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Bitcoin Mining Companies Bankrupt

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STEPS FOR SETTING UP POLIS, APOLLON AND LIGHTPAYCOIN MASTERNODES: 1) Join Quaestor and buy any set up / hosting package. Minimum 150 Euros worth of bitcoin: https://bit.ly/2C1wGFJ (cheaper to buy set ups in bulk) 2) Go on https://crypto-bridge.org/ and buy the required amount of coins. This exchange has the most volume right now. - Polis buy 1010 coins -Apollon buy 25050 coins -LightPayCoin buy 1010 Coins 3) Download the latest Polis, Apollon or LightPayCoin wallet from the website and let it sync up. https://polispay.org/ https://apollon.one/ https://lightpaycoin.org/ 4) Send coins from exchange to your wallet. 5) Follow the instructions in this video to set up the masternode: Apollon set up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akQ6DbykrL4 LightPayCoin set up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7tAUPl62ZI Polis uses the same wallet template so just follow the same steps in the two above videos to set up Polis. bitcoin debit card bitpay review bitpay bitpay debit card shift card shift card review cryptocurrency debit card polis polispay polis coin polis coin debit card polis coin review masternode set up lightpaycoin lightpaycoin lightpaycoin set up lightpaycoin masternode lightpaycoin review lightpaycoin wallet masternode masternodes masternodes explained masternodes 2018 masternodes setup masternodes investing masternodes coins masternodes profit masternodes setup guide masternodes scams masternodes coins 2018
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Text Comments (25)
midniteman 1095 (1 month ago)
Sean Logan (1 month ago)
Go tell all your subscribers
Em Chaoanh (2 months ago)
Signup: https://btcone.co/6874
David Kendrick (2 months ago)
Clickbait title and not what I came for 👎
Rachel Brooke (3 months ago)
*Mining bitcoins just got easier with the antminer s9 hardware. This hardware is specially designed to mine bitcoins directly into a blockchain,Luno and coinbase  wallet. It mines at a speed of 0.041btc per hour.  It's quiet expensive and because of the cost most people can’t afford it so i mine for them. I mine for a commission of 20% of your daily earnings, meaning if you earn 1btc daily my commission is 0.2btc, get back to me so I advise you on what next to do, reach me via email: [email protected] and WhatsApp +14422433874*
KM Tang (3 months ago)
bitshit is fast collapsing. run. run run
Sean Logan (3 months ago)
I dont know what "bitshit" is
NICE DAWG (3 months ago)
How many more BITCOIN coins have to be mined untill the 21 million limit is reached ?
Sean Logan (3 months ago)
around 5 million
Meizu Pkwn (4 months ago)
m/n , Today Rate⤵️ $XAP 25050 = $USD 101 $LPC 1010 = $USD 333 $POLIS 1010 = $USD 666 👍🚀🔥⤴️
Adrian Hibbert (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing Sean - Great video...
Sean Logan (4 months ago)
Thanks for introducing me to this project
Brook Brook (4 months ago)
Jumped on LPC and Apollon, thanks
Sean Logan (3 months ago)
such a good timing right now to scoop up masternode coins
Meizu Pkwn (4 months ago)
that's worths $431++ brilliant investment 👍🚀
Juan Flores (4 months ago)
AWS seems to remain profitable. Luckily its because we mine multiple coins with each contract.
Sean Logan (4 months ago)
Yeah not all mining programs are shutting off their machines. Some have way less over head cost.
Al hef (4 months ago)
Cheers thanks for posting , I'm abit tap out on cash , masternoids sounds great . I'm in bitclub network hanging in there for the long haul . Question for you Sean , what's your take on bch fork? Also do you think its a good opportunity now to flip a little BTC to bch on the bitclub internal exchange. Respect to you thanks again
Sean Logan (4 months ago)
bitclub will probly get really profitable again during another bullrun especially for network builders
alex hatz (4 months ago)
Hey Logan....using MASTERNODES is very profitable right now !! thx for video
Sean Logan (4 months ago)
I have a few shares with snode myself, only thing I dont like is you have to send them your coins. It is a little higher risk in my opinion but at the same time very easy to get started.
alex hatz (4 months ago)
+Tomáš only 3 ....i think to buy some bch sv.......😅...i know it is risky
Tomáš (4 months ago)
+alex hatz how many masternodes you own ? im running on my own server but for another newbies it is great platform, with the new dashboard i think this project can beat GIN platform in early time
alex hatz (4 months ago)
+Tomáš great project and very easy to run a masternode....coin very stable at this bear market.. Respect
Tomáš (4 months ago)
+alex hatz snode is great project ;)

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