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Karma In Life Quotes For Everyone in English

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Text Comments (57)
into the nature (7 days ago)
Very true ❤️
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (6 months ago)
Does karma exist ? I think now a days no karma at all plenty of people doing an idiot style and naughty things .
Endang Maharani (6 months ago)
Karma will working. God good judge for who hurt me!
kim desai (6 months ago)
A's appetite is humungous the menu quite large
tim boyden (6 months ago)
this is not what karma is but merely the western interpretation
Elizabeth Bertrand (6 months ago)
Well said
e greenie (6 months ago)
All so true!! I love karma! Its a shame that sometimes it takes too long to come back around and "serve" that person that deserves it! But, all you can do is sit back and wait! When it does come back around, which I promise you it ALWAYS does, it always brings that lil' smile with it and drops it off on your face!😏🤗
Mike or patty Rhoades (6 months ago)
Mike or patty Rhoades (6 months ago)
why would anyone send bad karma to me, when I dis no wrong, hello GOD hellp them!!!😂😍💕
Colleen Nicholl (6 months ago)
Wish them well full stop.
Colleen Nicholl (6 months ago)
I don't believe in karma!!! If someone dose you wrong it hurts, simply walk away no matter how much it hurts you, I don't wish to hurt no one,, and that way you walk with a clear mind. No one who betrays you are worth it. I truly believe
Sharmella Krishnasamy (6 months ago)
Nee pesema Karmame kalyanam panni pondatti aaki kudembam nadethu.
# sonali (7 months ago)
Karma will really do the rest... Coz today my boyfriend's new gf ditch him in the way he ditched me😏😏 And then he came back to me crying and saying that plz come back to my life i m incomplete without you..😝😝 I think i m so lucky that karma let me watch his face at that time..😎😎 Just wait..wait..and wait...for your daay
Lynn Fernandes (7 months ago)
ROBERT ILICIC u got what u deserve a EUNUCH.
Susie Salter (7 months ago)
Soooooooo truexxx
Sakshi Yadav (7 months ago)
Very true Life is an Echo 👍
ISMAIL (7 months ago)
Karma a single word but thousand of stories
Leslie m. Dowden (7 months ago)
I want everyone to get good karma then the world would be a better place ..Then jesus wouldn't have died for no reason....
maria mistretta (7 months ago)
I disagree, because karma is actually obstacles, and no one desverse to get mistreatment. Revenge is evil. When a guy choose revenge he devilish. When a guy choose to cyber bully be a nasty person it say that guy hates himself and is so negative then the guy doesn't know how to deal with it and he has a problem with women. And is so fake. Women can always tell when i guy lies and pretending oh please you think, i actually believe your bullshit i don't think so. A man who judge people just because he can't control them to do what he wants. I know truth while he feed other people lies. Try loving yourself stop taking your guilty on me because i never did anything wrong. You wanna hurt me but he hurt yourself ya he got his karma to himself, alright lmaf 😄
Jevon Jackson (7 months ago)
Karma is like a big brother or big sister that will destroy the bullies and jerks that treated you like 💩 just saying.
sukaina Imran (7 months ago)
Very true & gud .do gud deeds & rest u leave fr Almighty God to take it all fr u .even I too believe let karma do the work if ur Intentions are pure enough & mre belief in God surely he 'll take Care it all bcz wht goes around comes around to u bcz world is round....u deserved wht u served 👌👌
Vinita Chauhan (7 months ago)
Not always sometimes we choose our destiny ourselves.What karma gives us we ignore it.
Amrita Singh (7 months ago)
sleeping in my bed ..diagonally. haha. grt.😁😊
7 NONENE (7 months ago)
Sarita Kashyap (7 months ago)
Does karma really do d rest ?? 😢 if yes ...when dear Lord ? 😢...how long should one wait for ?
SAGAR ROY (1 month ago)
+# sonali have you accepted him.
# sonali (7 months ago)
Sarita Kashyap yes karma will really do the rest... Because today my boyfriend's new gf ditch him just the way he ditched me😏😏 And then he came back to me crying and saying that plz come back i m incomplete without you..!! I think i m so lucky that karma let me watch his face at that time... Just wait for your day.. I have been waiting from 8-9 months and then finally the day came😚😚
baby luv (7 months ago)
That's100% true
baby luv (7 months ago)
Ok I see love isn't the same as isn't intended to be because it's always easier to give up right nope not in my life giving up means failure. And to succeed in life you can't be a failure.
marionanne 94812 (7 months ago)
Then I'm in for something good.
George Dominic (7 months ago)
Karma is BULL SHIT Pagan None Sense mambojumbo , the excuse of upper cast oppressors.
Andrew Baha (7 months ago)
If you mean "KARMA" by utilizing high end military tech espionage, subsonic weapons causing longterm damage and disrupting normality of individual lives, then this video is DEFINITELY FULL of SHYTES. 😂😂😂😂😂 Karma? Damn cowards use all covert means in damaging others. Is that the "KARMA" being preached here? Your presence is to cause damage equal as u experienced? SOUNDED LIKE PREPLANNED REVENGE DISGUISED KARMA!!! Contradiction brainwashing as always. 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏 Jealous envious fools always abuse knowledge. They acquire higher learning only to cause damage on a larger scale! Excess intellects breeds destruction due to limited positive societal functionality... ergo provided "SOLUTIONS" for "CREATED PROBLEMS".😉👏👏👏👏 Well done fellow scholars...!! Well done in making yourself feel significant in lifes game "TUG O WAR"!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Hernan Perez (7 months ago)
Don't believe in this shit, things will happen to you only if you believe so.
hepcatjay (7 months ago)
From the moment I met you I knew I wanted you around never thought this is how we would end up I only wish you wouldn’t of made such a permanent way with your decision on temporary feelings and actions but your heart decided to stop and I have to respect it and It’s taking the world from me now I love you anyway and i apolagize for all my actions before and after I want you to be happy at any cost unconditionally my heart truely has only ever been yours cause u were they only one deserving of it best wishes.......we never know the true value of a moment until it is gone in a perfect world we would be forever I’m not mad at u u had a change of heart ❤️ TU ME MANQUES 💔🌞
baby luv (7 months ago)
hepcatjay beautiful it brought tears to my eyes
sue carrigan (7 months ago)
Ohh yes and believe me, your going to get it in shed loads, don't doubt that for one minute, I know exactly what I'm going to be met with when I die, I'm heading straight to hell, you are heading to a seat beside Satan, I will spend the rest of my life pleading for gods forgiveness, you are rotten through and through, good luck with that
twinkz Dwivedi (7 months ago)
life is not an echo, acha kroge bura paoge..
Rosanna Lantigua (7 months ago)
Very true ❤️☝️
Patricia M (7 months ago)
I am so sorry baby
Amrita Kanda (7 months ago)
Excellent 👍👍💕💕
Lynn Fernandes (7 months ago)
maria mistretta (7 months ago)
Lmaf ya the jerks on fb get what they deserve. Karma what goes around so Paris cry last night Paris get what she devesered lol
Nikki C (7 months ago)
They won't know what hit them. Evil TARES
George Nikola (7 months ago)
That’s exactly why I don’t believe in Karma. First I forgive for myself to feel better, and if God forgives who I am to not do so. God’s well is above all, I believe in love, love heals ♥️🙂
George Nikola (7 months ago)
Roberta Owensby what if I plant love, unconditioned love?
Roberta Owensby (7 months ago)
George Nikola what you said is true but you reap what you sow. If i plant corn, I get corn If I plant hate, I get hate.
Maria Mercado Maglalang (7 months ago)
To throw u n like a moving vehicle u stop him in a hurry what supposed to be happen. What my dear tome done it hurt. The word stop very hurt why he can't say in a good words i'm frank i'm hurt. Not jealous if i'm jelousy i'm not coward to stop sending but i most send a sweet words until his love got crazy. But the words stoppp oh... i'm to hurt until got sick n always cry deep inside. Idon't wanna make sad to others so better let go n block him. The way good because i began to fall in him. Thank you beautiful qoure make me cry sorry it hurts.
Julie Finkelstein (8 months ago)
Everyday is our birthday, so true, so insightful - love is the only way - it can hurt or it can heal most of all it can make you smile!
mehnab khan (8 months ago)
It's really hard when you don't have the person by your side but you need to treat them right is really hard
mehnab khan (8 months ago)
Look please specify how I can treat you right because I am blind here actually when I cannot see the person I love but I am trying to treat that person with respect and love. If you still not convinced then you gave to be in contact with me .
Carol Lindley (8 months ago)
Yes l believe that we should never let anyone hurt and despise us without any real reason and get away with it, even if it makes us angry and frustrated with ourselves when we haven't done anything wrong. Let Karma take over, relax and enjoy watching their comeuppance.......
arcolife 2018 (6 months ago)
You cant ever trust your friends either.......apparently!
arcolife 2018 (6 months ago)
Susan Carter (8 months ago)
Yes, I seen it in action, when I let things go. My dad told me, words can hurt more than a punch in the mouth, and watch what you say to a person cause it could be the last time you ever get to talk to them. He was right about that.
Ilona Kubiliene (8 months ago)
Very sad quotes and music..., but a nice work :)

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