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40+ Real Sad But True Quotes

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tiffany nathasingh (3 months ago)
I wasnt sad anymore until my best friend,boyfriend at the kept stand me up. Do you know what that feel's like probably not. So hun you don't know what kind of impact you have on people. I asked for you you to come and chill told you I need I don't know how many times and you stood me up for your ex. Which I understand you still love here but you could of told me. Since you didñt not to ask what was wrong I now you just care about yourself.
Frankie Flowers (3 months ago)
I’m trying to
Free bird (3 months ago)
"You don't need people who make you feel bad about yourself! " " When someone treats you badly, leave them as they don't love you "- these are some lessons I have learnt in my life.
mary joseph (4 months ago)
I appreciate you so much I feel.i have to take ìt very much happily I am. damn happy with what I am thaks
tiffany nathasingh (5 months ago)
So far with a little snags
tiffany nathasingh (5 months ago)
Best boyfriend ever
tiffany nathasingh (5 months ago)
This is true, I do understand. I been hurt and abused by men my whole life. I am trying this one more time even though I said I would never do it. Derek I got a hold on me so deep I want to drown in you. You make me proud to say your mine
John Mark (6 months ago)
I really want a someone to be fine, she is on a depression state, I've already been on that state too, it makes me worry, it makes me feel I'm being crushed, she didn't love me back and I love her
Val Nicols (6 months ago)
And laugh about it when others are down and out in the street "like dogs"...how can someone enjoy that
Val Nicols (6 months ago)
if everybody focused on being happy in the first place ...then maybe they wouldn't feel the need to tear others down🙁?
Val Nicols (6 months ago)
eye contact is nice...human
Val Nicols (6 months ago)
If any friend/ relationship made you cry more than smile it wasn't worth it at all
Val Nicols (6 months ago)
no one aspires to be like anybody...heard that one too...looking for fame etc...sooo far from truth....not everybody dreams about being the center of attention an imitating others....in my this case that's another story i know whom made up just because that what he does...always mettling and judging...he just makes up stories as he goes along.....in the wrong way ..and you end up getting tired of being defensive and angry...besides good friends don't send all these hidden messages on the internet and leave you figuring out what they mean in the first place its exhausting ...you just look for a chance to talk
Val Nicols (6 months ago)
people who care don't get angry about minor thingsand set you up to being hurt and don't worry about who you listen to....as long as you show your presence and you have something ...listening is just listening ...acts are important
Val Nicols (6 months ago)
when someone is used to being hurt she is more defensive and carefull that normal.. someone who approaches who knows that and approaches her via other people with lewd proposals, endless testing and weird and insulting behaviour...of course she will end up pushing you away ....she must feel comfortable with you not defensive
Mickey Bowser (6 months ago)
These words hurt the heart but touch the soul when you are living them beautifull Uplifting qoutes
mehnab khan (6 months ago)
If your actions are so destructive people won't stay.
mehnab khan (6 months ago)
You just love yourself and want attention. this is not love
starkudova kudova (6 months ago)
Omg this is me
Usha Santhi (6 months ago)
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Mickey Bowser (6 months ago)
Loved this oh so true os very true almost every word
Ruth Barron (6 months ago)
"IF a Girl who has been HURT starts feeling LOVED and APPRECIATED by the Man she LOVES, she Will Push Him Away..." (Because she doesn't TRUST her FEELINGS ..)
Rookmin Warren (6 months ago)
Color full Sand . Your presence is accompany with inspiration, encouragement and great advice. Thank you so much to everyone who post good advice and a good influence for our lives . positive words to learn and grow.Thank you all.
Reina Virtucio (6 months ago)
Maybe.cuz he's not happy with me.
My Phuong Huynh Thi (6 months ago)
To whom i comment ha ha ? all these photos appear on commenting may be represented 1 person HIM? who knows?
neko chan YT (6 months ago)
I hate mike i have a crush on him and he talks with my bff because i like him
Ruth Barron (7 months ago)
Renaissance Man (7 months ago)
That's certainly not fun & one should have felt super sad to experience such an awful thing. In that regard, I completely understand it.
Michelle Strain (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Sarah Raja (7 months ago)
I do loves more but when people walk away I just let them go.
Carolyn Carter (8 months ago)
Flame activity focuses on her son Michael that it's always been this way even though other people have experiences Michael is always the one regularly experiences things he's had some experiences like the door opening and closing out flame this is for you I love you so much you never wanted to talk and you know what you did I will not say I'm not that kind of person to give you a real name here I will always love you but you will never find me again I'll bet on that I'll never be hurt that beep again but I want to thank you for giving me the Sparks so now I have confidence in myself and starting to like men again you made me realize that you need someone to hold and love I'll find him someday I hope it ain't too late when he arrives I have no grudges against you I wish you the best in life be happy make a good life for yourself don't let your judgement be p o o r if your judgment are good and your work on them there's not a person in the world or should I say a woman in the world that wouldn't want you good luck be good be kind
veronica Moton (8 months ago)
She can't appreciate who she can't see. 🤔 Stop hiding and put a face to yourself 😉😍
Julie Finkelstein (8 months ago)
Wow, I only would want to create positivity, not sadness with my soulmate, best friend and lover.
sun light (8 months ago)
Dori Sauls (8 months ago)
Wow! I wish to hurt no one.
Julie Finkelstein (8 months ago)
She knows
Suzana Mani (8 months ago)
Suzana Mani (8 months ago)
Nelia Barnard (8 months ago)
Thank you guys and I do appreciated well done you just pick the right time indeed wonderful...
Nelia Barnard (8 months ago)
Ohhhh bagga boos lols Spot on guys hahahaha jokes guys
Nelia Barnard (8 months ago)
Lols hahahaha you made me laugh so much Ohhh bagga boos lols lols guys
Boo Baby (8 months ago)
Renee Ren-Patterson (8 months ago)
Thank you for sharing the 40+real sad true quotes. This is the first time to see on the other side story which is complete different as I saw you on the web' pictures. I'm so sorry for expressing some personal opinion to make you get a hurt and sad. I Hope you remembered that a true love is never fade.....
Kalaichelvi Thayalan (6 months ago)
.mögen 9.00 ihr housei essen ,Waits ,,
veronica Moton (8 months ago)
She can't know if he's hiding himself.
My Phuong Huynh Thi (6 months ago)
Aidah Abd Ghani (8 months ago)
True I hate to let anybody into my life cos they always leave.

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