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Bank of America won't cash my check

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Everyday I am reminded why cryptocurrency is so important for our future. Have you ever walked into a bank with a check you knew was good, but the would not cash it. This among many other reasons is why I do not bank with with them. Take control of your finances. --------- Subscribe for new videos on my crypto journey. Follow me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/blkcrypto Instagram: https//instagram.com/blkcrypto Support the channel: Donate BTC: 1A4Xw6tzxQcbMpDv7rtsCqC7CP3w8HpodV Hashflare Cloud Mining: Registration: https://hashflare.io/r/597E98B5 --------- All videos/posts are for entertainment purposes ONLY. Under no circumstance should you take any information given as financial advice. By watching this channel you agree not to hold Black Crypto and/or affiliates responsible for any losses/gains you may incur.
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S. May (6 months ago)
Yea they wanted you to open an account! They have nerve!
S. May (6 months ago)
Lolo... B of A has always done stuff like that they suck....but as they turning turn people down (if u don't have an account with them); they will try to sale pitch you. First only attempt to cash smaller amounts, maybe 500, 1000, 1500. Note they never played nice in days b4 crypto so don't expect something different now. Honestly, I would rather pay a fee at a check cashing place than to get the run around, waist time, get upset at B of A! If the person/business owing you money has account w/them have them come to their bank and they cash you out. Also direct deposit. But I have several stupid experiences with domestic back over the years, especially BofA!!

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