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The Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm in Russia

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Thompson susan (19 days ago)
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RJ MUSIK (20 days ago)
Lend me some gpus ?no? Okay....
Basant reyansh (27 days ago)
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Gil Heitor (5 days ago)
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Peter Crush (8 days ago)
i was able to recover all my losses and earn so much more profit with one month of trading. with Andrew Feldstein
Nicholas Miles (9 days ago)
it gladdens my heart to know how reliable and trustworthy Andrew Feldstein is to his traders.
Saranyu Ali (11 days ago)
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Meera Bala (13 days ago)
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Ketchikan (1 month ago)
Big farm but who make 1 bitcoin a week with 6 card ????
Williams Johnson (1 month ago)
I have been seeing good result about Mr Harry mark George and the way he trades can someone assist me with his email so I can send him a text to invest with him
Nicholas Dalton (1 month ago)
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Brad A. (1 month ago)
how can i contact Mr Shaw i want to invest
Olivia Charlotte (1 month ago)
I made 5btc just in 7 days thanks to Mr Shaw Brandon
O'Shea Jeff (1 month ago)
Mr Shaw is an expert
0BLACKESTFUN0 (1 month ago)
so the humanity is now farming theoretical goods wich has imaginary value ... Where the fuk i am ? 🤪
Just Entertainment (1 month ago)
Yes it's good but its take more electric
Luzia Mike (1 month ago)
When it comes to mining Mr mike Harry is a genius
Lynn maria (16 days ago)
i am from Australia and i gain majorly,investing btc with Mr Mike Harry at ( [email protected])
Micheal Wambold (1 month ago)
I invest in him immediately I receive profit for the week. He is a trustworthy trader. He doesn't want to earn your money he wants to earn dignity.
Jason Cole (1 month ago)
Seems you knew you recently. He has been my manager for past three months now. He has totally changed my financial state
Rudy Melo (2 months ago)
Watts is energy/time (1Joule/sec) so it is a rate. When you say a certain amount of megawatts used per hour it doesn't really make sense
Yuander Xz (3 months ago)
*how to run 20 games at ultra*
Gaming Bull (3 months ago)
That costs way more than $100,000
Ravikant Sahu (3 months ago)
mor 10 days 1 bitcon join these link
I know a Chinese person in Canada who has a 20 million dollar crypto farm. I can't even imagine what the govt bills him for electricity and if they get suspicious about where his revenue comes from.
Dracu Pe Comoara (4 months ago)
And pay no..scam total
Rio Rivaldo (4 months ago)
Now, they are REKT
Cristiaz_RO (4 months ago)
Let's play csgo in this "pc" :)))
Daniil Kravchak (4 months ago)
ты российский?
Stoned Prophet (4 months ago)
Pure cancer.
scoutie25 (4 months ago)
Rip electric bills
Homeless Man (4 months ago)
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TUMELO MOFOKENG (5 months ago)
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Graci Henn (5 months ago)
Fast forward a year later and this mining farm just makes only 1.3 btc a day or around 40 btc a month, yet earns more usd than before. And we're still 2 years away from reward halving! I guess in just a couple of years it'll take this much power to mine just 1 full coin in a month or maybe even a year, bitcoin will be extremely scarce so get one while you still can!
Robloxporn (6 months ago)
Dude, I'm don’t even afford a midrange gaming pc. And this guy has thousands of gpu’s :(
Mark Durham (7 months ago)
I can't dispute bitcoin at the moment has worth , but Its only a matter of time before everyone realises that it's a made up currency 🤣 it never had any value just put on a good show to make people believe so the worth went up , but in the end which bank does it come from ? It needs a source which noone can provide , so in the mean time , I made a new coin called 1p2me nothing yet but once it takes off I'll be a millionaire 🙄
Mark Durham (5 months ago)
+Graci Henn I was being sarcastic with the coin 🤣
Graci Henn (5 months ago)
Well same for expensive paintings, rare coins, antiques and rare trading cards. You can make an exact copy or your own version but you'll never match the price of the original so good luck with your coin.
Emre in a Retro (7 months ago)
what the heck man .7
skalmaa (7 months ago)
Fking people buying up all GPU´s raising the prices. Scum of the earth.
William George (8 months ago)
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Luis Felipe Jacobo (8 months ago)
I need to buy 300 btc monthly, if you are interested in selling please respond im now in Russia
Luis Felipe Jacobo (5 months ago)
Mark Robinson  Hello, are you able to provide this amount?
William George (8 months ago)
Luis Felipe Jacobo good to have you here. pm me
Ken Semotiuk (8 months ago)
There is no use mining bitcoin when it's going back down to $1,000?
Nikeimizhong (9 months ago)
This is the only way Russian government can make money these days. Apart from oil.
Intra Stuff (1 month ago)
Lol MegaWatt per hours is not a unit of power. He might meant MegaWatt Hours
Mr. Frog (9 months ago)
If anyone wants bitcoin I can have a miner good luck
delvin jones (9 months ago)
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delvin jones (9 months ago)
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alex max (9 months ago)
I'm grateful to all of those who posted about Mr Collins, I'm making what I never believed I could make too, i was so surprised how i mined over 0.5 with very little amount.
Jones Cain (9 months ago)
Oh this is so great, i have heard of Mr Collins’s mining pool being so good, how do i contact him? i will love to mine with his system
delvin jones (9 months ago)
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canan johnson (9 months ago)
Wow Mr Collins's mining pool must be so nice, how does it work? I have a blockchain wallet, can i mine directly into it?
bahbahbah (9 months ago)
what the heck is 4.9 MW per hour? get your physics right.
Vybz Kartel (9 months ago)
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Joseph Todd (9 months ago)
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Mark Green (9 months ago)
May started hard for me in HitBTC, I was generally on the verge of draining the deposit several times, the price turned around at the wrong time, but I was just lucky. As a result, I have plus 70% of the Deposit for 10 days.
Audrey Brown (9 months ago)
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Audrey Brown (9 months ago)
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Anthony Carter (9 months ago)
info .
Ethan Mason (9 months ago)
whats your experience please give a brief explanation on Mr john 's mining pool ?
Ethan Mason (9 months ago)
WWE RAW INDO (9 months ago)
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Lazarus Frolov (9 months ago)
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Jordan illuminati (9 months ago)
But who control the Funciona Bitcoins ?
Jordan illuminati (9 months ago)
Man I need help
Alessandro7432 (10 months ago)
That cable management is pure horror. Neatness counts, especially with data cables
Andy T (10 months ago)
In soviet russia you don't mine bitcoin, bit coin mine you.
Jack Pop (10 months ago)
Holy shit 20 btc a day
Jack Pop (10 months ago)
600 btc/month so its around 5.4 million right now
Kenzphotograph Y (10 months ago)
all this bullshit! There s some future conspiracy to do with Videocards )
DeathGho (11 months ago)
so u make 374 million dollars per year? what the fuck thats insane
Dave Towm (11 months ago)
It is amazing
mrdave2112 (11 months ago)
Are the computer processing facilities being built for cryptos around the world really for the government? Is satoshi  Nakamoto the government and how do you know? I hope I get an answer.
sjh7132 (11 months ago)
It's just Megawatts, not Megawatts per hour.
joe nodden (11 months ago)
Lol, now I bet they're out of business.
Graci Henn (5 months ago)
This video was posted when btc was well under 3k and they make 100k monthly. If they sold at the 20k peak they would have made a killing. And they can still make around 300k usd a month with that farm today with the price currently around 6k. The owners are still definitely richer now.
davlmt (11 months ago)
I - News (11 months ago)
Хело френз... Ай рисентли стамулд апон конечно сорс абаут.....
Dread Lord (11 months ago)
What can you benefit from bitcoin mining again?
oplix (11 months ago)
Petros Komninos (11 months ago)
gift me one if bitcoin fails <3
Deine Mudda (1 year ago)
Children in Africa could have eaten those bitcoins...
Ketty Brown (1 year ago)
I have invested in more than 5O ICOs . To be honest , Strong team is great rewards in this industry. For upcoming ICOs , GIG9 is my favourite choice . Incredible concept by the prestigious Oxford university UK students . Totally into this ??
Aisan Fadhli (1 year ago)
can anyone donate me need money for dental implant god bless u all btc adress- 3QTD5RpSXw3zMByejMfeKy9nHHaULxzFRP
Dovahkiin (1 year ago)
14 th/s x 3000=42000 th/s = 1.10 million dollar per month
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Ronald C Krause Jr (1 year ago)
For anything relating to BitCoin mining; whether it is one single computer (or asic miner) - use solar/battery. Get two computers or two asic that run under 3k watt total or go use any system - even the most powerful miner on the planet. Using the starting system as an example - the cost of the 3k solar/battery system doesn't take all that long to recover the full amount of the hardware. Take a look at how much one would make from day one - then eventually factor in how much one would make once the solar/battery system is paid for. I honestly cannot figure out why anyone would not run solar/battery for mining
RUGGED BREED (1 year ago)
Don Mega (1 year ago)
Destroying the planet to create nothing tangible. Most of the electricity generated in russia definitely isn't from renewable sources.
Omid Javidi (1 year ago)
15UVYG1ptkkbq6n1aSsSH3YcgJaKKj8GEf one of you rich guys give me bitcoins thanks
P B (1 year ago)
make bitcoins ???
ViperDemon6819 Wright (1 year ago)
Fuck you piece of shit miners
God connection (1 year ago)
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ItsSkule (1 year ago)
6m a month, 100m a year o.0
Cara Mengobati (1 year ago)
xianjiiirr... kerenn gila
dOny ardiAnsyAh (1 year ago)
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shay bloodmoon (1 year ago)
looks like edward snowdens handy work: Noted whistleblower Edward Snowden has come out in support of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency zcash, calling it the "most interesting alternative" to bitcoin... now why was he ordered to russia again? GO ON... PULL THE OTHER ONE.
julz channel (1 year ago)
Get some rest dude. Your voice sounded like you haven't take a sleep for a month..
LLOYD3D (1 year ago)
you need a nuclear plant!!
henryscp 07 (1 year ago)
Thx because of guys like you the prices rise
Sam Johnson (1 year ago)
Be very careful!!!  I invested a good bit in CCG Mining, but just realized that the drop in payout per day is ENORMOUS!!!  My payout is going down almost 2% every three days!!!!! At this rate my two year contracts will be worthless in two months, two months worthless!!  :(
ERNSTIX (1 year ago)
Are you a special needs list
Robert Whitstone (1 year ago)
The Russian goverment is so broke its now mining bitcoin to help its GDP
Nayzeth Reyes (1 year ago)
*I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info*
Božka Jelínková (1 year ago)
Area 51- v2.0.0 wow
Kurdish Investor (1 year ago)
Crazy Russian hackers cousin
Little Kitty (1 year ago)
Waste of Money.High Power Consumption.Bad for the Earth
SevenDeMagnus (1 year ago)
Thanks. How much is their cost of electricity?
ser6791 (1 year ago)
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Darick Ribas (1 year ago)
for donation this is the Bitcoin wallet address 17Navx5LhA7kCZQykya3koecS14sWhiHK1 thks God Bless you
As long as those gpu prices stay out of the reach of fucking pc gamers, im happy
armando murillo (1 year ago)
There was a guy who received .07 of bitcoin and he said ,, they gave me so little lol,,,,, i wanna punch that dude it was free bitcoin
Al ameen Marcos (1 year ago)
How much discount ?
Al ameen Marcos (1 year ago)
I’m interested to buy
Wheelie Hooligans (1 year ago)
this should be ILLEGAL cunts.
Freek1982 (1 year ago)
Such a waste...
Hadwee the gr8 (1 year ago)
Sergei Konovalov numbers only have one decimal place... you basically just said 9.99
Freek1982 (1 year ago)
No worries, nothing against you :) Basically all of our world is going to the bad end as a most wasteful society. This and all others is just a tiny example of wasting resources for nothing. You and similar burns energy and receive just pieces of nothings that could have value of 0 tomorrow. Money do not drops from the sky, money should be priced by a work or services or usable ideas... I suppose this bubble will fizzle after peoples will get smarter, what luckily for your may not happen soon..
Sergey Konovalov (1 year ago)
Freek1982 US 9.999.999.999.999 debt that is waste
Eric Budd (1 year ago)
And this is what people do for higher profits over longer margins... create complete waste, chaos, corruption and greed. This is a great lie. It’s like trying to mine water out a desert. But, it’s the waste that is bothersome and corrupt. Instead of intelligent people mining and tweaking their algorithms and following strings of numbers, basic in quantum string theory... we have POWER. And when I mined 14 blocks in a day using GPU and my proprietary, wireless processor... suddenly the council created ‘orphan’ blocks and instead of honoring intelligence and evolution... my work has been corrupted, robbed and my accounts swiped. If this is the future of crypto currencies... paper money and debt slavery is a better option.
Ednaldo Fernandes (1 year ago)
vai ter conteúdo novo no meu canal também só avisando para quem não é inscrito 😉
Francesco Bacelli (1 year ago)
if you need a good wallet https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a0c8d67f14fb703547d95e0
ColdMystery (1 year ago)
Lul.. 😂 Nowadays 600 BTC a month gets ya like 9.000.000 USD per month..
José Dourado (1 year ago)
in Russia.....thing about that when the bubble bursts 😉
Sneezing Fox (1 year ago)
тупоумный ебень

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