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CCG Mining - The Most Transparent Open-Ended Bitcoin Cloud Mining Company

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https://www.ccgmining.com/aff.php?aff=920 Who is CCG Mining? 1:00 CCG Mining Team: 2:59 Mining Video proof: 4:39 Company locations: 6:05 Whois Domain Check: 10:05 CCG Mining products: 11:26 Open-Ended Bitcoin Cloud Mining: 14:10 Why does CCG Mining pay out only once per month? 23:06 How does CCG Minings alt-coin mining compare to Hashflare? 30:28 What are the mining maintenance fees? 34:04 How quickly will my hash power be enabled after making a purchase? 37:26 How to purchase additional hash power: 40:54 Paying for your mining contract with Bitcoin Cash or another cryptocurrency: 44:25 Successful purchase of 1 TH/s: 49:06 Final thoughts on CCG Mining: 49:37 Why am I invested in so many cloud mining companies? 52:49 CCG Mining is probably one of the most transparent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency cloud mining companies you can find. Offering truly "open-ended" Bitcoin mining contracts just like Genesis-Mining, these unique contracts will pay you for years to come. Based on Poland, the team at CCG Mining has built an impressive company that serves hundreds of private clients and businesses in addition to serving a growing number of cloud miners. While CCG Mining is not the cheapest cloud mining service, what they offer is a "white glove" type of service where mining enthusiasts can actually buy their own mining rigs giving you complete control remotely of mining various cryptocurrencies, or you can purchase an unlimited number of "open-ended" Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. CCG Mining also takes security very seriously and stores all of their Bitcoins in a "cold-wallet", off-line and unconnected to the internet away from malicious hackers looking to break into online "hot" Bitcoin wallets. So, who is CCGmining aimed at? This company is aimed at anyone who is skeptical of some other cloud mining companies that seem like a scam. Whereas even many popular cloud mining companies seem to hide behind a cloak of invisibility, CCG Mining lays all their cards on the table with employee photos on the about us page, professional quality videos and photos of their cloud mining facilities, public domain registration, and much much more that contributes to the transparency and credibility of this Poland based cloud mining company. Maybe CCG Mining is for you? https://www.ccgmining.com/aff.php?aff=920 ==================================================== Is CCG Mining not for you? If you want to stick to the industry cloud mining leaders, Hashflare and Genesis-mining, then you can use my links below. https://hashflare.io/r/1D6A96A6-SHA256 Get 3% off your next Genesis-mining contract by using my link below: https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/1511166
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Text Comments (404)
fcu peter (5 months ago)
why we have to pay them bitcoin?they can make it for them self.why they sell it?
Sean Witherspoon (6 months ago)
Cool,,jump to feature
Ugochukwu Maxwell (6 months ago)
Is antmining a safe place to invest sir?
Run Out kra dea BC (7 months ago)
Is this site still paying?
CryptoRobert (7 months ago)
Yes, CCG Mining is still paying. However, most smaller Bitcoin mining contracts are not profitable and run the risk of being canceled due to the relatively low price of Bitcoin in relation to the high mining difficulty. Unless the price of Bitcoin goes back to $8500 - $9000 these BTC mining contracts are pretty much toast.
Mark Budd (7 months ago)
Robert can you compound your earnings looked at one company only to find that earnings could not be compounded. Looking for a company where it’s open ended and I can compound the earnings to build up to a profit margin that I want
CryptoRobert (7 months ago)
Mark, thanks for dropping me a line. For CCG mining, they do not offer any way to automatically reinvest your earnings like Hashflare. Truthfully, I do not know of any other program that offers an easy reinvestment option. The good news for CCG mining, however, is that they are still up and running, but the SHA-256 Bitcoin contracts are basically unprofitable due to the price of Bitcoin and the network difficulty.
Promise Jeremy (8 months ago)
@cryptorobert- what's the best site to mine doge currently? Please reply asap
Ripple Rick (8 months ago)
Check their Terms and Conditions before: No.5 ( illegal btw...) 5. CANCELLATION CCG Mining will not accept returns and all sales are final.
tapout1981 (10 months ago)
how much take the money ccg company to this man in video???
Priyanshu Saxena (10 months ago)
Hey please tell me in which mining company should I invest. I was using Vozex but they are into something bad I think they are running away so I have already lost a lot of my money in it. Which is the best mining company right now to invest except Genesis ? Kindly reply asap.
Priyanshu Saxena (10 months ago)
CryptoRobert thankyou for speedy reply. One more thing, will you review ICE ROCK MINING ⛏, their website looks sceptical to me, they have written broken English and used gmail as their email.
CryptoRobert (10 months ago)
The only legitimate cloud mining companies that I invest in are Hashflare, CCG Mining, and Genesis mining. I have been invested with Genesis Mining and Hashflare since the summer of 2017 and have never had a problem with any of these companies.
aldo monje (11 months ago)
Hello have you ever invested in this company?
mcrae1977 (11 months ago)
Most of their 2 year cloud mining packages nett negative returns. who would buy them?
CryptoRobert (11 months ago)
At the present time, due to the low price of Bitcoin, the high Bitcoin difficulty rate, and the fixed maintenance costs charged to service these cloud mining contracts, I would not make a purchase right now with CCG or any other cloud mining company.
Kostas Vamvoukas (1 year ago)
a good try BUT i have a real issue with ccg mining . an affilite and friend of mine made an account to ccg mining using my link . he first bought some contracts and my affiliate reward was 32$ , so far so good .... Ten days after the same friend of mine with my help while he dont even speak english bought some more contracts of total worth 2000 dollars .... CCG mining NEVER updated my affiliate rewards and when i contact them they keep on saying that their system telling them that my friend first used my link to open the account and bought some contracts and then he used OTHER LINK ..... so i cannot get these rewards .... UNBELIAVABLE ... has any of you heard such a stupid lie before ? how can someone use a refferal link to make an account on a site and then use OTHER link to make some more purchaces ? they are scaming in a real moron way .... my friend and refferal never used other link and i am sure cause i my shelf made these purchases using team viewer ( he doent even speak english as i said earlier ) since then i never bougth more contracts my shelf even if i want to and of course i never recomented ccg minig to anybody else
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Did you make the purchase for him? Wow! What a nice guy. Look, I don't know what to tell you here. I cannot sit in judgement on an issue that you are having with CCG Mining. You can believe that they scammed you, but most likely there is some kind of boring technical reason why the affiliate commission was not credited to you. If you made the purchase via Team Viewer you can't discount the possibility that someone elses affiliate link was already in the browswer cookie long before you helped your friend with the purchase.
Kostas Vamvoukas (1 year ago)
i will say it ONE MORE AND LAST TIME my friend never used other link cause i did the purchases for him cause he doesnt speak english at ALL via team viewer so NO i dint NOT used other link than mine
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Apparently, their affiliate system does not "lock in" anyone for life. Your affiliate link does not cover any future reinvestments.
Kostas Vamvoukas (1 year ago)
yes as i said many times he used my link to make an account he bought some contracts and then after some time he made some more contracts .... how can someone uses two different links ???? have you ever heart something like this before ???? its a joke ..... and as i said MANY times i my shelf made the payments via teamviewer .....
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Again, I ask you, why do you believe that CCG Mining is lying to you when their affiliate tracking system is indicating that your friend used a different affiliate id to make that $2000 purchase? Do you know with 100% certainty that your friend used your affiliate link to make this purchase?
Tomáš Andrýsek (1 year ago)
Hello Robert, hasflare reduce price today. And 1 TH/s cost 108$ (after discount).
films el paraiso (1 year ago)
Fkn fagg
L B (1 year ago)
ccg mining - scam!!! 100% I did not receive my payout they don't aswer for my questions more than 1 week BE CAREFUL with this scam project!!!
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Lucky Ben, I am very sorry that my written words came across as sarcastic. Yes, any good cloud mining company would want to pay their customers on time as this is good for business. These payout issues remind me of Hashflare and Genesis Mining at times who also experience payout issues from time to time. Paying people on time is what CCG Mining needs to get better at.
L B (1 year ago)
sarcasm is out of place here. maybe some "your" people paid. but! a normal company should not pay selectively. there are conditions prescribed for the purchase of capacity. they must be respected, and not one to pay, but the second not. in favor of my words - do not answer more than a week for inquiries, they did not pay me in time, although they promised to do this, many of the same people left their comments on the Facebook group (who did not receive the payment). Therefore, if you are a thinking person, not a huckster who just wants to get referrals for subscribers, check the facts and tell your subscribers. be courageous and honest! )
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Sorry, all of the people I contacted have gotten paid. Maybe your YouTube handle should be "Unlucky Ben"?
L B (1 year ago)
so, cockerel large, ccg mining is scam!
L B (1 year ago)
sorry cockerel large, but they don't payout. wrote on the 17th that the payment will be made within 2 days, but today is already 23
They do not pay. I think it’s scam. See their fb page with reviews of people .
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
They had an issue with February's payouts. However, I was told by the head of their finance department that all payments went out on Wednesday. I got paid and so have many of my subscribers.
Montyzeable (1 year ago)
Hey Robert I have not received any payment on my Z-Cash contract until today? =( What's going on at CCG Mining why are they so dubious now?
Donny Jiang (1 year ago)
Have you received the First Payout since 16 February. This is the 21 February and we all have not received any Payout Yet. Have you come across their support?
Hey brother, have you gotten paid by CCG Mining yet. The 16 passed and I have no even got an email nor paid. Thanks!
Thank you Jie Wang. Did you try to reach them via email? I posted a message in the chat without a response. I think I got paid for my bitcoin contract though.
Jie Wang (1 year ago)
It looks like none of the ethereum and zcash contracts got a pay out this month. I'm still waiting as well
Crypto Collector (1 year ago)
Great video and info rob !
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
I am glad that you liked it!
Jie Wang (1 year ago)
Has everybody got their pay out for this month? I was really looking forward to receive my first pay out since it was supposed to be done on the 15 or 16 of every month but unfortunately still nothing🤔
Sam Johnson (1 year ago)
CCG Mining will not talk to me.  I need help!   ::((
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Hang in there Sam, someone will get back to you. Plus, it's already Friday evening in Poland. I would expect a delayed response from both of our emails to them.
Sam Johnson (1 year ago)
I did not receive my payout from CCG Mining today!  The company is not responding after hours of pleading :( !
Sam Johnson (1 year ago)
Absolutely no communication or response is what makes it so stressful!!  They are just ignoring my please for help!  Thank you for trying, but people need to know and need to be protected.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Sam, I am really sorry about this. I emailed my contact at CCG and will be waiting for their response. It could be an oversight, an issue with their ETH payment gateway, or some other factor that we do not know about. Please be patient as we both wait for a response from CCG. I am sorry for the trouble this is giving you.
Sam Johnson (1 year ago)
I was expecting $700 worth of Ethereum.  What bothers me I have been trying to get an answer for 6 hours, but have gotten zero response!!!
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Sam, please be patient. I did receive my payout yesterday. How much BTC where you expecting to receive? Was it more than their 0.002 minimum withdrawal amount?
Francois Tremblay (1 year ago)
The problem with these companies, even if they are legit in a sense, I think the earnings are not guaranteed and they could close anytime and they would not have to refund you. Is it written somewhere where they would have to refund the contract if they close the business ? Like in the terms of use ? Even if it is in there, would there be something we can do by law to be refunded our investment if the company closes ? These are the important questions... Even if it looks legit like I said, if the company decides to shut down anytime, you lose your money. I had been with a company from Germany before that was registered in Switzerland... Eventually they shut down and everyone could not get back their money.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Francois, you are 100% correct. Anyone of us can lose our entire investment in these companies if they go bankrupt. And yes, it's in their TOS, or terms of service. It just goes to show you how much of a risk investing actually is. If you bought stock in a company at $50 a share, and the company tanks and your shares are now worth $1 per share, what legal recourse would you have? ZERO. It's the same with cloud mining. When the price of Bitcoin is high, we are all doing really well. When the price of Bitcoin is low, we all feel the pain. As an investor, you have to be able to weather whatever storm comes our way. It's par for the course in this space.
I am seeing a 5.56% drop in payout rate of ethereum not dollars in just one week! Does the rate ever go up?? CCG controls the calculations on difficulty, so I guess I am helpless here on my payout.??
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
You have to expect that the difficulty will fluctuate with mining. In general, with mining, to maintain a certain payout amount, more hash power will be required. However, the bigger issue with Ethereum is the planned move to POS, or Proof of stake rather than proof of work (POW).
Honestly I have seen my CCG mining payouts drop by 2% in 3 days. Should this rate of decline continue my new two year ethereum contracts would be worthless in two months!
Why CCG 10THs 3651$ and Genesis 25THs 3799$ ?? They both is life time contract but so expensive in CCG -.-"
GameCaptain (1 year ago)
great video!
Rabie Makarem (1 year ago)
Hi Robert, thank you for your efforts, did you to make a withdrawal with CCG? in their FAQ they mentioned that the payout is only done once a month? is that true? if yes, what do you think about it? thank you
J Preston (1 year ago)
When you buy a contract with CCG mining can you reinvest daily like you can on Hashflare?
Ugochukwu Maxwell (1 year ago)
What can you say about usi_tech??
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
USI Tech? They seem a little sketchy to me. Plus, they pulled out of the US market due to a legal injunction issued from the state of Texas. Personally, I think it's game over for all of the Bitcoin based lending platforms.
Krzysztof Baraniecki (1 year ago)
Hello thank you. if I provided the address of Exodus BTC's wallet for payment and I will pay LTC straight from the stock exchange, does it matter?
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
I would not pay from any exchange because payments can be delayed. It's just better to pay with Litecoin that in in your Exodus wallet. Your Litecoin payment will hit immediately if you pay from your Exodus wallet.
Marvin Sanjaya (1 year ago)
hello robert is this CCG mining legit ?
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Yes, they are legit. I would not have invested my own money with them if I thought that they were a scam.
Marc Goddard (1 year ago)
Alvin Alfaridzi (1 year ago)
so if crypto nick recommends genesis mining.. what would you do?
Marc Goddard (1 year ago)
Hey I'm a lover not a fighter. I wasn't putting you down or comparing but anything C.N advertises is going to put me off. Grateful for your response Robert. Keep up the good work 👍
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
CryptoNick only recommend CCG Mining after I made a video about it. If you look at the date my video was produced about CCG Mining and the date CryptoNick's CCG Mining video was produced, you will see my video is several weeks older. In other words, CryptoNick was late to the CCG Mining YouTube video party. Actually, I don't understand your reasoning at all. If 100 people are telling you the truth about something and ONE person whom you don't like is part of that 100, you are telling me that your not going to believe the other 99 people on account of one person?
pande suastama (1 year ago)
Vladimir Putin (1 year ago)
Prices not good
Raylix777 (1 year ago)
Cant sign up for ccgmining always get this error when trying to sign up The characters you entered didn't match the image shown. Please try again.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
I am sorry to hear about your sign up difficulties. Please try again as this was probably a temporary issue.
Ellis Colston (1 year ago)
Hello I have a question they said they pay out once a month on the 15th but they pay Bitcoin to your wallet I'm not understanding that could you please advise because I'm getting ready to buy my first ever mining contract and I want to make sure that I'm doing everything possible and the correct way I've created to wallets and also bought a keep key and trying to make sure everything is secure so I just need to clarify are they talking about they make the cash payments once a month and I'm unsure please advise
Ellis Colston (1 year ago)
CryptoRobert thank you that's the clarification I needed because people I've asked always say oh yeah this way is that way you came right out and say hey they paying Bitcoin so it's up to me then if they paying Bitcoin that I if I want to transfer it into USD I need to sell those Bitcoins correct or do I just exchange them for cash on cryptopia please advise
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Ellis, how familiar you with Bitcoin cloud mining? The reason that I am asking this is that you seem confused about the payout on the 15th of the month. The payout will always be in Bitcoin and not cash. In order to receive your payment, you will need a Bitcoin wallet address added to your customer admin area. I hope that this clears things up a bit.
reefbreaksurfer (1 year ago)
BTW, great video! Very professional.
reefbreaksurfer (1 year ago)
1 TH for SHA256, I was able to get it at $179.00 USD. But I am not able to configure the POOL. But on my Hashflare account I can configure the mining pool. Does CCG allow you to configure their mining pool?
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
At the present time CCG Mining does not allow you to choose your pool. But then again, the last time I checked neither did Genesis Mining allow me to select my pool.
John Martens (1 year ago)
Hi Robert, What recording software are you using? Very professional how you appear on the video.
John Martens (1 year ago)
CryptoRobert Thanks for the info!
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
John, thanks for asking this question. I use OBS studio to do my screenshot recordings. Afterwards, I do all of my video editing in Adobe Premiere. I must spend at least 10 hours per week editing my videos in Adobe Premiere. I am having a whole lot of fun though.
Milt (1 year ago)
They don't accept  US credit cards ( payeer,) the service they use for cards on ccg mining.  I tried and it got canceled, contacted tech support( for Payeer) They said no US credit cards accepted. Hashflare does accepts credit cards. Great video, I wish I saw this before I lost my money at Bitconnect.
Darrell Thompson (1 year ago)
Hi Robert I like your videos , and was looking for the one you did about moving crypto to GDAX and back to the bank , Thanks DDD
Jacob Horn (1 year ago)
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
All contracts can technically be altered by these cloud mining companies. Do I think that CCG Mining will change their open-ended contracts to one year contacts like Hashflare? I personally do not think that they will do that.
ntokozo thungo (1 year ago)
Robert CCG is using false or say fakey images starting from the CEO thats a generic photo which has been used in many fakey or scam sites. That Michal is a fictitious person. I dont think any real company will ever use false or fakey images on their website. its risky to invest on CCG MINING. WHY are they using false images if they are not scammers?
ntokozo thungo (1 year ago)
Please click and search on CEO's photo it says Michal is a TV Producer
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
If the CEO is fake then please provide some evidence to back up your claim. So far I have not found any other photos of the CCG Mining team on other websites. I am sorry, but unless you can back up your claim you are not going to convince me that CCG Mining is a scam.
Tucker (1 year ago)
Any Verge would be much appreciated DHpkGYm284s9AaFYt8tQVFtLheU6o3wfVK
Esteban F Torelli (1 year ago)
your videos was great until you said that we need o love bcash!. WTF man.... I will not use your like for that. :) and donwliked you to know. :)
Esteban F Torelli (1 year ago)
CryptoRobert There are lot of coins that are fast and convinient that are not trying to steal bitcoin’s name( just look at bitcoins twitter account.) But it’s just my opinion. Don’t take it personal.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Sorry, I am not a Crypto Bitcoin "partisan". I use Bitcoin Cash because it's fast and convenient. There is plenty of room in the world for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to coexist together.
Creation (1 year ago)
Please provide review for hashzone .io mining
Joel A (1 year ago)
Are you aware that HashFlare had open ended contracts too? They just changed them to one year contracts and pointed to the TOS.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Personally, I do not think they are going to do the same thing that Hashflare did by changing their TOS. The CCG Mining team are hard at work trying to build their own mining rigs to reduce their costs. I was also told that they would like to be able to offer cheaper Bitcoin contracts like Hashflare that will be a short term like 1-year, However, there is no word yet on when they are planning on rolling this out.
Joel A (1 year ago)
CryptoRobert You don't think CCG will do exactly the same?
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Joel, that is true, that Hashflare changed their TOS last August from open ended to 1 year contracts. I felt very betrayed when that happened. But then I got back to reality and decided to keep making money with them. Will CCG Mining do the same thing and change their open ended contracts to 1 or 2 year contracts? I would hope not, but being fearful that they would is not a reason for me to not invest with them.
Serger Goedhart (1 year ago)
CCG mining is funded with Bitconnect money ;-)
Angela Douglas (1 year ago)
I wouldn't use Polka music to promote this company. Have you not watched The Polka King a film with Jack Black about a ponsy scheme ? Not saying this is one of those but it doesn't exactly Instil confidence
Conor Gill (1 year ago)
if you buy a rig do you get it delivered to your house?
Tony Truong (1 year ago)
Does anyone able to get the payout from CCG mining on 15th? I paid for the contract with Bitcoin and the payout is long over due for 7 days now. Contacted Client service but not much of help. Of course, my withdrawal balance is exceeded the minimum for withdrawal.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Tony, thank you for commenting on the CCG Mining payouts. I am not currently aware of any issues with their payouts. According to the payment terms on their website, if you pay with Bitcoin "For Bitcoin: first payment cycle – the 15th and 16th days of the month, after reaching minimal withdrawal amount – 0,002 BTC." It could very well be they will be paying you out on the 15th the following month in February.
Qool Qoin (1 year ago)
CCG's mining facility is located at: Wólczyńska 133, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland... in case anyone wants to go visit them/see for themselves.
Lindu Aji (1 year ago)
Qool Qoin at CeMat '70, right?
Mike Crabtree (1 year ago)
Does CCG have automatic reinvestment like hashflare?
Jase (1 year ago)
It's cheaper to buy the advanced or pro plan then it is to do buy the custom plan. $366 or $361 per TH/s.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Jason, great observation. It looks like CCG Mining is giving their customers a slight discount on that advanced and pro plans.
Tuur Jansen (1 year ago)
This was very informative, like the links. Signed up under your name :)
Baim Anas (1 year ago)
is it legit?
Vahagn Aris (1 year ago)
In the middle of the video... very informative for a newbie mining enthusiast so far. Thanks Robert!
Mr Saju (1 year ago)
This could be my crypto savings! will check it out and buy some contracts!
jairo Mercedes Lugo (1 year ago)
thanks you for this video man
Bikuriya (1 year ago)
CCG mining does not appear on Blockchain for current mining pools, neither does it appear on anyother cyrpto currency blockchain. Its more than likely a scam.
Lucchese Eberardo (1 year ago)
Which site did you go to find out if they are on the blockchain ?
Bikuriya (1 year ago)
CCG mining buys has from other mining pools then it raises the price for to make a profit. This is why you can ot find them on blockchain, as they are not actually doing the mining. Send them a message and ask them about it.
Lucchese Eberardo (1 year ago)
How do you find out if they are on the blockchain ?
dbenders1 (1 year ago)
Too expensive. If you thought Hashflare was expensive.
The Tech Info Guru (1 year ago)
Hey Robert, let me know the answers: 1. if I purchase a cloud mining contract in CCG mining, can I auto/manual reinvest from my balance to buy more hashpower or contracts daily, like Hashflare(where we can reinvest in SHA 256) ?? 2. Also let me know how long will this company last, Could this be a scam??
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
At the present time, there is no reinvestment option with CCG Mining. They told me that this is something that they are working on. As for how long they are going to last, I am not 100% certain, but I am betting on CCG Mining being around for at least a few years.
no name (1 year ago)
Help us to review Davorcoin, if it is one of your options, thnaks
GJCOIN CLUB (1 year ago)
halo bro..i investor ,,i dont promo company give people suck company my affialte..
Big Dragon (1 year ago)
hello ! I paid my BTC contrat ,but sitll pending ,can you me when will be start it ,thank you
GJCOIN CLUB (1 year ago)
same dragon mining,,admin suckk not good company
GJCOIN CLUB (1 year ago)
ccg mining promblem payout..i joined 5 month ago.....15 th/16th very bad payoutt..suckkk
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Coingateway, in the 5 months since you joined, how many times have they had a problem with a payout? If this you first payout issue?
Bobik the Beabull (1 year ago)
@cryptorobert Have you read the terms of service of ccgmining? I can't help but notice all the typos and grammar errors. You would think that a company that has 6 data centers can hire a proofreader for their website. Some of their terms of service don't even make sense to me since the English is so bad. :)
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
The "duck test?" I am not familiar with that term. Can you please explain it a little better?
Bobik the Beabull (1 year ago)
I just saw the news on Bitconnect and how many folks lost their money since there are youtubers out there promoting these PONZI schemes. I feel really bad for these people since they were literally scammed out of their hard earned money. The worst is the video of these promoters totally wiping their hands clean of any wrong doing. Anyway, I've done the duck test on CCGMining. Folks thinking of investing I recommend should do the same.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Bobik, yes, the terms and conditions page needs some work. But truthfully, a lot of these TOS agreements read more or less the same, minus the grammar errors, on Hashflare and Genesis Mining. So far, CCG Mining has not given me any reason to question their legitimacy.
Bobik the Beabull (1 year ago)
@cryptorobert You can't possibly cringe with this grammar and what this says in their terms of service right? Do people really agree to these types of terms? I'm no lawyer but this looks really shady. "4.Termination.Either you or we may end this Agreement AT ANY TIME, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice. Written notice can be in the form of mail, email or fax. In addition, this Agreement will terminate immediately upon any breach of this Agreement by you."
Adolf Hipster (1 year ago)
DAMNNNNN THIS IS SO MUCH CHEAPER AND BETTER THEN HASHFLARE I REGRET SIGNING UP FOR THEM ...jeezz life time contracts 😍 hashflare only has one year contracts thanks for making this video
James Deitner (1 year ago)
Very informative! Thank you!
Bobik the Beabull (1 year ago)
Their CTO linkedin was just created. All their linkedin profiles don't even work. You would think that a company that's focused on a very high tech business can make sure their links work so we can properly vet these guys if they can indeed deliver on what they promise on their website. If they can't even make sure these works and they claim that they can manage an entire data center of mining equipment then I rest my case. Cryptorobert maybe you should do a site visit since you seem to like this company so much and give us a report. Please take videos of all their mining rigs and do a quick interview with the CEO if you can find him. :)
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Bobik, thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. In fact, I think I will open a support ticket to address this very issue with regards to their missing LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. So far, their customer support has been outstanding. In fact, someone who recently made a payment to CCG Mining overpaid and CCG Mining refunded him for the overage which speaks a lot to their honesty. As for making a trip to Poland to inspect the cloud mining facility, while that is a goal one day, it's just not in the budget right now. Actually, a dream trip of mine would be to visit Iceland to see Genesis Mining, Estonia to see Hashflare, and then off to Poland to visit CCG Mining. If I ever make that multi-country trip I will be sure to document everything on my YouTube channel. : )
max iifoojar (1 year ago)
Can i reinvest ccg
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Max, sorry, CCG Mining does not have a reinvestment feature like Hashflare.
Dominik Zabłocki (1 year ago)
We might have found something: Their mining rigs: this "Fury Turbo+" is bullshit, that motherboard is Socket 1151 and only supports DDR4 memory. The processor listed is socket 1150 and the memory is DDR3. They might not be that legit after all...
Theo 14th (1 year ago)
Now BTC is lower than $10,000. Does this affect the CCG Mining's contract? I had a bad experience on HF and VIABTC that they change the contract when BTC go down.
Petar Stefanov (1 year ago)
At the current price of BTC 10k, CCG should reconsider their prices.....SImply ROI will be horrible for the customers...
Jim A (1 year ago)
Why would a Polish "transparent" company hide behind a phony PO box in London? Just like control finance, aurum bank, bitpetite, etc. Wont be here in 90 days.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Well, what can I say, this is a risky space. At least I put my money where my mouth is. Remember, no risk, no reward. At least I am having a blast. Make some money, lose some money, it's all good .
Jim A (1 year ago)
Chain Group... What Happened......... Bitpetite........ what happened......... next you will hear..... CCG what happened. (does any of that sound familiar?) your words your videos
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Jim, it looks like you a true believer in your own fictions. Even if I get back to you in 90 days to prove how wrong you were, you would probably come up with a new excuse to prove you are right and I (we) are wrong.
Jim A (1 year ago)
Nope. They register in London cuz its cheap and no legal ramifications. So what is their address where their offices are located? Oh yeah, for security reasons they wont tell you. Now thats real transparency. Write back in 90 days and we will see who is right. I heard all these same transparency stories about Control Finance, Aurum Bank, etc. etc. etc.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Jim, with all due respect, you have NO idea what you're talking about. Many European entrepreneurs in central Europe set up the legal and financial arm of their company because it's A) there much less red tape with a vastly more business-friendly climate, and B) paying less in taxes because the U.K. has a current tax rate of 20% for corporations. Other industry-leading cloud mining companies have similar financial arrangements in other countries. Hashflare is financially tied to Scotland while Genesis Mining is financially tied to Hong Kong. When you consider that these businesses have a global customer base and reach, these legal connections to countries that they have no mining operations in becomes a non-issue.
I just opened and account and purchased BTC mining. I overpaid and CCG Mining sent me a refund right away!!!
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Wow! Talk about honesty in business. Way to go CCG Mining!
Scott Gabbert (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how to change the payment method to another cryptocurrency? So you pick the method of Another Cryptocurrency and then what? (where do you pick which one?)
Scott Gabbert (1 year ago)
Oh sorry I meant pay out our earnings - or does it just payout with what it was bought with? (otherwise they'd have to be in the exchange business?)
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Scott, it's a little difficult to figure out how to pay for a contract using altcoins. After you select "pay with another cryptocurrency" in the next page you have to click the Coin Payments logo. The Coin Payments logo does not say "Pay" or "Pay Now" which had me scratching my head for a while. I hope that this helps explain things better.
Can you reinvest with CCG Mining?
Alvin Alfaridzi (1 year ago)
if you want to, just reinvest with doge coin... less fee
Thanks a million brother!
Thanks a million!
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Sorry, but at the present time there is no reinvestment option with CCG Mining like they have in Hashflare.
Anu K.S (1 year ago)
Do they have a reinvestment plan..?? same as hashflare..?
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Unfortunately, they do not have a reinvestment option. You can, however, contact CCG Mining and ask them to reinvest your earnings in hash power before your payout on the 15th of the month.
Stephen Jonnotti (1 year ago)
It's the 15th. Don't see anyway to take a payout. SCAM!!
Stephen Jonnotti (1 year ago)
It's been over a month, however I will go and check the minimum withdrawal
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Did you make the minimum amount? Also, are forgetting that new orders do not qualify for a payout in the month you made your purchase. Because you scream that CCG Mining is a scam please read their TOS carefully.
Shrenik (1 year ago)
tnx for amazing video. Please clarify on credit card payment. Hashflare pays from next day on credit card payment but locks withdrawl for 15 days. Are you saying there won't be payout for 60 days for credit card and it will be only paid from 61st day onwards?
Shrenik (1 year ago)
thanks so I can invest with credit card. I anyways dont wanna withdraw and accumulate for some time.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
That is correct, you will not be able to withdraw any money or 60 days. Genesis Mining has the same limitations on credit card orders. However, for these 60 days, your Bitcoin balance will continue to grow.
Satish Patel (1 year ago)
So clear explanation...Awesome... but little query.. 1)when they say contract like " BITCOIN 50 GH/s Open-Ended ".... does it mean we will get fixed continue 50GH/s or it may vary depends upon difficulty rate and so as it may affect our earning??... 2)if we go for " BITCOIN 50 GH/s Open-Ended" ... for how long we earn for 19.99$ .. I mean can we continue any period time as long as this plan exists or we need to repay 19.99$ after specific period of time??
Satish Patel (1 year ago)
Thanks for clearing my doubts, yes I would not be purchasing this plan anyway, I took for example only...Keep us updating the latest news about ccg mining..
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Satish, sorry for my late reply. For question 1) if you purchase 50GH/s om CCG Mining you will get the full 50 GH/s and make about $2.40 per month. However, due to the increase in difficulty on the Bitcoin network, you payout will go down over time. So, let's say that 50 GH/s is paying you $2.40 per month this year, but in 2019 to get that same $2.40 per month it will take 60 GH/s. For question 2) the 50 GH/s you purchase will last until it becomes unprofitable to mine Bitcoin. These are multi-year contracts.
Gemini 69 (1 year ago)
Fantastic content bro!
Alexander Miyazaki (1 year ago)
Well Done !!!! ur job is been appreciated here!
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Alexander, you are very welcome. I really like the CCG Mining team.
Luc de Vries (1 year ago)
Great review!
Alexander Sudin (1 year ago)
too high :(
Bash Crypto (1 year ago)
CryptoRobert, Have you ever heard of block reward ?
Eero Häkkinen (1 year ago)
do they have auto reinvest option? :)
Eero Häkkinen (1 year ago)
Hi Robert, I just joined on the ZEC mining 2-year and payed with DGB -- pretty cool --- will see on Monday how it worked out :) Have a great weekend
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Eero, that is very good news. I guess you can just tell them to skip the monthly payout and instead pay you in hash power. I think I might ask them to do that with some affiliate commissions that are pending. Maybe I will try that on February 15th.
Eero Häkkinen (1 year ago)
Thanks CR :) I asked them directly on chat and they said they could manage it with being in kontakt with them... or just do it every 15th -- but that is "loosing" a little on every day % I guess :)
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Eero, I am very sorry but CCG Mining at the present time goes not have an auto reinvest option. Hopefully they will have this offer this feature in the future.
Aleksandar Petkovic (1 year ago)
hi Robert, I am interested in your opinion about ccg mining contract for etherium ? Is iit beter to buy etherium or invested in cloud minig etherium contract and waiting 2 years ?
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
That is a very hard question to answer because there are too many variables out of my control, such as the future price increase or decrease of Ethereum. The price of Ethereum is on the rise, but nothing is guaranteed. However, I favor mining contracts are a great way of increasing your coin balance by paying just a fixed upfront cost. After you recoup the contract price in a 6 to 8 months you can enjoy 14 to 16 months of pure profits.
Aleksandar Petkovic (1 year ago)
My question was is it better to buy Etherium and hodl, or cloud mining Etherium ? I am new in this adventure and want to have as more information as it posible before invest first $. Tnx for your answer.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Sorry, my mistake! For some reason, I was thinking that Hashflares ETH contracts were 2-years in duration. I guess Hashflare is moving to a 1-year contract term for everything. In that case, CCG Mining is the winner for ETH contracts!
Aleksandar Petkovic (1 year ago)
I am not sure about that, Hashflare contract is 2,2 $ per 100kh/s with 1 year contract, and CCG 2,799 $ per 100kh/s with 2 years contract.
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Aleksandar, thank you for your comment. In all truthfulness, I think the Etherium contracts at Hashflare are much cheaper then CCG mining. Both Hashflare and CCG Mining are offer two-year contracts with no maintenance fees but the Hashflare ETH contracts are a little cheaper.
savas cantek (1 year ago)
Terrible pricing policy. Very slow start up to mine ( 2 days ..Hope they r aware how important 2 days in cyrpto word) high payment threshold, long payment cycle, VERY high maintenance fee(?) the only thing looks good is lifetime contrat ( but only looks so, everybody is well aware even after a year today's current hashpower will became nothing.) Good video, congrats , well effort to capture some referral. Hope you will get a lot of newbie because some of the people here in you tube r prep. some sh*tty videos which has no info and boldly begging for a referral income
Surprise Toy Review (1 year ago)
Poor price point v other providers.
DL (1 year ago)
This is better than Crypterra.
Alawi Fadaaq (1 year ago)
CryptoRobert (1 year ago)
Alawi, I am very sorry but CCG Mining does not have a reinvest option like Hashflare has. They pay you out once per month, on the 15th of the month. If you want to reinvest in CCG Mining you will need to purchase an additional contract.
kamikaze krypto (1 year ago)
awesome! thank you for doing all the research will sign up under your link, i like how this platform is open and transparent, i got hashflare and crypterra too. these guys sound like the best over all even if you pay more per TH/s but money isn't everything right? LOL have a great week 😃
Trashy Ratchet (1 year ago)
You dont mention anything about the difficulty over 3 years in your math.
Trashy Ratchet (1 year ago)
This is nearly twice the price of hf. Ridiculous.
Gijs van Vliet (1 year ago)
How is this even look real to you? Everything on that website site looks fake. It seams that it’s just another scam.

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