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Girly Quotes For All Kind Of Women

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Text Comments (73)
e (20 days ago)
No revenges
e (20 days ago)
Famfirst :*
moitei 11 (1 month ago)
2:33 my presenf walpaper 😅
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
Who is talking what you can not with stand for one hour if you really go through what other are going through. Silence is better then nonsense.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
Jelous people always unhappy because the happiness of others always torment them, known your worth.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
If you do good or treat someone right it will come to you, as you spread your bed so you will lie on it. So no force no fight. Server what you want to be served period.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
If I don't have attitude I will not be in this level, so watch your mouth.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
Do your best the end justify the means.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
Anyway, about holding hands I don't care, what is meant for will stay and what is not will go. Also what is will treat me right okay. So don't worry about me.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
It it my sparkle that make some different in ur life, smash.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
I don't dress to please people, I dress to please myself and concise.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
Beautiful lies in the eye of the beholder period.
Julia Momoh (1 month ago)
Also she was a man but not smart the way she handle a man , case even if you hurt her there is a way she will behave not abuse, then she will come down to earth.
seven perfect girls (1 month ago)
Thnk u i luvd it all f it as high as princess. Im been raised already by u😂😜👌👌👍👍👏👏😍😘😘thnk u fr warm lines in true love 😊
Renaissance Man (1 month ago)
Well, that's not nice at all, playing with someone's feelngs & emotions.
Nancy l (1 month ago)
These never go out of style lol!!
Nancy l (1 month ago)
These never get old!
Keerat Kaur (2 months ago)
You can never go wrong with a little pink a lot works too what does it means
Jaswinder Prem Kaur (2 months ago)
Nancy l (3 months ago)
I like Marylin Monroe's...So true. Some men simply don't deserve you.
Renaissance Man (3 months ago)
That's so true !
Jagdish Pania (4 months ago)
I am the luckiest one in this world!!!💖💖💖💖
Jagdish Pania (4 months ago)
+Pooja Chhabriya you too are luckiest one 💖
Pooja Chhabriya (4 months ago)
jam rose it means you are your insulting your mother too because your mother is also a women
Irfan Yatoo (5 months ago)
Music link dedo plzzz.kaha sai laya background music plzzz batado plz plz plz.
starkudova kudova (6 months ago)
I swear that is so true there. Wear ppl i thought loved me but i guess theu really never did becouse if u can can treat a pwrson how my ex treated me n dine what he done to me theres noway that can be love n how could it of been love if. They push u a way for a stranger
Nnamdi Obara (5 months ago)
Nice one
Diane Slate (6 months ago)
In that order
sukaina Imran (7 months ago)
Superb , excellent quoting Abt love & everything fr a girl to bring a smile is a like v.true & if a guy mkes cry a pretty girl that means love that's weird guyz I don't know 😂😂😊but yeah onethng fr sure only few guyz won that title to reach in a pretty girl ❤fr being frever by encouraging her life & soul is meant to be loved, nutured & something mre which one in a million has it tht is in her noonelse carry's that 😉😇
Natchatira Mary (7 months ago)
Jean Brown (7 months ago)
Love the quotes, just need a little more time to read. BUT for the ones I can see, T-shirt. LOL
Elvera Serato (7 months ago)
I'll choose classical that was me
Prasanta Borah (7 months ago)
That is not corects. The 110 % crects and true is that l feels you flowing me for long time. Thats all.
tmptheville (7 months ago)
True...my story...
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Lord you are my world
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
You are all things jesus
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
You are my dream
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
You are all I need
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Yes I have been
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
I need saveing
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
You are my sparkles
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Im.not famous
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
I love you still
Alicia Daniels (7 months ago)
Jesushow did I cheat on you
one H (7 months ago)
girly quote "lalalala lalalalalaaa"
jam rose (8 months ago)
I wish girl were nice too.
Sherri L Cole (8 months ago)
Thank you for all the great sayings...but don't forget the one by the late GREAT Marilyn, "I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure.I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.But if you can't handle me at my worst...then you sure as HELL don't deserve me at my best" God Bless you Marilyn and all the rest of God's greatest creations, Women!!
Jagdish Pania (4 months ago)
+jam rose I think u have gone through this time so u were saying but believe me not all the girls are like this 😊. They are the best creation of god😊.I am sorry if any of my words hurt u 😃 God bless you.
Richard Jones (7 months ago)
+jam rose go f*** yourself
jam rose (8 months ago)
Sherri L Cole sexist!!! You think you're the best creation. Girl are liers. They lied to their friend who just broke up to help her but then make the girl think all man are bad. They think they should be treated like queen/princess, they are selfish and the most funny is that they don't even do anything for it. +princess lives a bad life as well cause there are many things they can't do and they have a lot of responsibility which is something girl ignore. so that make girl look dumb.
Lucia Costea (8 months ago)
Ya Caesareen (8 months ago)
To good to be lied to cheated on and played with .
Beate Kempf (8 months ago)
❤️Lovely😊"Girly Quotes are for all kind of women" Thank you so much dear😊Have a Beautiful Good Evening with lovely wishes!
Gurvinder Kaur Kalsi (8 months ago)
Nice quotes
mirella ramasawmy (8 months ago)
even a girl wearing a crown glitered is not happy its a pity.
Aidah Abd Ghani (8 months ago)
And to be a girl forever, you have to take care ,keep to yourself and upkeep yourself all the time.Respect and love yourself all the time.The essence of forever young is to love and be happy with a sincere heart.😘😊😆😉😍
Maher N Kamal (8 months ago)
Miss understanding. I like the girl as well. Bit lazy for me . Anyway, sorry.
Manjula R (8 months ago)
Why would a girl Love you, if you make her Cry
Syirah Juriah (2 months ago)
Because if u make her cry,she cherished u that it makes her sad that u r leaving her
vanessa kiragu (4 months ago)
Manjula R she will hate u more😜😛
Maipokelo Ngulube (6 months ago)
+jam rose you realy don't like women do you?u always say smthing negative about them
maria mistretta (7 months ago)
I agree why would any women want any guy who abuses women
Jean Brown (7 months ago)
+Francine Miranda Thank you, well said. Been there and done that. 😢😢😢
mercy mallari (8 months ago)
Lovely qoutes 😎😍
Nelia Barnard (8 months ago)
Spot on indeed rightfully, everything in these short message just like my personality and I don't really care what people's who has been saying about me because they doesn't know who really I am? Most important to me is me my pioritise, then when I finish my task with my pleasures time whatever's I do these my Angel hands will be a magic no matter how long it takes me to step those ladders and I will reach it. Thank you so much for your short message, I do appreciate indeed.
Sherri Burr (8 months ago)
The whole story, unsaid. Because you think I shallow. Don't judge, if thy not want to be judged!

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