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Quotes & Quotations from Life

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http://www.egonn.info The Top POSITIVE life quotations, famous, inspirational and motivational quotes. Looking for the best life quotes and inspirational quotations? Searching for the sayings that other famous and successful people say and do? Here you will find the top famous life quotations and quotes, life quotes, sayings, proverbs, inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, positive quotes, self improvement quotes, self help quotes, life coach quotes, hypnosis, happiness quotes, quotes for meditation & manifestation and much more, as well as a coach and trainer that can help you, towards your successes in life.
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Rosemarie Caburnay (6 years ago)
i love this quotea i really really like it
zhena noval (7 years ago)
All of these are true..i love it..!!!tnx for making this video..!!!
infamousshadow92 (8 years ago)
waow absolutley brialliant
Draze Rage (9 years ago)
the best quotes ever
kadir Ismail (9 years ago)
Thank you.
autumn (9 years ago)
bornconfused90 (9 years ago)
love it! :D
bornconfused90 (9 years ago)
I love it! :)
Smmheldentenor (9 years ago)
this made my CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Localstommy (10 years ago)
im free!
Johnny G (11 years ago)
hellllllll yeeaaaaaaaaaaa!!

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