetta is by far the best movie for inspirational quotes. Every line in that movie is pure gold. V (Hugo Weaving) is an amazing actor.
Xmetaltear (4 years ago)
Can sb please tell me what is the filmin 0:20 and also in 1:56 ?
*Mess With The Best Die Like The Rest* Hackers 1995
Tasha McNeil (5 years ago)
Lea B. pursuit of happiness
programa novato (5 years ago)
Kai Rabai (5 years ago)
The Star Wars Quote made me chuckle :3
Lea B. (5 years ago)
what is the movie on 0:35, with Will Smith?
Roger (8 months ago)
Guys what is the last movie called the one with "I hope u have the strength to start all over again" ?
manila tomas (4 years ago)
Pursuit of Happyness :)
Lea B. (4 years ago)
Lea B. (4 years ago)
thanks -_-
vairagya108 (5 years ago)
That's cool. Brad Pitt is cool.
Cyphrix101 (5 years ago)
But wut about like a quarter of the forrest gump script
Michiel Alberts (4 years ago)
Yeah where are forest gump's quotes
Nick Gutierrez (5 years ago)
awesome !!!
Marco van Panter (5 years ago)
@EmilieGryAlmstrup: the curious case of benjamin button
81queencobra (5 years ago)
Oh i thought forest gump was going to be on D:
81queencobra (5 years ago)
0:53 wat movie is it it made me cry just by watching it
SImon Liebetrau (5 years ago)
its persuit of happiness 
deputyseal409 (5 years ago)
good music, too
Goat Boi (5 years ago)
I've got such a dirty mind!
Goat Boi (5 years ago)
I was laughing so hard at the end, all of the jokes were sexual to me!
TransFormersDOTM11 (5 years ago)
What about Transformers' "No sacrifice, no victory."?
Lovedive243 (5 years ago)
Thank you for the best pre birthday present ever... my birthday is pn the 31 of march
emochromo (5 years ago)
Best quote: "IM ON MY PERIOD!!!"----PewDiePie
Alana MacNeill (5 years ago)
Ellyistrash (5 years ago)
I love ferris buellers day off
Richars Rion (5 years ago)
Like, like, liket!
Grace Taylor (5 years ago)
The ninth Doctor from Doctor who said, "Baiscaly run"
Sophia Astatine (5 years ago)
My favorite quote: "Basically run" None knows who said it :3
brynn purin (5 years ago)
This is random but this was made on my birthday
joe Casey (5 years ago)
Stay gold, ponyboy. Stay gold.
schnuggipupu (5 years ago)
i just wanted to write exactly the same question! :)
RAPHAEL (5 years ago)
This is pretty cool! :o
imotioncatcher (5 years ago)
I LOVE all your video! What song do you use as an intro for this one? 00:00 til 00:12?
Bio mewtrix (5 years ago)
This is a GREAT one: /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TfDVLsBXYcM

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