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35+ Best Life Moving On Quotes For Everyone - All Time Good Quotations

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Daphne Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Lynn Fernandes (1 day ago)
thats what coming Icurse u wt suffering bad luck car accidents sickness in yr family AIDS AND Painful slow death.
Shimmering Drums (1 day ago)
And if you think this is funny, it's actually a real sick joke! Don't forget I got my degree in the mental health field and know all the BS and manipulation games associated....just cause I'm not using it right now doesn't meant I can't see thru the sick mind games. Enough already, and I asked you to unfollow me, why you are still here, I don't understand. I'm letting and setting you free. You have made it very clear to me about your being unavailable and I respect that which is why I am leaving you be....you can't have your cake and eat too my dear, that's not how this works / either you are in it for real and do something about it....or walk away and let the situation be....Maybe you would benefit from seeing a therapist yourself that is trained in dealing w people that have issues such as you do.
Shimmering Drums (1 day ago)
Lastly, the sick mind games they engage in as they try to pull the wool over your eyes and tell you they love you but can't do anything about it and expect you to be there for them as their "imaginary lover". These people fail to realize how much they are hurting the 'supposed' one they love by trying to keep them In check in this manner....not my style and it's a very unhealthy and poor way to share a relationship w someone. It's not real. It's amazing how much technology now-a-days is damaging having a real relationship w someone. People are hiding behind their computers and hurting or feeding that much more into their lack of socialization skills. 🙁 Very sad to say the least. And one more " lastly"....when they try to turn the tables and point the finger and blame their sadness calling the other person a narcissist and them playing the victim role.....when in reality, the victim is only the person that is trying to walk away from the unhealthy behavior and relationship that she allowed herself to get engulfed in. Great lesson learned, thank you for the post and am more than happy to move on. If you want my attention, you are going about it completely the wrong way and are only making me lose more interest in you. As I have said before, very childish mind games!
Shimmering Drums (1 day ago)
Amen! 🙏😉🙏 Especially when dealing w someone that plays mind games w you...all ready to let that go ❤️🙂🙃🙂 and so it's done! Have more important things to focus my energies on. Thanks for sharing and the reminder 😘😘😘
Chris M (9 days ago)
so true
Chris M (9 days ago)
peace. not so much 🎁
Jo Ann Boyd (10 days ago)
You have taken everything from me house car job savings and you are still stealing from me
TheLovliestTear (13 days ago)
"Moving on is my gift to myself." I loved this.
Needle N a haystack (13 days ago)
So so true. 💫💋✨❣️🌟♥️💫💋✨❣️🌟♥️👑
Veronica Veronica (14 days ago)
It huts not. Happy life.
Manjula R (15 days ago)
Last year I managed to live thru a fire accident. I went to the temple to light a lamp and my saree caught fire. I was In the ICU For 20 days. Everyday I keep racking my brains as to why this happened to me. It's disturbing. I'm glad I'm alive to comment
Lynn Fernandes (17 days ago)
There goes robert ilicic Bitch homosexual Bastard screwing gay lovers. Harassing me and forcing himself onto himself.
John Mandro (17 days ago)
Never think about any of those anonymous people unnecessarily.. Nothing to be wrongly at anytime.. If I move abroad too good for me.. How is it....
John Mandro (17 days ago)
Initially, if I move abroad. I have think improvement and hard work only....
Krishnaiah Rangaiah (21 days ago)
Who are you calling bitch
Bindiya Bathari (24 days ago)
But bad people are always around.
D- train (26 days ago)
Little tittys, HUNGRY PUSSY...
D- train (26 days ago)
That's NOT my FINGER you are HOLDING.
winnie mu (1 month ago)
Sabina Waiba (1 month ago)
Tenqsss a lot it worksss 4 me....otherwise im gonna in depression..ten q u so much 4 these amazing quotosss
LEBO MABOTJA (1 month ago)
What comes let it come ,what goes let it go
Fatinee Reed (1 month ago)
So on Point 🎯❣️☑️💯
Roberta Luchey (1 month ago)
"Valentine" i love you,miss you more; Do you know i have been contented, now i am surely happy, with you.
Nana K. M (1 month ago)
Sometimes, things are easier said than done. Been there, done that. But with God, I just feel and found out....Nothing's impossible.
Benedicta Alfonso (1 month ago)
If is this real it’s ok we just go for it, it’s the best thing do better come go forward 👍
Savi Dass (1 month ago)
Deuneska Portugal (2 months ago)
Renu Yadav (2 months ago)
gajab 👌👌
Elizabeth Bertrand (2 months ago)
So true ❤
satheesan parambil (2 months ago)
Weiting for you.
Suga P (2 months ago)
I woke up this morning and thank God for another day above ground sure did
Nazar Marquez (2 months ago)
Absolutely! I'm happy does happened to me.
Carlos M.Aliaga (2 months ago)
Some of these quotes really hurt,.... Even they have got a reasonable advice........moving on, apparently is the only way out.... 👍 👍 👍
Carlos M.Aliaga (23 days ago)
+Bindiya Bathari 👍😁😊🌷🌷🌷🌷
Bindiya Bathari (24 days ago)
Carlos M.Aliaga yaaaahhh
Anita Carter (2 months ago)
If someone or something doesn't bring your life joy ✨and make you 💕happy...........let it goooo! 😘👋🏻 bye
marti-grecia Odalyz (2 months ago)
These Quotations are ALL ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May Lemmens (2 months ago)
These quotes couldn't have come at a better time in my life right now now. I feel ready to finally let go of my ex...
Shirley Ware (2 months ago)
After all the years with my ex it did hurt but I got over it and just in time!!! I understand now for a while, my life is for the better and has opened the doors for so much in my life!!!! I have the world ahead of me and the only limits is what I put upon myself, otherwise there's so much and anything is possible in this world!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊
Wafaa maroc (2 months ago)
Close some doors not because of pride or incapacity but simply because they no longer lead somewhere..the truth
Kari Short (2 months ago)
Leaving people that no longer value you comes with great rewards
Sage Garcia (2 months ago)
I dedicate these quotes to everyone including my family who walked away from me for no reason. They left during the time that I was Fighting for my life. Through the grace of God I survived, let go, and moved on.
Dr.KarMichael And Jones (3 months ago)
Fuck this video! When you're wronged it's best to get revenge by destroying your enemies
Arshia Shojaian (3 months ago)
So nice so true it’s good to move on sometimes ....I loved all this quotes I will use them to relax my life ease it ....thanks
Masha Khalfan (3 months ago)
Thank u for e lessonw
Fatinee Reed (3 months ago)
I agree 💯🎈 🎈✨
iris wood (3 months ago)
People from your past will try for a looooooong time to pull you back I can see through the nonsense and the BULLSHIT.
Today Quotes (3 months ago)
Nice, thanks for sharing!
Rochelle Knight (3 months ago)
good message!!
Nancy l (3 months ago)
Fucking videos
Diane Hayse (3 months ago)
I,agree with every one. I let go long ago. It's the getting enough together to get started from. And all the control around me. I'm not sure I can forgive them anymore. Just leave all the pieces lay and step over them and go forward. That's what is on my mind.
Val Nicols (3 months ago)
where did it all begin....I don"t know anymore ...everybody who were there mettling in business me myself didn't understand have left the broken pieces for me to fix .....Everything is broken
Val Nicols (3 months ago)
The "wrong"people who aren't "love" relationships, the manipulators around you who pull your strings and backstab and hurt you for reasons you will never understand....there is where it hurts the most.... struggling not to hate.... a snowball effect
Rican Marrero (3 months ago)
Agents,producers, writers of many books and boom u marry one whattttttttttttttttttt as u become the actress ur meant to be.....All about Who u know not who u blow
Elizabeth Mahlaku (3 months ago)
Mhmhmh s a very big mastake to go bak to ex lol m telling u nothing going to work lol
joey vieira (3 months ago)
This video actually made me feel better
Rhona Avila (3 months ago)
now I understand miss someone doesn't mean u need them back in ur life missing someone is part of moving on😂😂now I know I'm already done for loving her..
clowsy Felcia21 (3 months ago)
The greatest healing therapy 'Friendship & Love'..💜👌
Yolanda Johnson (3 months ago)
Phethile Maseko (3 months ago)
Beautiful quotes
Colors Matrix (3 months ago)
Leila Reddy (3 months ago)
U need to see a psychiatrist ocd patients does everything in threes even your sick fantasy movies...you skitzo...when will it ever stop this is just sick
Nene Sterling (3 months ago)
This video is old but it came at a great time Jesus is saying let go of her I was in love I was there for her but when darkness hit me (hit a low point in life) she was no where to be found I loved her but I was just her entertainer I could make her laugh all day and make her day but the minute I would go through things she would leave me high and dry and she came back when my energy came back plus she didn't accept me from the jump she saw flaws when she met me I had to charm my way to her heart but if you working and all you getting is what she wants then it's time to let go it's hard but I know some one is better for me out there thanks for the Wake up call Jesus bless you all
My Phuong Huynh Thi (4 months ago)
we perform ourselves first n help only who really need us,the other subject non concern. The king has an harem of 100 concubines,no one put an eye in.Its his life n not us,but thank u for the confidence
mehnab khan (4 months ago)
I hope you don't play your dirty games with me anymore . I don't love you. .... I guess I hate you
mehnab khan (4 months ago)
I am willing to move on . I don't want someone who doesn't care about me at all. who does not save me from my troubles or attacks. I need a real man not some narcissist.
Nikita Mercy (4 months ago)
6:30 true i always think about that even though i didnt show it
Virginia Cano (4 months ago)
Diane Slate (4 months ago)
Soo true
evangelistic crusade (4 months ago)
Thanks! Hope we stop as you don't blame me anymore.....instead we blame our misleading and our circumstances, Better WE PRAY! I don't want to blame our misleading or our failures because I know you know already my compassion with you, may I need to tell you, if I did my side to plan by reaching each other, and you do nothing.....it's hard to understand if we depend on our own strength .....and you know already that God is in the centered in the process on our behalf and our perspective of our journey and He is in controlled between us....I just believed in Him that He is only have a power can fix our everything by mending our life for His honor and for His glory! I just thank to God whatever our circumstance that He overcome in our lives, I will offer to Him in return as a highest worship! God leads and protects our souls!
Jayashree Sreedharan (4 months ago)
there. is. no. wrong. and. right. and. no one. is. perfect. like. almighty
Nontobeko carol Makhanya (4 months ago)
tnx alot 4 d motivation it really helped
Jean Mann (4 months ago)
O well just want to talk to you but it's clear you don't want to talk
Irma Wilkins (5 months ago)
Baby I don't have a problem getting a man I am done with that
Irma Wilkins (5 months ago)
Baby when I done with a person ✔ that it is you in a serious relationship be honest I will still love you the same
My Phuong Huynh Thi (4 months ago)
no understand
Laurie Estep (5 months ago)
I still believe in my heart we belong together
Jane Hernandez (5 months ago)
Well u made me feel sad, but i guess i deserve it. But i do love u and i will explain why i feel that wsy. U r very important to me. I just dont want to rush into things so fast. And i do miss u alot. Please forgive me if i hurt u.. i sure didnt mean to. Love u so much.😚😚😚😇😎
Gladys Kris (1 month ago)
Public holes have many toilet
Laurie Estep (5 months ago)
And I appreciate you giving advice on how to become a better me for my future and I think in time things will work out in the future
Laurie Estep (5 months ago)
I'm your friend but have work on myself and I do love you but I'm stepping back to better myself
Naz Nauth (5 months ago)
I love ur quotes very nice
Rhonda Soullier (6 months ago)
I have had the pleasure of dealing with and actually loving narcissists and atleast 1 psychopath and I mean put a contract out on you psychopath and ofcourse the good old sociopath, but, don't underestimate them. Usually most of the accusations and allegations etc. have come from them. Then somehow I am the recipient of these kinds of quotes. We live in a narcissistic society, which is now obsolete. What's a psychopath to do?
Sooner boy (6 months ago)
Well written. Some things are just not meant to be. Gracefully bowing out shows character and is good for the soul.
Audrey Norton (6 months ago)
I Am Moving On With My Life. Some Men Believe To Themselves That They Are The Only One For The Woman. But I Would Like To Let Them Know Woman Never Fall. Only If They Want To. 😂🤔🤔😂
Jayashree Sreedharan (6 months ago)
Elhadj Diallo (6 months ago)
to be straight. forward. with y'all i love y'all I wish y'all the best in life ........ love y'all for ever and ever for the rest of my life
Sherrie Stephens Snow (6 months ago)
She already found someone she deserves and he makes her the happiest girl in the world. 💓
debra Scott (3 months ago)
I'm moving on ...ive waited long enough..Gods in control...im leaning on Him!!🙏💝💞
Elizabeth Bertrand (6 months ago)
Grate massage well said
maria mistretta (6 months ago)
When the wrong people leave i gain more peaceful life. 😀
Lakhbir Singh (12 days ago)
Protect what why protect me for what OK understand clear go find other real man than do such to them see what they do back right same here do same report police station must OK about aye also suddenly don't own business why about what happened with you I when she said don't trust man enough right than why past to Cristina cross dressed people don't get married and have children running behind me without reason OK I'm pig man doesn't cross dressed OK enough old is he really wants you to but I don't want gay's at all times OK protect own wife real woman who is that Cristina gay only right put front row holes without boob's run so why OK lie about me to public than why dog nothing to me at all nothing's to me right truth is Cristina I know gay rights nothing much means nothing at all to myself right remember when you have to go police officer red not her room is a good she not here OK protect own butt u OK work hard live life normal behavior honest about it OK why tell me if I knew right away from Arab nothing's to me if boob's need nothing's OK understand any person needs boob is nothing to me right OK OK protect own wife real man right underneath the other side my banana my phone balls hole why lie about it true that you can do u have any boob's on ur self ask Chris have boob's such big ones I bow to Cristina if she have boob's bigger than me enough but not that also Meth ice do such not by own self respect honest no ways same run right only ones done enough to me nothing to me truth is Cristina don't know married to a party at the Cross dressed people gay don't want to have boob's right me too right remember when you have a nice hotel girls right so many times go hotel buy real woman right remember OK sure remember hotel girls right so many people have no clue what to do with me man right here with me for pizza right lies right no ways cross dressed bow suck no need OK but report police station need right police station reports need right police station reports of life from beginning destroy name right eye is swollen from your so what wrong with buy real woman right u fake people gay cross dressed me real man doesn't mix right remember when you get the thanks friend request on facebook I when know say don't want gay's at all times than what why doing this four years destroy name reason to lick vagina holes front ones where they were so beautiful in mouth and then police officer need to be a won't happen OK understand won't be like that from beginning no ways cross dressed far as possible still voice than police station right voice I said stop u ice cream told people say like that means I hate I thought why still doing like this Evan said plz don't voice so u don't want to listen to me right why I keep thinking but don't want to report so this morning u do again means wanted me report police station only right reason to go police station right they sperm check right than u will go behind bars enough to me right won't give back to any gay's right so voice nothing's to me right won't be able bodied three people same sex stupid idiots right Chinese sickness people's homosexual nothing's to me OK protect own wife real man right underneath my life wife of gay's OK I don't want gay's at all times so tell ur wife came to me house ill lick them pit hard as possible reason I don't homosexual so tell ur own wife's come on sit on my phone right how can we do it all the way down come on sit on my phone right how happen to me truth gay's only right nothing's much means nothing rich people if they gay's OK understand clear cut said so many times suddenly gay if one two still make sense to me about medical reasons to no smile run down the road from the other back holes nothing to me back holes or banana nothing to me OK protect you and your mom nothing to me OK understand that one time said nothing means nothing OK no need rice report must report about rice must that's why I report police station right they sperm check out this than u people know right OK no problem I report police station about voice and medical do to real man OK bye bye bye forever bye bye forever bye OK nothing to me OK
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Michele Beers (7 months ago)
mike we can meet with beth again next Tues ok better afternoon after lunch we ok just right we move on up our bedroom our bed yes at home tonight kisses hugs too mikemimi too we mighty mouse
Mary Williams (6 months ago)
Michele Beers Learn to punctuate!
Michele Beers (7 months ago)
hi barb Tyler just left mimi off at our home tonight apt home too ok mike meet mike meet at five pm fri after one o'clock mike ok got mimimike breathtaking southing breathtaking too to seen too mike outside at six pm went back in at seven o'clock mikemimi OK your welcome your mimi now forevermore mickey meet mimi at six pm tonight kisses meet mimi at six supper anytime tonight secure thankyou kisses hugs greatest hugs ever leave you mike come git some things out loud dont worry baby mike can't wait forevermore mickey mouse clubhouse meet outside tonight at under our tree little tree ours great darrows mikemimi us we too part of the room upstairs tonight better now forevermore mickey mouse clubhouse thankyou mike your welcome my in god too mini mouse clubhouse ok ok mimimike southing breathtaking to we to go to mimi tonight please kisses hugs too
Noone justme (2 months ago)
+Mary Williams she smokes rocks and that Mike is my MAN 😭 she used to be someone I knew and she's been going with my MAN f 2 years now.
Mary Williams (6 months ago)
Michele Beers What drugs are you on?
Ruth Barron (7 months ago)
"I Focused So Hard On what I WANTED that I lost sight of What I DESERVED.." <3<3<3 :D :D
priccess Sherlande (25 days ago)
Wow cute
Kalaichelvi Thayalan (1 month ago)
M Worg people some time jok
My Phuong Huynh Thi (7 months ago)
Job and love r quite different. If both have same work no problem, no love no problem.Everything happen have its reason, needless to argument with others,with oneself ok
Edith Radako (7 months ago)
Elvera Serato (7 months ago)
It sounds like familiar,we know what's rights or wrong but sometimes we have to pretend and forget both sides
Rookmin Warren (7 months ago)
Everything thing said here is something to learn from some things apply to us and if it doesn't it's a lesson to learn from.knoledge make us wiser and help us to understand and deal with problem in our life.
Alexander Oghadeva (6 months ago)
Life is a teacher
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
You are my happy place
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Love conquers alll
Gweny Mcclay (6 months ago)
Thats what used to believe given my age and unfotunatly experinces throu my life i stoped thinking like that but its wonderful if thats for those who have that
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Inot going to keep repenting for the past I love you jesus no matter what
lisa rasheed (9 months ago)
Yes I am letting go of everyone who has stolen 3, years of mine and my son's life and all of the abuse that my son had to go through, may God have mercy on these low lives that cannot even be man enough to apologise for all the hurt and pain that my son had to suffer , as a mother that is hard to let go of , shame on each and everyone one of you that had a hand in hurting my son and me and taken 3 years of our lives away from us , so please I am moving forward I will let you all go but let us go and save all the sorrys and I miss u and I love you messages and stop following me and get. Of my phone , as of this morning I want nothing to do with none of you heartless people , good bye we will never be friends ever , good bye , you all are not real men , you know how dirty and nasty and currpet you are , bye lost all respect for you all ,
My Phuong Huynh Thi (7 months ago)
u r anonymous,who is yr friend? who call u ? me i don't know who u r ? what's yr fone's number? where u live? funny what u said
My Phuong Huynh Thi (7 months ago)
How many sons do u have? why do u divorce yr husband or wife? don't lie tell the truth? who urge u to do ?no lies?

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