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Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That will make you laugh

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Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That will make you laugh / Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That are impossible not to laugh at ! Enjoy it ! Please Share & Subscribe my channel for more! Thanks !!! ツ Thumbnail @ 15:22 & 15:16 Music credits: 1. Song: Valence - Infinite [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/QHoqD47gQG8 2. Song: Fareoh - Cloud Ten [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzirKVtSERU Fareoh • https://soundcloud.com/fareoh • https://www.facebook.com/Fareoh/ • https://twitter.com/thefareoh • https://www.youtube.com/user/officialfareoh 3. SOng: Kevin MacLeod - EDM Detention Mode EDM Detection Mode by Kevin MacLeod este licențiată în baza unei licențe Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Sursă: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500026 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ 4. Song: Lensko - Cetus ------------------------------------------------------ Connect with NCS: Snapchat: ncsmusic • http://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds • http://instagram.com/nocopyrightsounds • http://facebook.com/NoCopyrightSounds • http://twitch.tv/nocopyrightsounds • http://twitter.com/NCSounds • http://spoti.fi/NCS
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Text Comments (6978)
Kaiser Sözshye (7 hours ago)
Christopher Huizar, that black tux wasn't the only thing that came out of the closet that day.
Kaiser Sözshye (7 hours ago)
Funny, mine was, "this just in. We have multiple reports of an ice storm forming a massive front in Hell...more at 11."
Kaiser Sözshye (7 hours ago)
Nicholas Ke, i know right, that happened to me. I knew my lying cheating whore of an ex wife was cheating on me too when she told me she was at her daughter's house when the whole time her daughter was laying right next to me. I mean, really! Can you believe i married that bitch?
Peach Studios (4 days ago)
At my school three seniors made funny quotes together. One said “I swear I didn’t steal the bike!” Another said, “I asked god for a bike, but I know he doesn’t work that way. So I stole I bike and asked for forgiveness.” And the last one said, “Someone stole my bike!”
Peach Studios (4 days ago)
Oh I just saw someone else did it. That’s not the guy at my school though.
colin mccarthy (5 days ago)
A woman did say to me:-, “So many men,so little time”.
colin mccarthy (5 days ago)
My Quote would be:-, “Life is Living to the Fullest in Every Way”.
Mcrayfish _ (5 days ago)
Mine would be: reeeeee
Keith Rommel Piamonte (5 days ago)
Somebody said importanter. Mine was the stupidest
DJ panpan (6 days ago)
1:25 😂
Sodabeh Marzban (6 days ago)
Madhu Soodan Shukla (7 days ago)
5:23 haha
H.I. Mcdunuogh (9 days ago)
" We need more Fridays and pancakes." Priceless.
VebzThe God (9 days ago)
I like how none od these made me laugh at all.
Kenzie Kennedy (12 days ago)
5:05 I don’t get it help me?
CBS 70sfan (14 days ago)
It's called a garbage can. Not a garbage cannot. 😂😂 My favorite quote of this entire video.
Brandon Smith (16 days ago)
Mine would have been" I've been dead inside for years"
Yeet Boi (16 days ago)
0:18 is my favorite Ps.I LOVE HARRY POTTER#I know you're reading this Serena/Amy/Dani
NovaCat (16 days ago)
Me reading: I started high school with straight A's, now I am not even straight. Me: Same but I am in middle school
RogerOK (17 days ago)
Didnt laugh, sorry Thumb down
Kyra Sophie Oszlai (18 days ago)
1:04 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
dickidydoodah (19 days ago)
I only laughed twice. So yeah..... Thumbs down.
Adriana Minadi (19 days ago)
But you laughed, so yeah.. 😄😄😄
lolothehustler (20 days ago)
SharenaRB (21 days ago)
Sharena Sharif "No, I'm NOT a Sherrif" -Sharena
Averi Lynn (23 days ago)
4:27 im confused
Sparky Sarvagh (24 days ago)
I got through it without even smiling
Floppy disk 101 (27 days ago)
3:28 all their names start with a k if you add them up it’s kkk
Robin Ellyson (1 month ago)
3:34 lol
UndertaleLivesOn (1 month ago)
My future quote: "I had a *bad time* going through school." I'm so sorry...
Jakey Bear (1 month ago)
4:45 Good point
Carrie Fitzroy (1 month ago)
Kevin's one you can see a girl's name cerny
kpop (1 month ago)
2:13 XD
BoringJet (1 month ago)
1:30 I see that Harry Potter reference
Bella Carter (1 month ago)
I would be an airplane in the airport ahahaha
Arianna Manibusan (1 month ago)
My yearbook quote would be something funny, but I don't know. I think it should be either... " 'I secretly use William's toothbrush to clean the toilet that one time...' -Jmoviedude" or " 'I fight for Truth, Justice, and all that is Pre-shrunk & cottony!!' -Captain Underpants"
Masfi Karim (1 month ago)
Mine will be AND PEGGY
Alex Lee (1 month ago)
13:07 is for me. I needed that
Jocelyn Clinton (1 month ago)
Clicked on this video because the person on the left in the thumbnail has the same name as me thanks for hearting this
My quote: "I don't hate you, but if you were on fire and there was a cup of water, I'd drink it."
EnigmaDrath (1 month ago)
4:21 Imagine thinking you've put down some deep philosophical shit by using an Ayn Rand quote and the person next to you is talking about farting XD XD
Tank Engine 75 (1 month ago)
Mine: Sub To PewDiePie Unsub To T Series
black star (1 month ago)
Mine is "listen to your moms mijos if not you wort nightmear will come *screams* aii la chanlca😲😲"
Shawn Forsythe (1 month ago)
3:35 YMCA
Rega Black (1 month ago)
I think I would write... wait ! I don't have this in my country 🙂 fuck it 🙂 (love being french)
Dave Richards (1 month ago)
No one did Me failed english, thats unpossible. Ralph Wiggum.
Caroline Mnayarji (1 month ago)
4:28 that’s trippy
Lifeisawesome123 (1 month ago)
4:30, the cycle goes on
Axel snead (1 month ago)
8:10 if you know sunny in Philadelphia, you would know this
ExcessGryphon (1 month ago)
4:25 Wait, shouldn't there be a black ho-
pacifictwilite (1 month ago)
The s is silent 🤣
Spot Flick (1 month ago)
Most of these videos are just Asian jokes
Replayxx Doki (1 month ago)
12:46 I was really hoping it would say “WE ARE VENOM” but I was out of luck.
ismail Savran (1 month ago)
I would prefer : Kovalsky! Options?
Natalia Lebedev (1 month ago)
12:33 🤣😆
Natalia Lebedev (1 month ago)
11:54 that’s creative 😂
aiyanna liszka pacleb (1 month ago)
if i put any one of these quotes my mom's gonna hang me😂
Joseph Carmona (1 month ago)
Why were 90% of those guys hella attractive??
i like clouds (2 months ago)
I'm going to take these for my senior year
_ (2 months ago)
10:44 Carlos Carlos Yes papa?
Angrydodrio 95 (2 months ago)
3:21 Teacher:education is important Eric Gomez: bIG BIcEPs arE imPoRTanTeR
DJ Cringe (2 months ago)
Mine: just got accepted into The University Of Keeping It Real
Rosalie waz here (2 months ago)
1:52 that person looks like Carisoul in Twilight as a teen
lets have fun (2 months ago)
I can beat the inposible because I didn't laugh at all but cringed
Mine was "Im aLrEadY tRaCeR!"
Tevon 11 (2 months ago)
The worst part of high school is all of the aids...watching me...and the real aids
Bff dolls (2 months ago)
"We did it ... we did it ... yeah ... yes we did it " - Dora the explorater -
Cheese_Whiz Frankie (2 months ago)
8:40 At least I won't be the only one putting an Amazing Phil quote, or should I do Dan Howel?
Fatimah AL HAMMADI (2 months ago)
My quote: School is like space You can't breathe
actual bts trash (2 months ago)
I'll probably say something in Korean... Or make up some words in the periodic table.
Melody Jackson (2 months ago)
Joe McDonald didn't have a farm... *But does he own a fast food place?*
TheRupeeQueen (2 months ago)
Boost Bacon (2 months ago)
Who else looks at the other quotes on the side of the photo to see if they also didn’t take it seriously
Limbo Cat (2 months ago)
4:26 }:-)
Taliaaa Springrollz (2 months ago)
The first words of my graduation quote would be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA It's over yeet
Grappler senpai (2 months ago)
Sometimes I'm skeptical about some of these being real,but seeing the people I went to high school with,I think they're serious
Layla Cox (2 months ago)
Lol, I know nobody cares but I was watching this and randomly dropped my phone in a bowl of cheez- its Edit: also 10:36, its hilarious
Jimbo Bojim (2 months ago)
Joy Higgins (2 months ago)
I kept a straight face through the whole video😂💀
Ķìø Çøłøŕ (2 months ago)
7:50 my name That first name... oh wait... I'm JOHN CENA
Lennia Butterfly (2 months ago)
My quote should be: "I like llamas."
Sarah Wilson (2 months ago)
100% admitting I looked up the twins on fb. #jawlineofthegods
Brutus Brutus (2 months ago)
The is mayonnaise an instrument 1 is not by SpongeBob it's by Patrick!
Brittany Kievit (2 months ago)
1:17 got me so good😊 Edit: your the first youtuber to like my comment ty!
C.B.R studio (2 months ago)
4:25 *brain.exe has stopped working*
Cath Astrophe (2 months ago)
If I could have one, it would be : « Close the door on your way out. »
Freya Adele (2 months ago)
Mine would be "School's not important. Be whatever you wanna be. If you wanna be a dog, WOOF, y'know?" -Quensadilla
Akks Jene (2 months ago)
The person who quoted Phil is going to be me when I graduate XD
Mine might be 1. I never learned how to read so how did I pass this? Or 2. IM FINALLY FREE
Aquatix (2 months ago)
Mine will be, “I’m the reason I don’t want kids.”
GlowstoneLove Pad (2 months ago)
Mine will be Rule 1:Eat me Rule 2:Don't follow rules 2 or 3 Rule 3:Don't follow rules 2 or 1
Legos,Legos, and Legos (2 months ago)
12:18 MIchaEL ScOTt From the office
Ashlee Houghton (2 months ago)
mine will be ravioli ravioli give me the diplomioli
I want mine to be:"i look like a filipino,i talk like a filipino,but i'm not"
Reborn In Rationality (2 months ago)
There are a couple of gem, but next time can we get pre-internet quotes because these are just dumb memes or quote from dumb shows. I'm not American but I don't see the point if A) they aren't actually your words B) You don't have the brains to be original. Year books are dumb.
Oh Yeah Yeah (2 months ago)
9:51 What is funny?
Thinkpasta Yayyy (2 months ago)
What my yearbook quote will be, “Play smash 5 and by the time you’re reading this Joker will be in it so buy him and then you can be awesome.”
Kirbyfan2006 lol (2 months ago)
The don't hold in your farts girl has the same name as me
Cookies And poetry (2 months ago)
3:05 ha!
OldieBones (2 months ago)
"Trapped in a yearbook factory" made me LOL! Mine was "Even models have to take dumps."
Tayah English (2 months ago)
Doesn't 5:27 also mean he was cheating on his girlfriend?
William Garrison (2 months ago)
Mine will be Ulfric's speech

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