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Top 5 Biggest Bitcoin Mining Companies

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Top 5 Biggest Bitcoin Mining Companies AntPool is run by using Bitmain, a Chinese mining hardware agency established in Beijing. It boasts that its technology accounts for 56% of world bitcoin miners. It also claims to be the biggest cloud miner inside the international. Bitmain became launched in Q1 2013, and co-founder Jihan Wu is the CEO. On This Video We Show You Top 5 Biggest Bitcoin Mining Companies 5. BW Pool - 7.68% 4. BTC China Pool - 13.74% 3. BitFury - 16.4% 2. DiscusFish or P2Pool - 16.49% 1. AntPool - 17.82% Information Source : https://goo.gl/BhgmfY Like, Share, Subscribe Our Youtube Channel World Top 5 List https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldTop5List This Channel Is About Various Topics Of Top 5 List From All Over The World
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MHT Productions (9 months ago)
Where is ORMEUS COIN minning?
christiana Hill (1 year ago)
Gig9 is interesting project with great prospects
Jonathan Williams (1 year ago)
I wish i could buy a gtx card from you guys because crypto companies bought them all up . my kids can't play games anymore and I'm talking about the new games . I can't build desktops for customers who need the gtx1070s and gtx1080s . This is so sad my kids have to play the game boy and a old Xbox over and over . It's destroying our families fun time and our lives . Please help us .my kids are true gamers they live this stuff . They are only 10 and 12 . I loved games when I was that age . I can only imagine how they must feel . This is not a joke.
User Name (10 months ago)
I feel your pain man ......they don't understand how bad this is for the gaming community
Nanox (1 year ago)
Buy a prebuilt computer from IBP (IBuyPower) or ASUS. They get GPU's at a discounted rate and in the long term you will be getting a good deal.
Master Criedi (1 year ago)
Brad Williams they’ve already built new technologies for it, and plus mass GTX GPU farm wouldn’t be that profitable considering how large the farm actually is.
Jonathan Williams (1 year ago)
They are using them now but are building new mining technology that's much better. So it's still using these gtx cards for now and i know you have alot of gtx cards you started with
Master Criedi (1 year ago)
Brad Williams These company’s wouldn’t use “Basic” GPUs like the GTX 1080s to mine.
Robert Cressman (1 year ago)
Ok, but a pool is not a mining company. It's a whole bunch of people.
WINZ SETIYAWAN (1 year ago)
What about Genesis Mining and Hashflare? it does a big Crypto Mining too.
SwissBuddies (1 year ago)

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